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Taj Mahotsava to begin Feb 18

Taj Mahotsava, the 10-day annual festival at Shilpgram near the Taj Mahal will begin Feb 18, promising a cultural extravaganza featuring international artistes. The theme for this year will be Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam (one world one family). It will be a grand festival of dance, drama, fun and exposition of local arts and handicrafts, said Divisional Commissioner S.R. Meena.

Come and enjoy the serenity of Taj Mahal and the age-old grandeur of the city Agra in the heart of Uttar Pradesh, at the Taj Mahotsav commencing from Feb 18.

The ten-day long annual festival extravaganza at Shilpgram near the Taj Mahal promises to take you back to the Mughal era with a culmination of art, crts, cuisine, music, dance, which highlights the rich culture and tradition and i. e. certainly to unravel the glorious history of the era. 

The event that attracts thousands of international tourists every year will also be a platform for local as well as international artists to showcase their own culture through music, dance, arts and crafts. 

One of the highlights of the grand fest will be the performance by folk artists accumulating there from different states of India. As usual folk music, dance, classical dance, camel race, local games, food festival will be on high during the festive season.

Among handicrafts wood carvings from Saharanpur, brass and other metal ware from Moradabad, handmade carpets of Badohi, the blue pottery of Khurja, the Chikan work of Lucknow, the silk of Banares, beautiful Sambalpuri sari and Applique handicrafts from Orissa are just to name a few that is going to dominate the place. 

The theme of this year’s festival will be “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam” which means “one world one family” symbolizing a cultural unity. Apart from, the organizers have also decided to institute the Taj Ratna award i.e. to be conferred to eminent artistes.

During this spectacular festival, tourists can have a view the splendour of the city Agra by visiting the Red Fort and also the wonder monument Taj Mahal. 

The festival organising committee has decided to institute the Taj Ratna award to be conferred on eminent artistes.

A British band and a Russian ballet troupe, in addition to a large number of Bollywood artistes will be the main attractions.

A new website,, is also being launched to keep people informed about the festival.

District authorities are using the opportunity to spread awareness in the city about the positive aspects of tourism.

District Magistrate of Agra Mukesh Meshram said efforts were being made to "school" auto drivers and to impart politeness among those from service industry who interact directly with the tourists. 

"The city's image must change for the better," added Meshram.
Come February and it's springtime! The time of the year when nature dawns all it's colorful splendour and Agra bursts into colorful celebrations. For 10 days there is a sheer celebration of Uttar Pradesh's rich heritage of arts, crafts, culture, cuisine, dance and music. Yes, it is Taj Mahotsava time again. There are festivities all around and Agra truly puts on the colors of joy and gets transformed into one non stop carnival. Organised by Uttar Pradesh Tourism, and held as an annual event at Shilpgram, literally next door to the Taj Mahal, the Taj Mahotsav is indeed a fitting tribute to the legendary skills of matercraftsmen and exponents of art, music and cuisine. Not only this, it is also a gentle peep into the rich heritage and extraordinary legacies of this wonderful land. 

The festivities commence with a spectacular procession inspired by Mughal splendour. Bedecked elephants and camels, drum beaters, folk artists and mastercraftsmen.... all help to recreate a visual delight reminiscent of the golden era of the Mughal Darbars. 

Taj Mahotsav is where the legendary artisans and mastercraftsmen breathe life into their exquisite works of art. Marble inlay apart, the Festival brings forth an array of other fine crafts as well- wood carvings from Saharanpur, brass and other metalwasre from Moradabad, handmade carpets of Badohi, the blue pottery of Khurja, the Chikan work of Lucknow, the silk of Banares... to name a few. Agra with its legendry tradition of exquisite craftmenship is thus the ideal venue for holding a crafts fair like the Taj Mahotsav.

At the Mahotsav, be sure to be a part of the Food Festival. Relish the exotic cuisine's and delicacies prepared by some of the oldest exponents and the typical preparations from the interiors of Uttar Pradesh. 

Throughout the Mahotsav, one can experience a profusion of folk music and dances of Dundelkhand, 'Nautanki' (Drama), 'Sapera' dance of Rajasthan, Lavani of Maharashtra.... performed just the way they used to be centuries ago. 

Agra is renowned for it's breathtaking, centuries old monuments. For experiencing the pomp and glory of the eras gone by there are classical performances held at these ageless sites, recreating the splendor and ambience once associated with Mughal monarchs.


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