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Dr Ashok Chopra – A Born Singer
30. Jun.2007. Rajesh Chopra, Liveindia.com
In this fast moving world, a man is surrounded by many difficulties. The sole way to get relief from all these difficulties is music and for sure you can truly experience this relief when you are with Dr. Ashok Chopra, singing his melodious tunes.

Dr. Ashok Chopra was born on 23rd August 1950 in the blessed home of an army officer Sri Kasturi Lal Chopra. He has always been dedicated to his studies and was a marvelous student. At a very early age, his family members recognized his passion for the art fields. It in itself is an incredible fact that for eleven continuous years, he had conducted the school prayers and was always the winner of his school singing competitions from the 6th to the 12th class year after year. He had always been the leader for the music choir of his school and as early as his school days, he started receiving fame for his singing talent. People have always been keen to listen to his music notations.

After achieving the peak position of being the topper in his school, he cleared his M.B.B.S. then went for M.S. On completing his medical studies from A.F.M.C., he joined the army in 1974. Dr. Ashok Chopra retired from the army in 1997 and thereafter he opened three hospitals in Bareilly renowned as Kasturi Hospitals, which had been a huge success. His medical achievements have been so astounding that he has been considered no less than the Almighty for his patients.

Inspite of him achieving great success in the medical field, his passion for music never waned. Even during his A.F.M.C. days, the number of his singing admirers never decreased, infact they only multiplied. It was during his third years in M.B.B.S., when Mr. Irfan, secretary of recognized music director Usha Khanna met with Dr. Ashok Chopra and invited him to come to Bombay and sing for his upcoming films. But because of his dedication for his studies and his keenness to serve his countrymen, he rejected the offer. As early as his army days, he had amassed a horde of people who so appreciated his singing and they always asked him to arrange singing programs for them. The programs he did for the Army Wife Welfare and the Army Welfare Association were also a big success.

Dr. Ashok Chopra had organized a program in Ladakh which was supposed to be for just a day but went on for a week due to popular demand from his audience, the army jawans. His performance there was simply amazing.
He has performed for many programs in Delhi with the famous orchestra, "Bullets" and "Friends" and these programs were a huge success because of his sterling performance. Dr. Ashok Chopra always accepted challenging programs even in remote areas, no matter what the circumstances were as long as these programs were for a good cause like entertaining army jawans serving our nation in such remote areas..

Dr. Ashok Chopra has also performed in solo programs for Naatia Kalam (Muslim religious songs), Gurbani and Bhajan Kirtans.
After witnessing Dr. Lt. Col. Ashok Chopra reading the Ala Hazrat at the Dargah Shareef in Bareilly in front of 3,00,000 people in 1993, T-Series was enthused to release a cassette and a CD named "Kalame Ala Hazrat" with him, which was a great success. T-Series has released another CD of his bhajans called "Har Har Shankar" which has been very well appreciated by bhajan listeners because all bhajans based on Indian classical ragas have been rendered very well in a melodious voice.

Recently Dr. Ashok Chopra gave a live concert of soothing music for a large audience at ISKON, Juhu. This was in aid of an old age home being built at Karjat. Needless to say the program was so well appreciated that it continued past mid-night on popular demand and they even skipped the interval on request of the audience.

Dr. Ashok Chopra is a regular singer at Baba Hera Khan Ashram in Ranikhet and Haidakhan at Uttarakhand till date.
He, being a professional doctor, has never made a career out of music but has used his extraordinary singing capability as a hobby and kept this hobby alive by doing charity shows be it for the army or for raising funds for a school building or setting up of a temple, old age home etc.

Despite being the father of world famous actress Priyanka Chopra, Dr. Ashok Chopra has never needed a ladder to achieve recognition for his singing abilities.
Rumors say that Priyanka is singing for her dad's album but let's not forget that rumors are mere anecdotes.
Even his beloved daughter knows that her father's singing abilities are unparalleled. She enjoys his melodious songs as the rest of the family
Dr Ashok Chopra passed away

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Priyanka’s father Dr Ashok Chopra now playback singer


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