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The Sikh blood in me : Amitabh Bachchan

Bachchan recently posted his views on his blog , “ Abhishek shoots Bingo in the Holy City of Amritsar and his sister Shweta joins him to pay homage and prayer at the Harmandir Saheb. 

I wish I could do the same, but am unable to. 

Soon however I shall find the time. Or as they say in such situations, when the time comes He will call you and providence shall make the right moves and ways to permit us to do so. 

The Sikh blood in me beckons and I must honor it. It is rather strange, but in the last few months, my attraction and interest towards my Sikh links, attain some prominence and I feel drawn towards it. Two lockets of Guru Nanak ji, Sacche Padsha, are constant on my neck - one a gift from Guddi Behenji my cousin, daughter of my Mother’s elder sister Gobind Masi ji and the other I found as a gift to me that was lying on my desk unnoticed. Now they both adorn my neck. Raj Kanwar, one of Abhishek’s early directors had presented me with a photograph of all the Guru ji’s and they now are with me at my place of worship. I seek blessings from them each morning - ‘Sat Naam Wahe Guru’ , I recite, as I touch their images and a strange sense of fulfillment and strength consumes me.

Faith has such immense propensities. It draws one in unbelievable directions and then in one fell stroke disciplines you, in belief and in divinity. That moment of divinity remains with you forever. 

It never leaves you. Its umbilical cord attached to our system almost till eternity. We rely on it, seek from it strength and prosperity and fulfillment. What we seek really is in fact within us, strong and of immense magnitude. We merely need that little push to set us going. He then, in many diverse versions enters our systems, and quietly and in all modesty, begins to affect our lives and our existence.

It is therefore our faith and belief that then becomes bigger and larger than any thing else. We are ready then to take on whatever comes our way - good bad indifferent !

Good is good ! The other two perhaps bad and indifferent …

But not quite as indifferent as other occasions …

So in order that I do not propagate, what really should be an individual opinion, act, decision should be from within from your own …”

It may be mentioned here that Amitabh mother late Teji Bachchan, belonged to a Sikh family.
The Sikh blood in me : Amitabh Bachchan
The Sikh blood in me : Amitabh Bachchan



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Amitabh Bachchan Biography

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