Important Tips
Massage Techniques for Lovers

Learning to know and love our own bodies is an
important step in the art of touching, massaging, and
making love. If we have a poor body image of
ourselves, we carry these inhibitions and conflicts
into the most intimate interactions with our
partners. We cut off our spontaneity and instinctive
responses. This is especially true for women, who
frequently harbor negative thoughts about their
body image - often without rational foundation. In
fact, one magazine survey which sought to discover
which habit ranked as the most unappealing
between sexual partners found that women's critical
judgments about their own bodies was high on the
list of men's complaints. These negative,  and
often unfounded, beliefs made the men feel
uncomfortable and embarrassed about their own

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While shampooing your hair, use tiny 
circular movements with the fingertips 
of both hands to massage thoroughly 
over your entire scalp.
Trace the delicate bone structure 
of your face  with Firm but gentle 
strokes. Use the Fingertips of
both hands to glide outward 
from an imaginary central line 
running down your face. 
Start with your forehead, 
ending each movement 
with a sweep around your temples. 
Then stroke out under your
eyebrows and below your eye socket. 
Press the First two fingers of both 
hands on each side of the
bridge of the nose and slide 
them down along the
nose and out over the cheekbones. 
Rotate your Fingertips in small 
outward flowing movements over
the fleshy area of the cheeks. 
Then stroke the back of your 
Fingers from the middle of the chin, 
up over each side of the jaw to the ears. Support the back of
your ears with your thumb pads, 
and use the tips of
both index Fingers to massage in 
little circles all over the ears.

We use our arms to express so many sweet
feelings in a relationship, embracing and 
enfolding a lover to our bosom, yet we seldom pay attention to them. 
Use your shower time to explore their shape
and texture with your hands. Raise your face 
and chest up towards the fall of water and, lifting your arms, explore their wonderful variety of movement. Play with the flexibility of your elbow, wrist, and Finger joints, and rotate your arms to loosen up the shoulder joints. Then, using one hand at a time, smoothly spread the lather down each arm from the fingertips to the shoulder and watch how little screams of soapy water snake their way sensuously down onto your body.
2.  Think of your body as a gently undulating
landscape to be explored by soft strokes and
lingering caresses with your hands and Fingers.
Touch yourself as you would like to be touched by your lover. Let the flat surface of your hands slip and
slither over the rounded formations of your various
body parts, integrating the different areas with long
sweeping strokes. Curving your hands to your body
shape, glide them over your buttocks and hips, waist
and abdomen, chest and rib cage. If you are a woman, cup your breasts in your hands and gently palpate them, then slide your hands round and round their circumference. Caress your abdomen with one hand following the other in clockwise motions. Follow the full, sensuous shape of your buttocks with rounded motions and then slip your hands over the front of your legs to the soft skin of your inner thighs.
Stroke delicately with your fingers up over your
genitals, then move your hands over your abdomen
and chest and on up to your shoulders in long,
sweeping strokes. Lean forward to circle your hands
down each leg from thigh to ankle, returning them
with an upward sweep over the back of the leg.


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When your shower is complete, continue to cherish each other. Wrap your partner snugly in a warm, clean bath towel and pat over the whole body to dry it. 
Gently  towel dry  the  hair.  Now  anoint  and moisturize one another's skin with oils or lotions.
Relaxed and open to one another, you are ready for an occasion of sensual delight.

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