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  • There are so many things a guy can buy for his special women on Valentines Day. It's the perfect opportunity to come up with or buy them something special. Flowers, chocolates, jewellery and wine are standard Valentines Day gifts and they will always be great ideas. But the challenge is to go beyond the usual. Be creative. Give your gift some serious thought. If you want to go with flowers , do more than just write a word or two on the card that comes with them. Write a poem and draw some images on some nice paper.  Roll it up and secure it with a ribbon from her hair. Chocolates are always appreciated. But don't just get a box of the usual chocolates from the local store. Look carefully at the large range of boxed chocolate and chocolate hampers to surprise the woman in your life.  For women who wear jewellery, make sure you choose a ring or bracelet that is unique. Try Jewellery Zoo for something a bit different.  Jewellery Zoo have a collection of quality, beautiful exotic fashion jewellery that every woman will love.  No woman wants to appear at the party wearing the exact thing her friend is wearing. Get something custom made or specially inscribed. Wine is a great Valentine's Day option. But make sure you know what she likes... if she likes a Cab Sav or Merlot then buy her a bottle from a boutique winery.  Valentine's Day is special. Make the wine special, too. Now, it is time to get really creative. Think long and hard about what your special girl enjoys that is different from others you know. Every woman wants to know that you've been listening to her and observing her actions. Prove that by seeking out a gift that fits her just right. 

    Idea 1 – Buy a Gift Basket – There are plenty of places online where you can get great gift baskets from. But do not stick to the more conventional ones that contain toiletries such as soaps, bath lotions etc. But rather why not go for one made up of chocolates and other sweets that your partner enjoys.

    Idea 2 – Jewelry – Why not if you have time purchase a piece of jewelry, which you can then have personalized by having it engraved. When having the engraving done include a pet name you have for them or a saying that you both like and which means a great deal to you.

    Idea 3 – Lingerie – Avoid buying the kind of lingerie, which she wears regularly, but try to find her something a little sexier but not that which makes her feel that you are only after one thing. A nice little teddy in very pale colors with a little lace trimming would be ideal.

    Idea 4 – Arrange A Weekend Away – If you are going to organize this then look for a place that is out of the way but still has the kind of comforts you would expect at home. Make sure it is a place where you are able to spend time together without being disturbed, so that means cutting off contact from the outside world if you can.

    Idea 5 – Visit a Spa – Arrange time for your partner to visit a Spa where they spend the whole day languishing and being pampered by others. Look for ones that offer you the opportunity to have a visit together and spend time just relaxing and enjoying each other's company once more.

    Idea 6 – Romantic Date – Why not organize to take your partner to a place that has fond memories for you both when you first started dating. Look at places you first went to or met at and try to arrange your date around these.

    Idea 7 – Picture and Frame – If you really want to give your partner something that will forever show how much you care and love them get a photograph that shows you together in happy times. Then arrange to have two copies made which can then be placed in the same kinds of photo frames that both of you can have and treasure.

    Idea 8 – Name A Star – If you are looking for something a little more unusual to give to your loved then arranging to have a star named after them is something that you may well want to consider.

    Idea 9 – Create Your Own Gift – There are plenty of places online that offer you ideas for creating the perfect Valentine's Day gift yourself. From perfume through handmade photo frames.

    Idea 10 – Flowers – Rather than going the usual route of buying a bunch or single red rose for your loved one... Why not instead send them a bouquet of their favorite ones or even have them planted in the garden for them.

    Hopefully these 10 great Valentine's Day gift ideas we have provided above will give you some food for thought for this coming 14th February.

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