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Rajesh Chopra
Rajesh Chopra
If decision is to be taken by the courts then why do we need government. 
Let us save thousands of crores by not having governments. ......Rajesh Chopra

Has Delhi again gone under dictatorship or is any emergency again declared?
Voice of Delhites
Rajesh Chopra 01-02-2006.
Is it justified that today in Delhi none of The High end government organization like High court, MCD, State government and central government are not even bothered to listen to hue and cry caused among delhites because of demolition drive?Are we criminals or what? The truth is that all these government organization are acting as criminals not the common masses of delhi they are infact innocent.

My question is to The Supreme authorities  that when all these unauthorized buildings were being constructed where was the Court who gave orders for demolition. Everyone puts up the question that where was MCD when all this was happening but my point is where was the Court. Was the law and order 
sleeping at that point of time.

1: - When court gave orders to MCD for beginning the demolition drive did MCD informed the court that it is MCDís fault not the fault of common people who are living in these unauthorized buildings.

2: - Today there is nothing in hands of our state government. It is also against this drive but cant do anything about it. Everything is in hands of central government. But state government has responsibility for thousands of masses in delhi, so being responsible did it even once threatened the central government that it will resign If it doesnít stop this Drive? Why arenít they threatening? 

3: - Today center is not even bothering to listen what common masses have to say, what the people with whom this injustice is happening have to say. Has center forgotten that it is because of these people only that they have been elected? Is this example of democratic nation, I m afraid it is not.

Has all the departments who are responsible for demolition drive forgotten that it is because of public only that they get elected? In world history it is evidenc that Downfall of a nation starts when high-end organization plays with democracy of country as a toy. These departments should realize that  public is not because of them they are because of public.  .......Rajesh Chopra.

This is the Voice of Delhites.

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Rajesh Chopra
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