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Mahajan's son Rahul hospitalised and secretary dead

Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega

What should be the Punishment of Pravin mahajan.
Rajesh Chopra. 04.05.2006  Delhi.

In today's world whom should one trust. VIP's are given Z type security even if a terrorist wants to attack any VIP he thinks twice before doing such thing, but If your own brother or any of your family member comes at your place then should he also go through the same security check as other people.

Pravin Mahajan has not only murdered his own elder brother, but he has also murdered the faith in brotherhood. This incident will be having far reaching repercussions. If people dont trusteven their brothers then what is the value of relations in todays world.

That is why Pravin Mahajan, apart from murder of his brother has murdered the faith which family members have in each other. and this is much more serious. Pravin mahajan should not only be punished for murder of his brother but also for the murder of the faith in relations.

We all know our Indian law system.This case will go on for four to five years and after that Pravin Mahajan will be at maximum sentenced to life imprisonment. Under IPC system Pravin Mahajan cannot be hanged because under our law system death sentence is granted under rarest of rare cases and this case doesn't fall under this category.

Is it justified that Pravin mahajan is set free after 8-10 years in jail??

No, It is not at all justified.
Currently our judiciary system has fast track court system for certain cases. Pravin mahajan;s case should be transferred under fast track court system and his case should be treated as rarest of rare cases for murdering the faith the people  have in relations.

In this case the minimum punishment should be death sentence for Pravin Mahajan.

Pravin mahajan's lawyer is trying to prove him mentally ill. If he is mentally not stable then why didnt he first shot himself, his wife or his children before shooting his brother. And if he really wanted to take revenge from his brother there were many other ways also rather than shooting him. He could have joined some other political party and thus he could have created problems for pramod mahajan.

A conspiracy will sprout out of it after sometime.

People should not have any sympathy with such a person who has killed faith in relations, and every citizen should request the judiciary system to punish him with death sentence.

Rajesh Chopra

Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega
Pravin Mahajan gets life imprisonment
Mumbai, December 18: A sessions court on Tuesday awarded life imprisonment to 
Pravin Mahajan for the murder of his elder brother and Bharatiya Janata Party leader 
Pramod Mahajan. The prosecution, however, pushed for the maximum penalty – death 
on the grounds that Pravin has a very “cold attitude” towards the entire episode. more.....

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Name   Ramesh 
Comment   The best punishment for such a cruel person is that his own son should shot him like he shot his elder brother and he should live for a few days to know that his own son shot him. It is unfortunate that he is still breathing air, drinking water and eating which he dodes not deserve. Such people are worst then the worst criminals 

Bollywood to make film on Pravin's life
MUMBAI: While the Mahajan family is still mourning the death of Pramod Mahajan, a Bollywood film is underway on the life of Pravin Mahajan, who is facing trial on charges of murdering his elder brother.

Pravin has given clearance to producer Ranjit Sharma to make a film on his life. Sharma said, "On Wednesday, I met Pravin and his lawyer Nandkumar Rajurkar along with my director Amjad Khan. We plan to take the film on floor in the next 45 days."

Khan, who also directed Deepa Ki Tarannum, said real life subjects attract him.

"Besides focusing on the murder aspect, we'll also talk about the corporate world and how it is connected to political parties," he added. Sharma has planned to title his latest venture as Hello Hum Mahajan Bol Rahe Hai.

Pramod Mahajan (1949-2006)


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What should be the Punishment of Pravin mahajan.