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Mumbai, July 25: Katrina Kaif has maintained stoic silence on Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) fight in her birthday party. The widely reported duel between the two Khans had destroyed the test of the beautiful and extravagant birthday party that her beau Slaman had thrown.

Salman Khan finally reacts to press reports!
"For the next few days you will hear and read a lot of shit about me, a lot of it. Keep on reading it…but don't react to it. I don't. Like sometimes when you are traveling in a fast car and you find a dog chasing your car…barking away. You don't stop the car and start reacting to the dog…u don't…there's no point. I don't wish to react. I don't have the time for it. Besides, I don't understand the language of dogs, except for my two - Myson and Myjaan. 

Unfortunately in our industry the developing trend is not to celebrate others success…every time another person is successful there will be someone trying to pull him down. You don't increase your own efforts to become successful but try to always decrease someone else's success…that's the mantra of the industry. A man is good they say but they say it in the past tense. A lot of people out there talk highly but only once a person's gone…Dead! These people whoever they are - are just doing their job - only what they know to do best. 

I chose to remain silent. I do not have the time to spend reacting. But even silence speaks. Silence makes more noise than thunder. …'Bandar Sher ko chidhata hai….' Sirf aawaaz kar sakta hai... Kabhi Sher ko maar sakta hai? He can't do anything. But when the Lion roars, a whole pack of monkeys fall from trees! 

So keep on reading…read all the negatives…read till they get tired of writing. Everyone goes through this…but not for long. I say just look good feel good and do good, that's it. I love you all." 

Salman-Shah Rukh's war

Mumbai, July 19: The façade of friendship and amiable relations between Shah Rukh and Salman slipped at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party on July 16 and what came out in the open was hidden hostilities and unhealthy rivalry between the two super stars.

Eyewitnesses reveal that the verbal duel between the duo got so heated up that they almost became physical and on the verge of punching each other. 

Salman had thrown a lavish birthday party for girlfriend Katrina at Olive Bar and Kitchen, Bandra, in which all the bigwigs of filmdom were invited. According to a newspaper, "Salman was already high when SRK and Gauri walked in. After downing a few more drinks, Sallu started picking on SRK." Shah Rukh had reportedly turned down Salman’s request to do a guest appearance in Main Aur Mrs Khanna, which is being produced by Salman and Sohail. 

This did not go well with Salman, who had gone out of his way to do favours for King Khan. Sallu had made a special appearance in SRK’s home production ‘Om Shanti Om’ and also appeared on KBC with girlfriend Katrina. 

Salman was miffed by SRK’s attitude and chose to express his resentment at the wrong time. The two Khans were sitting close, surrounded by a few close friends, when Salman started passing sarcastic remarks at SRK. Initially, SRK tried to laugh it off but when the remarks became too abusive, he began trading insult for insult. 

Salman adversely commented at SRK’s show Paanchvi Paas, calling it a big flop. The star added that SRK is trying to sabotage his show – Dus ka Dum. “You are a matlabi insaan. You only call people when you need them, and then don't keep in touch,” Sallu added. 

SRK reacted strongly saying that no one wants to watch Salman’s show. At this, Salman asked him to keep quiet or he would beat him up. 

This made King Khan very aggressive and he said that he would beat Salman in his party, in front of his friends. The two glared at each other and things would have turned ugly had Shahrukh’s wife Gauri Khan not intervened. She expressed her wish to leave immediately. SRK allowed his wife to take his arm and they left the party. Salman didn’t even try to stop his guests. 

SRK-Sallu rivalry dates back to the time, when SRK was shooting for Chalte Chalte (2003), with Aishwarya. At that time, Salman was dating Aishwarya Rai. The duo had a fight when Salman disrupted the shooting to meet Ash and this made SRK replace Ash with Rani Mukerjee. The two were not on talking terms for long and patched up only at Farah Khan's sangeet ceremony in 2004. 

The ugly face-off between the two super stars shows that things may look smooth in the forefront but things are not always smooth beneath the surface in big bad Bollywood! 
Salman  threatens Shah Rukh’s family !

Salman - Shah Rukh Khan -- No patch up

Salman Khan is immature: Shah Rukh Khan
Katrina Kaif's birthday at Olive Bar, Mumbai.

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