Massage Techniques for Lovers

TOUCH, IT is SAID, is food for our souls,
and the tactile experience is essential for the
development of wholesome, happy people
Many eminent psychologists believe that touch 
deprivation in childhood is one of the root causes of neurosis and unsociable behavior. In fact,
a huge part of our' brain is given over to the 
sensory and tactile department.
Touch is the primary sense we develop, the first 
one that an embryo experiences 
within the womb as it strokes its thumb 
or finger across its skin.
For a newborn baby, touch is the first point of contact with a strange new world as it is cradled against the warmth and comfort of its mother's skin. 
It is through being touched with love that 
we establish our self-esteem and 
appreciation for our own bodies.
These attitudes, developed early in our lives,
play a large part in creating a 
happy and fulfilling sexual relationship.
Important Tips

The longing to be touched remains with us as
adults, all the more so if we lacked tactile contact in childhood. Promiscuity is often a search for simple loving touch and a need to be nurtured, although in seeking satisfaction from meaningless sexual relationships a person may become unhappy and frustrated. Sadly, the mysteries of pleasuring one another through loving touch and massage have been greatly neglected, and the body's more subtle senses are relatively ignored. Aggressive visual and aural sensations dominate in many cultures, so that the more delicate levels of sensual awareness and receptivity have become dulled. Touch, the body, and pleasure have been too often subjected to moral condemnation or relegated to the sex industry to be exploited for image and profit. Even within a sexual relationship, the exploration of the senses and the language of touch, which can set the whole body alight , may be lost when sex becomes' a purely genital experience with orgasm and ejaculation the only goal in mind.

Women are generally more "in touch" with their
overall sensuality than men and love to be shown
through touch that they are appreciated in ways
other than just for their sexuality. Men tend to be
more sexually focused in a physical relationship, but once they discover the delights of full body
sensuality, they are readily converted. By learning
the art and skills of massage, both partners have the opportunity to give and receive whole body

All of our senses, particularly our skin responses,
are the bridge between the outer realities of life and our internal experiences of them. Touch, skin, and feelings are inextricable from one another. 
To  be touched with love and to have our skin caressed with tenderness nurtures the deeper levels of our being. Without words, the calm, still presence of the hands upon the body will reassure and relax the mind and the emotions. The skin, the largest organ of the body, is alive with millions of sensory cells and receptors, relaying messages to the brain through a complex network of nerves. Let the message of love, appreciation, and joy come from your fingertips onto the skin of your loved one to bring alive sensuality and sheer pleasure simply for its own sake

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The following strokes form the basic techniques
of a soft tissue massage to help you and your
lover enrich your relationship through the 
communication of couch. If the mood of the massage is extremely sensuous, you may want to keep your
strokes soft and flowing, using the flat of your hands to caress, slither, and slide all over the body. However, even during a very tender and loving massage, your partner may appreciate the addition of more invigorating techniques such as kneading. It is important that you blend the relaxing and revitalizing strokes together in a harmonious way. Play between the two types of movements, allowing one motion to merge into another as if you were creating a harmonious symphony of music on your partner's body. Let your strokes be fluid and never jerky, and always take them around or out of the body rather than stopping them abruptly in mid flow.

Here are some of the various styles of Strokes
that will make your massage satisfying, soothing,
and beneficial.

Always begin massaging an area of the body with the softer, more sensual strokes to relax your partner psychologically as well as physically and to warm up and stretch the body's soft tissue.

Here are a selection of strokes which will begin
to soothe your partner.

 Fan strokes
Fan strokes can be applied all over the body and
vary in size depending on the particular effect you
are wishing to achieve. Smaller fan strokes applied
with a degree of pressure and moving up the body
stretch tissue and release tension from the muscles in addition co boosting the blood circulation coward the heart. Larger, softer fan strokes have a more relaxing and euphoric effect. These flowing fan strokes should slide over the skin at a steady pressure from the full surface of the hands. When you arc enlarging them to encompass the contours of an area of the body, your hands should be sufficiently soft to melt and mold into the shape of the body

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Place both hands close together alongside the
spine so they rest flat on the body with the fingers
pointing toward the head. Begin to stroke firmly and
steadily up for about 6 inches, distributing the
pressure evenly through the hands

Fan both hands out in a circular arc so that your
Fingers embrace the sides of the body as they glide
back down.

Swivel your wrists so that both hands sweep
together at a lighter pressure back in toward the
initial source of the stroke. Glide them a short
distance up the body and, without halting the
motion, begin the next fan stroke. When your fan
strokes reach the top of the shoulders or limbs,
sweep your hands in a rounded movement over each
side of the body area to encompass its shape and
glide back down the sides to where the strokes
began. A fan stroke sequence can be repeated three
times on any area of the body for a fully relaxing
effect to prepare for more invigorating strokes.
 Circle strokes
Circle strokes are soothing and excellent for
stretching the body's soft tissue. Use them on the
back, front, and sides of the body. In this movement, 
only the left hand makes a complete circle,
while the right hand makes a half circle. Use the
circles to stroke the skin in a constant flowing

Rest both hands parallel and flat on the body,
fingers pointing away from you. Begin to slide both
hands in a circular motion.

