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Fielding in some ways, is the most spontaneous of cricketing skills, 
but it's possible to becomce a good fielder through haard work, 
practice and concentration.

The basic skills required to be a good fielder are that you must 
get your legs, feet and body right behind the ball, accurately judge 
the flight of the ball when going for a catch, keep down and watch 
the batsman. These skills all make you a good fielder but 
sustained good fielding depends on unremmited concentration, 
even when your team's been out in the blazing sun for seven hours or more.

The standard of fielding in a team is of great importance in 
cricket because a good fielding team gives bowlers 
confidence and it's a great support structure to both wicket-keepers 
and bowlers. Nothing spurs a bowler more than a well-held catch, 
an excellent run-out or a throw-in which hits the wicket spot-on. In fact, 
good fielding gives the entire team a drive and dominance over t
he batting team and puts them under the kind of
pressure that wins many matches.

Over the years the standard of fielding has become so paramount 
to the winning or losing of matches, that cricket teams can no 
longer afford to keep a slow mover or lazy bender in the team 
simply as a result of his batting or bowling acumen.


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