Massage Techniques for Lovers

Sit, well supported, with your partner's head resting
between your legs. If she has a lot of tension in the
back of her neck, you may want to place a thin pillow
under the base of her skull.

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Begin by cupping your hands symmetrically over
the sides of her face and temples, resting your
thumbs next to each other in the center of her
brow. When you are ready to withdraw, slide your
hands up along the sides of her head so your thumbs
glide up to her hairline. Run your fingers out
through her hair
Bring the heat of your hands to warm and relax
the tired, tense muscles that surround her eyes.Drop your hands confidently but lightly down onto her face so that the heels rest on her eyebrows and the palms softly cover her eyes. Your thumbs will liejust next to her nose, and your fingers will settle lightly over her cheeks and jaw.

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Cover her ears in the same soft and sensual way
bycupping your hands over them. The heels of your
hands should rest with very light pressure against
her temples while your fingers point toward each
other on the back of her neck. Release the hold by
pulling your hands away very slowly.
The jaw is often a key tension area, and a tight jaw can increase stress throughout the whole body. Help those tensions melt with the warmth of your hands as they nestle on each side of your partner's jawline, your fingers meeting at her chin. When you are ready to complete this hold, lovingly slide your hands up over herjawline and out through her hair. Increase
this relaxation by adding caressing strokes on each side of her jaw, one hand stroking after the other.
Return your hands to cover the crown of your
partner's head so that your fingers are pointing
toward her ears and your thumbs are placed at the
center of the top of her forehead. Add a very slight
pressure to your hands for a few moments and then
gently release it. Continue to hold the symmetrical
position of your hands as you draw them very slowly
away from the head so your partner experiences this
as a halo of heat expanding around her head.
Now cup the back of her head securely in your
hands. To do this, gently roll her head into your left
hand and slip your right hand under it. Roll her head
to the right and place your left hand beneath it. Her
head should be fully supported by your palms.
Soften your hands so that they invite her head to
drop its weight and melt back into them, thus
allowing tension around her skull and the back of
her neck to dissolve. When you are ready, gradually
pull your hands from under her head so that it sinks
slowly back to the mattress.
Help to release a stiff neck by sliding both 
hand sunder it so that your fingers are 
crossing over each other. As the heels 
of your hands rest on the edge of
her skull, your palms will be 
generating a relaxing
heat toward the muscles. 
After some time, pull your
fingers steadily up the back 
of her neck and head,
combing them out through 
her hair in soothing strokes.

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By now, your partner should be feeling very
relaxed and able to let go of any mental strain accumulated during the day. Help her to integrate that sense of calm in her mind with the rest of her body. By placing your hands over the heart area you will also enable her to relax more into her feelings. Let your hands rest on her body so that the heels are just below the collarbone, with the palms above the breasts and the Fingers connecting to the center of her chest. When you have completed this session, take time to lie together and relax. Let go into the beauty of simply "being" together.
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