As the left hand makes the first are of the
circle, your right hand lifts off the body to allow it to
circle over the skin. The right hand crosses over the
top of the left hand and drops lightly back down
onto the body. As the left hand completes the full
circular motion, the right hand performs a semi-
circular motion, retracing the movement of the left
hand before lifting up off the body again
As your hands skate over the body, they can spread
apart co cover areas such as the back and the legs at
the same time and then slide together with the
effect of many hands stroking and loving the body.
This freewheeling effect on the skin is guaranteed
to bring your partner out of his head and into his
body as he surrenders himself to the sensation of
an all encompassing touch. Stretch strokes are
wonderful movements chat bringafeelingof length,
expansion, body integration, and release of tension.
Vary the pressure in your hands so that it is
firmer as they move apart and softer as they glide
back toward each other. The sensation you want
to create is that of stretching the tissue out rather
than pushing it back in toward the center of the

(a) Mold your hands Into the body shape as they
move out from the center of the back, one hand
stroking toward the shoulder while the other moves
toward the leg diagonally opposite. Use the flat
of your hands, your forearms, or as much of your
own body as is comfortably possible, to make
skin-to-skin contact.
(b) Back stretches bring a sense of relief to a tense
area. Place both hands flat, with Fingers pointing
away from you, on the center of the spine. Pressure
on the spine must always he light. Glide both hands
over the spine in opposite directions, one stroking
up toward the neck and over the head while the
other moves down toward the base. Rest both hands
quietly over these areas to make a calming contact
before bringing your hands back to the center of
the spine. Now stroke your hands Firmly out in
diagonally opposite directions so that one moves
toward the shoulder and the other toward the
opposite hip. Lightly slide back co the center of the
spine and stroke both hands out to embrace the
other hip and shoulder.


Raking Touches
Raking is excellent to use after a sequence of
massage strokes co stimulate nerve endings close to
the surface of the skin and to bring a sense of
directing tension release out of the body. Let your
hands become slightly claw shaped and use your
fingertips to rake over the skin in short, overlapping
movements, one hand following the other in a
consistent downward motion. Rake from the top to
the end of the limb or body area.

Soften your hands and use the fingertips to Stroke
with the lightest of touches down the body in the
same fashion as the raking movements. Feathering
is particularly sensual and sends thrilling shivers
through the body.
Important Tips
Kneading should be applied after muscles have
been soothed and warmed by sensual strokes.
Follow up kneading which soft strokes. Kneading
works best when applied in a constant rhythmic
motion, with relaxed wriscs and firm, rounded
movements. Its action should resemble the hand
movements of a baker kneading dough, and its
benefits include invigoration, relaxation, and the
breaking down and removal of fatty deposits and
toxins from the tissues.  Kneading creates a
satisfying feeling that the muscles are being firmly
held and moved, and it certainly has its place in a
sensual massage, particularly when applied over
fleshy areas such as the thighs and buttocks.

Use your right hand to lift, squeeze, and roll
the flesh toward your left hand. Your left hand then
takes the flesh and repeats the action by rolling it
back to the right hand.
Pressure strokes
Pressure strokes push steadily down on the flesh
by the focusing of weight into distinct areas of
your hands, such as Fingertips, thumb pads, and
heels, to remove a deeper level of tension from tight
muscles. Apply them only when [he body tissues
have been thoroughly warmed and soothed by other

Alternating fan strokes
These strokes use the whole surface of the hands,
but pressure is applied specifically on the 
movement of the heels and sides of the thumbs while the
fingers simultaneously stroke around and back
down the sides of the body part. The hands,-one
following the other, fan out in alternating motions
up over the area before gliding more softly back
down and in toward the next stroke. Apply them to
the legs, arms, and lower back after softer strokes
and kneading.

Thumb Pressure strokes
Rotate the thumb joints and apply pressure into the
Thumb pads so that one follows another in small,
alternating circles over an area of muscle. Both
hands should rest on the body to support the
movement of thc stroke. Once you have reached the
top of the immediate area you are massaging, glide
both hands back down to repeat the sequence or
move into the next stroke.

Vibratory strokes
By moving both hands in rapid succession on the
fleshy surface of the skin, you can stimulate your
partner, boost the blood circulation, tone up the
muscles, and leave the body glowing. Keep your
shoulders and wrists relaxed as you apply these
strokes and quickly flick your hands off the skin to
achieve a percussion effect. These strokes bring an
enlivening finish to your massage as you complete a
sequence on a specific area. Follow them up with
raking or feathering touches.

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Make loose fists and briskly pummel the flesh with the sides of both hands following each other in quick succession. Use pummeling on the thighs, buttocks, and shoulders.

Keep both hands open, with fingers relaxed and close together. Using the sides of the hands, strike
the skin in fast vibratory motions, one hand following the other.

Massage has many therapeutic values, whether its aim is for pure pleasure, relaxation, or invigoration. There are some occasions and conditions, however, when it is not a suitable treatment. If your partner is being treated for a medical condition, always seek medical advice. Cardiovascular diseases, including thrombosis, phlebitis, edema, and heart disease, are contra-indicated to massage. Never massage directly over skin infections, septic areas such as
boils, inflammation, undiagnosed lumps, recent scar tissue, or varicose veins. Avoid giving massage when a person has a high temperature or a bad cold as the body is already working hard to eliminate toxins or foreign bodies. Consult a doctor in cases of cancer, AIDS, epilepsy, psychiatric illnesses, frailty, or pregnancy.

Remember, if you are in doubt as to the suit-ability of massage, 
always seek proper medical advice. If you plan to use aromatherapy oils, it is very important to bear in mind that essential oils are extremely potent and should be diluted strictly according to the instructions given by a qualified aroma therapist. Never ingest aromatherapy oils internally. If you are in any doubt as to the correct usage of the oils or their suitability, always seek the advice of a qualified practitioner, particularly when you are working with conditions such as pregnancy, frailty, AIDS, cancer, epilepsy, heart or cardiovascular problems, allergies, and skin ailments.

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