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Big B’s Unforgettable Tour is Hit

July 24: Big B’s Unforgettable Tour is minting big money and all the shows so far be it in Toronto or the Caribbean including in Trinidad have been packed to the fullest.

Big B’s Unforgettable Tour is Hit In fact security official and the marshals have the task of their life time cut out as they are always on toes controlling the ever enthusiastic crowds.

Amitabh Bachchan, his son Abhishek and daughter in law Aishwarya Rai, all of whom have good sense of economics must be very happy on the over-enthusiastic response of the Bachchan’s admirers, South Asian film buffs and even people who have just heard of their names.

Most of the shows are already sold out. Despite ticket charges being more than average, no one is complaining. New Jersey show is already sold out while shows in other citities are almost fully sold out.

VVIP tickets are priced at US dollar $400, while VIP tickets come for US dollar $250, special reserved tickets at $160, reserved area tickets at $90 and admission tickets to US dollars 50.

In the meantime Amitabh cannot stop talking about the success of the tour. “It’s a very well packaged show and the production was brilliant. The energy level of each performance was simply unbelievable” Amitabh told a news agency.

crowds were just fantastic. Sold-out venue. We had to open up the tiers to accommodate those who could not get tickets. Fire marshals and security had a tough time keeping them on their seats. Not a moment to breathe, just one ecstatic moment after another.”

During ‘Unforgettable Tour’ People’s response seems to be amazing to say the least and Amitabh Bachchan cannot stop smiling over this great response from his fans in alien places like Canada, Trinidad or the Los Angeles.

Amitabh and the company have reached Los Angeles, the biggest center of cinema, Hollywood. They have already covered Toronto and Trinidad on a tour that would take them to several other countries as well.

Amitabh Bachchan is enjoying the glare and the stupendous success his tour is till now. While writing on his blog Amitabh says, “Over 25,000 in packed stadium. And the media informs me that around 1000 people flew in from neighboring country, Surinam in special charters to see the show”.
appreciated the performance of his troupe “The performances were more efficient I felt. Guess the initial jitters were gone after Toronto. It was hot and humid and sweaty. I think we all lost a couple of pounds by the end of it. And now to Los Angeles in a few hours to start the USA leg”.

Amitabh had lost baggage not only on his way to Toronto but also from Toronto to Trinidad as well. But luckily they were trickling in. “The bags are trickling in by the one’s and two’s and there is promise of it all arriving in to Trinidad a couple of hours after we have left for LA ! Which is rather interesting !”, says the actor.

Given the response of the people in places like Toronto, Trinidad, he says that Bollywood has great potential in these places. “I am so amazed at the potential that the Industry possesses. The talent, the creativity, the big names and stars, the production values, all forming such an awesome package. It would be incredible to have this entire strength put together for one unbelievable massive event. An event for a cause. A cause to alleviate those that suffer in our land. A cause that could strengthen and coalesce nationalities, communities, countries” says Amitabh.

The actor is overwhelmed by the response. “I see so much affection and recognition wherever I travel. Across borders and social barriers. Humans from different colors and creed and beliefs. How wonderful it would be to put this positivity into a move to bring all of us closer. To feel the embrace of togetherness, the warmth of sharing, of endless joy on being on common platform and enriching ourselves with the credit of responsibility and achievement” writes Bachchan.



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