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-an article dedicated to today’s generation-

07. Sep.2007. 
Mother and  Motherland is precious then the heaven—Serve the guest like serving 
God—Let the darkness of lie be lighted by the light of truth—Jai Hind—are sign
of Indian rich culture and heritage seems to be vanished now a day from the mind 
of our today’s generation whom we predict our nation’s pride and prejudice.

Most of the today’s students don’t know the national anthem and don’t know why
do we observe 26th January as our Republic Day. They take it simply funny. They
also don’t want to know about the Golden sacrifice made by our freedom fighter who are really the sons of our soil .Actually our today’s generation got this land free when they took birth. So they are not sentimentally touched with the sacrifice and their expectation 
was at that time from this generation.

Give me blood , I will give you freedom mere a slogan for this generation. The sacrifice, love to mother land and the meaning of nationality is not internally and emotionally 
touched them. Today’s generation are not able to understand that our nation is externally
free but internally our nation need freedom from corruption, goondaism, naxalism and from the nasty politics. It is the time to wake up and rise , otherwise the country’s future will be blacked out where there will be only the tear of fear. 
Do or die for the country-----------
Live today for other’s tomorrow-------
Be united and wake up for the sake of our Nation----------
Make our Nation be proud of you-----------
Live and let live others with a mind of peace and prosperity-----
Serve the Nation till the last drop of your blood--------

OH! Generation , just go through the above line stand by the nation , of the nation and
for the nation . Entertaining , partying , charting and amusing will neither be remembered nor be written in the golden page of our history. We not only should be 
part of our history but also should make history and should create a sign of  Nationalism
for the future generation.

Today’s generation is the generation next,
Who should be meant for the best,
To way out all the worst,
We should live with a mind of JAI HIND and with a heart of proud to be an Indian.

   ANJAN KUMAR SAMAL—Katwaria sarai-Delhi.



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