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Amitabh Bachchan Cancelled Bill Clinton’s Invitation

December 2, 2008. Superstar Amitabh Bachchan has cancelled an invitation of former US president Bill Clinton to participate in his Clinton Global Initiative after the terror strikes in Mumbai, saying he wanted to be in the country during this time of crisis.

“I cancelled. I am NOT going to leave my country in this troubled hour to travel to a foreign land to lend cause to a foreign initiative, patronized and guided by a foreigner, for his benefit!! I need to see initiative here in my country,” he wrote in his blog.

The actor has also cancelled his participation in Live Earth concert, which was scheduled for 6th and 7th December in Mumbai. “I am NOT going to sing and dance at a time when my country and city bleeds, even though the funds collected were going to be for charity. They can keep their initiative to themselves,” said Bachchan.

Taking a dig at the political system, Bachchan said, “Cynical and provocative text come in describing the ridiculous utterances of the system and those that run it. And actions to placate themselves of dire circumstances, prevail among ruling governance.”

The actor said he shared the anger and frustration of the countrymen over the situation. “Never ever have I observed the extent of extreme anger in each and every individual of this country towards those that sit in the seat of authority and system and power,” he wrote.

“This is a determined and definite citizen. A citizen that has decided that everyone of them needs to become his own vigilante. For his sake and for the sake of his country. I endorse that sentiment,” he said.

In times of crisis, we always look up to the one life force that appears nearly indestructible for reassurance: celebrities. And the Indian subcontinent is no different. Though the dust continuing to settle in Mumbai, tempers are still flaring. Civilians and pundits alike are pointing fingers, and some politicians are actually shouldering some of the blame. But there's a modicum of solidarity offered from Bollywood royalty, whose reactions run the gamut from incendiary to introspective. For example, future Johnny Depp co-star Amitabh Bachchan blogged about how he slept with a licensed .32 revolver under his pillow. 

Similarly eschewing mainstream media was erstwhile Oscar contender Aamir Khan, who opted to blog about the demented pathology of the terrorists and the valor of the Mumbai Police Department. But the tersest reaction came from Shilpa Shetty, who not too long ago earned burning effigies for publicly snogging Richard Gere at a charity event. Her words summed up what everyone around the world was thinking: “ 

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