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of Khajuraho in India still
draw thousands of people to admire their amazingly
erotic wall sculptures. Likewise, the Kama Sutra has
survived through the ages as a scripture on the joys
of love making. From the perfumed gardens and
poetry of Persia to the teachings of Taoist masters in
China, the secrets of sexual pleasuring have been
regarded by the ancients as a transcendental and
mystical tradition.
Two thousand years ago in China, scholars
taught the secrets of sexual happiness which they
regarded as essential to achieving a healthy and
balanced mind and body - yet earlier in the twentieth 
century, when the psychologist Wilhelm
Reich  spoke of the link between sexual repression and
neurosis, he was condemned. Now, in the light of a
more open attitude to sexuality, many people are
seeking to rediscover the means to create deep
emotional and physical satisfaction within a sexual
relationship. Part of that process of exploration lies
in unraveling the mysteries of the human body and
its sexual geography.

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Temples of Love
Khajuraho with Gallery

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Temples of Love
Khajuraho with Gallery
Touch and massage, therefore, are the perfect
tools for sexual foreplay. It is through the stimulation and stroking of the skin that sexually sensitive nerve receptors throughout the body are set alight. Sigmund Freud described the human body as being wholly erotogenic, and it is, indeed, through the skin that the tactile messages of love, tenderness, and desire are received. By touching, caressing, and fondling the skin, the flame of sexual desire is kindled, while at the same time the emotions and the soul are nourished.
Eroticism can be manifested in many aspects of our lives. The way we move and dress, the colors we like, and how we decorate our homes can all enhance our experience of sensuality and eroticism so pay attention to all the details as you prepare yourselves for a night of erotic massage.
Arousing your lover can begin at the dining
table. Food and sex are fundamental to survival,
and the relationship between the two has been well
documented. Prepare the meal to make it visually
appealing, aromatically arousing, and sensually
pleasing to the taste buds. Set the table with the
most elegant silverware and china that you possess,
a lighted candle, and a vase of orchids, roses, or
delicate cut flowers. Choose food that is delicious
and juicy, but leaves you feeling light and en-
ergized. Pay special attention to selecting com-
plementary combinations of color, picking foods of
rich rather than insipid hues.

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Certain foods - such as
oysters, truffles, and chocolate - are said to have romantic and aphrodisiac qualities, while some spices have established sexual connotations. In India, garlic and onion are forbidden in some strict monastic communities because they are said to increase the libido!
Many fruits have been traditionally associated
with sexuality, in some cases because their shape, color, and texture are suggestive of the male or female genital organs. In Greek myths, certain fruits were representative of the seed of life, symbolizing virility and fertility. Fruits such as pomegranates, figs, and grapes were used in sacred temple rituals to signify the power of creation and regeneration, borne out in the sexual union of man and woman.
Prepare a cocktail of exotic fruits for your lover,
choosing them for their sensual appeal - the mango,
for instance, with its deep orange color, flowing
juices, and sensual, fleshy texture, irresistibly
evokes erotic images. Peel and cut the fruit into
small pieces. Wait until his appetite is keen so his
senses of smell and taste have increased. Ask him to
close his eyes so he cannot see what you are
popping into his mouth, and to focus his attention
purely on the fragrance and taste of the fruits. Let
him smell the fruits first before feeding him the
delicious morsels piece by piece. He should take
time to absorb their individual tastes, letting their
sweetness melt in his mouth. He can lick their
flavors from your fingers just as you can kiss away
the juices from his lips.

Temples of Love
Khajuraho with Gallery
Smell plays an important part in the enhancement of eroticism. Humans, like animals, are said to give off powerful sexual scents called pheromones from their sweat glands when they are in the mood for sexual activity. These odorous chemicals work subliminally and are believed to affect the behavior of others without their even being
aware of them.

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