Rocky Deol Profile Biography
Rocky Deol
Rocky Deol
Rocky Deol Profile Biography
I have two sons, Karan (18) who is called Rocky at home and Rajveer (15) - Sunny Deol

Away from jingoistic screenplays, Sunny Deol is a nice, soft-spoken guy, given to smiling shyly.Sitting in his fifth floor penthouse office, he is the picture of calm even as he is uncharacteristically critical of himself, the films being made and the industry as a whole.

Are you reclusive or just shy?

Basically, Iím shy and have always been like this. People usually take my shyness as having a big ego and being snobbish but the truth is that when I donít know how to deal with certain situations, Iíd rather just move away from them.

Even when it comes to promoting films, I canít rush around like the younger lot of stars. They want to do everything at the same time. But the fact is that instead of concentrating on their talent they waste their time on frivolous things, like how they are looking and PR stuff.

What is your idea of a holiday?

A place where you just are free, where time is not the issue. My kind of holiday is when I can unwind without knowing that I am unwinding.

So how many holidays do you take?

(laughs) I donít get many but whenever I get some time, I switch off. I feel more relaxed when I am out of Mumbai especially in places where there arenít many people around.

Whatís keeping you busy here?

I am concentrating on learning from my mistakes. Basically everything that I am doing right now, be it writing, production work or acting, I am trying to work on instinct and not give in to a technical view of it. The most difficult thing in the industry right now is getting finance to get things moving and thatís what I am doing. Vijayta films (the Deolís production concern) always did what it wanted to without giving in to market dictates and thatís what I want to achieve again.

What are these mistakes you are learning from?

Itís more a shortcoming actually. I trust everybody and if someone says something about me, I donít retaliate. Sometimes this affects me financially too. Now I am learning to address all this legally and not make it into a tamasha, which is something I abhor. Most of the time, I know exactly whatís happening but because I prefer to not say anything the perpetrator thinks I am a foolish man who doesnít know whatís happening. Anyway, these are my shortcomings and I have to overcome them. (shrugs)

Do you think you could ever do fatherís roles?

(laughs) I am not so old. And anyway if there is a 10-12 yr old child, I am a father. But I certainly donít see myself playing a father like they used to in films earlier. Actually you shouldnít be asking me this question (laughs), I think I am doing well, people still like me the way I am, and they still want to see me that way.

Do you like the sort of cinema being made currently?

Cinema, right now, stinks. I am not being extra critical about it. I donít mean every film is bad. But in general it is awful. Years ago, my dad and other actors used to do many films at a time, and they used to do three to four shifts a day. The directors would do two to three films at a time and the movies took three to four years to complete and release. But they used to be much better than the films made now where we do one film at a time and spend so much time and energy on them because we are spending it on idiots. We donít have directors who can control the actors and we donít have actors who trust the script and donít have producers who make a script, they only make proposals. It is sad, really sad. Then we say we are progressing. I donít see any progress.

But there is something called the new age cinema Ö

Every few years we have a new age cinema. To me, there is nothing new in it. It is basically about how the new generation looks at it. All the elements are the same, it is still about romance, hatred and everything else that has always been there. All that is new is the technology. I remember when I joined the industry my dad wanted me to learn Urdu (it was vey difficult). Now I see that the younger generation doesnít even know Hindi. Itís all about Hinglish. I wonder what the language will be after five years.

You are directing a film called The Man. Is the Ďmaní in it like Ďmaní in say Batman, Superman, Spiderman?

Currently itís just a working title. It will be a nice film, canít talk about it much right now because it is difficult to explain the genre of the film. I promise, it will be a nice film, it will be a commercial film. To me, commercial is you see a movie, get intoxicated and come out with a hangover. And no, itís not a superhero movie.

How do you manage to keep your children away from exposure in the press?

In the same way as my dad kept us away. Generations come and go but values donít change. Fortunately, itís been the same for us. I have two sons, Karan (18) who is called Rocky at home and Rajveer (15).

Have they ever expressed a desire to join films?

I am sure they will actually.

Do they look like you?

They will obviously have some resemblance.

What do you think of the way Abhay, your cousin, has been conducting his career? It has been totally different from a normal mainstream actor.

He is the kind of boy who does what he likes to do and sticks to that. Somehow, I can relate to that. I did what I wanted to do. Arjun, Betaab, Yateem, Dacait were all movies which most of the actors would not want to do. I would always advise all actors to do what they actually want to do and what they believe in. They should love acting and cinema. It should not be about fashion parades, and six pack abs. Not that you shouldnít have six pack abs, but itís not the only thing.

If Gadar released today, would it be an equally big hit?

Even now when it runs on television or anywhere, people sit down and watch it. So I am sure it would have done well now as well too. The emotion in the film will always connect. It was basically a film about family, togetherness. It was a film about humanity. People could not digest its success because Anil Sharma is not considered that great a director by some media and industry people. Though I would say, he is one of the great directors of the times. That was one reason why the movie didnít get that standing which it deserved. But the public gave it what it deserved. I donít think any film can do that kind of business. People just wanted to see it over and over again. It just touched so many chords.

We donít have directors who can control the actors and we donít have actors who trust the script and we donít have producers who make a script, they only make proposals

Rocky Deol Profile Biography


Rocky Deol - Profile Biography
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