Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day
Valentine Wedding
Arch Of Swords: Walking through an arch of swords following the ceremony was once believed to ensure the couple's safe passage into their new life together.

Bells: The ringing of bells after the wedding ceremony was intended to frighten away any evil spirits that could destroy the happiness of the newlywed couple.

Best Man: In ancient times, men would often capture women in order to make them their brides. A man would take along his strongest and most trusted friend in order to help him fight any resistance from the chosen lady's family or even the challenges of other men who might have designs on the captured woman. Thus, this friend was considered to be the "best man" among the prospective suitor's acquaintances. In Anglo-Saxon England, the best man accompanied the groom up the aisle so he would be at hand to defend the bride. Some modern day duties of the best man include: making sure that once the groom has begun his journey to the church, he does not return for any reason; arranging for the groom to carry a small mascot or charm in his pocket on the wedding day; and to pay the fee of the minister in an odd amount in order to bring luck to the newly-wed couple.

Betrothal Ring: In the early days of "marriage by purchase," the betrothal ring served a dual purpose, including partial payment for the bride and a symbol of the groom's honorable intentions. This later envolved into the engagement ring of modern times. The custom of fashioning the ring to contain a diamond originated in Medieval Italy and was once a lavish gift presented by Italian men to their sweethearts with the belief that a diamond is created only within the "flames of love."

Bouquet And Flowers: Flowers are incorporated into the wedding ceremony as symbols of fertility and to ward off evil spirits. Initially, bridal bouquests consisted mainly of herbs and spices. The wearing of a wreath of Orange Blossoms (now the traditional wedding flower) as a crown on the bridal veil was a Saracen custom and used by the Saracens to symbolize chastity and purity. The evergreen leaves of the Orange Blossom were also thought to represent everlasting love. Soldiers returning from the Crusades are believed to have brought the plant...and the custom..back with with them. Orange Blossoms were once so expensive that only the wealthy could afford them. Generally, flowers have been a major feature at weddings for centuries. By tradition, the groom wears a flower which appears in the bridal bouquet in his button-hole. This custom originates from the Medieval tradition of a knight wearing his lady's colors as a declaration of love. Each flower possesses its own meaning and displays a special message. Orange Blossom, for example, denotes chastity, purity and loveliness. Some brides include a spring of live Ivy in their bouquets. Ivy is representative of eternal fidelity and wedded bliss. A popular tradition during Victorian times was for the bride to plant the Ivy contained in her bouquet after the wedding and pass the resulting sprigs from that same plant to her daughters and granddaughters for use in their bridal bouquets. Peonies are avoided in some cultures as they are thought to represent shame. Azaleas are said to symbolize temperance...Roses to represent love...and Snowdrops to be a symbol of hope. In some cultures, Lilies symbolize majesty, but are customarily believed unlucky because of their association with death. By tradition, a combination of red and white flowers is avoided, believing to be representative of blood and bandages.

Valentine Wedding
Valentineís Day arrives with a cheerful and jolly mood for everyone.
Love and romance fills the air, as the nature calls out to blissful happy times ahead. Itís the season of love and hearts speak to one another creating the perfect ambience for a Valentine Wedding.

So as you take the first steps into your new life, letís us help you arrange a fantastic Valentineís Wedding. With cupids, Valentine flowers and nice big Valentine hearts itís going to be a wedding that will remain ever radiant in your eyes.

Here is some simple yet great Valentine Wedding tips and ideas. Just add the Valentine mood to your wedding and let cupid work its magic into your lives forever. 
Valentine Wedding Location
Well itís a Valentine Wedding. So it has to be romantic and cozy. So, while selecting your wedding location, go for something that will provide an intimate and warm atmosphere. Donít go for an extremely small space and donít go in for such a large setting that there are miles between the guests. Leave some corners, alcoves as romantic hideaways for guests to get the feel of Valentineís Day. Light candles at corners to give a romantic feel. You can even tie some heart shaped balloons here and there. 

Valentine Wedding Decoration
The main ingredient for the wedding decoration is roses and more roses. Keep the lighting dim with candles illuminating the place. The choice of fabrics should also be soft and diaphanous. For table centers, small gold cupids in floral arrangement looks absolutely marvelous. You can also tie large red or pink bows around the backs of chairs. And finally provide containers for blowing bubbles to add a touch of magic. 

Valentine Wedding Colors
Color your wedding day in red, as itís the color of love, romance and Valentine. Mix deep burgundies and maroons as well to break the monotony of a single color. To give your wedding the magical and cloudy Valentine feel mix with regal blues, shimmering gold, deep greens and rich ivory shades. 

Valentine Wedding Dress
Set the stage for the perfect Romeo and Juliet couple. For the bride go for a nice satin gown with a heart shaped neckline formed by a deep V in the center. Flowers just have to be roses. Go for deep red, the flower of love, or pure white roses. Wear flowers woven into a soft, romantic hairstyle. Your wedding jewelry should reflect the theme with hearts, roses, doves or cupids. Wear rubies to complete the look. For the groom, a traditional black tuxedo with a red rose adornment is simply dashing. 

Valentine Wedding Music
Set the stage with some romantic wedding music. Select some evergreen valentine songs. Get a live DJ and band to perform for you. Slow dance tunes with soothing and romantic music will bring out the romance in all your guests making it the perfect Valentine wedding.

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