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Salman threatens Shah Rukh’s family ! 

Mumbai, July 29: Salman Khan is at it again. Just when we thought that the Khan 'blame game' is finally over, Salman makes yet another filthy attempt to disgust SRK. And, this time he threatens Shah Rukh’s wife (Gauri Khan) and kids. 

Grapevine has it, that Sallu got heavily drunk on Monday night and asked his driver to take him to SRK’s residence (Mannat). After which, Salman made some ugly statements and threatened his wife and kids. 

Eyewitness' claim that Salman was acting weird when he reached Shah Rukh’s residence and was heard abusing and yelling, “bahar aa sale, main tujhko dikhata hoon kaun asli Khan hai” (Come out of your house, I will show you who the real Khan is). 

The guards refused to let him in and called up Shah Rukh, who then quickly drove home but Salman had left hastily by then. 

Earlier, Salman and Shah Rukh had indulged in an ugly face off at Katrina’s birthday party. Reports confirm that the verbal duel between the duo got so heated up that they almost became physical and on the verge of punching each other. 

The Salman-Shah Rukh spat has taken a bizarre turn now and this incident is certainly going to take the whole affair to a different level altogether. 

What can we say, perhaps Salman is just living upto his 'bad boy' image! 

If the rumour mills are to be believed Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s relationship is on the rocks. Supposedly, the salman-shahrukh incident was the final blow to their relationship.

Kats seems to be blaming salman for the whole episode as she believes that as a host, it was salman’s responsibility to look after the guests and not fight with them. And apart from that, it’s an open secret that it was Salman who started the fight in the first place after getting drunk.

But this fight was just one of the many reasons for the drift between the couple. Trouble seemed to have been brewing between them for quite some time now. Salman had apparently been advising kats against working on some film projects and he also had objections to some of the clothes she wore for her films. But Kats never took his advice.

Will Salman ever learn to control his temper and stay out of trouble!?

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