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Twitter - Amitabh Bachchan 

... 33,341 followers in a few hours of starting ...!!!! Tweety baby I love you !! Keep it rolling ..

It can’t get any bigger than this!

Well, at least on Twitter, the micro-blogging website that’s caught the fancy of Bollywood stars ever since Shashi Tharoor, the former Minister of State for External Affairs pioneered the medium in India. Son Abhishek Bachchan announced Amitabh’s arrival on Twitter on May 18. “Ladies and gentlemen. He is here! BigB in the house! Welcome Pa. Show him the love tweeps!”

While Amitabh made an excited opening remark, “Hey baby! I made it on Twitter. Yeeaaaaaahhhh! … sorry.. just got carried away.” Apparently, Abhishek’s introduced his father to the medium. Amitabh further wished Abhishek a safe journey, “Safe onward flight and love. Time to take a shower…”

Interestingly, Twitter, where one can post short messages of 140 characters, has become a medium of choice for film stars and makers of all hues and colours to interact with their fans. Amitabh Bachchan is the latest in a long list of Bollywood stars joining the site: Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, etc

Amitabh Bachchan
Jalsa, Mumbai 
May  18,  2010 
Tue  6 : 45 PM

So as I try to come on early this late afternoon, I am overwhelmed by the amount of excitement that gets generated by the twitter brigade. Goodness !! It is a different world altogether. Millions and millions of us reaching out, talking, informing, connecting in an endless ocean of cybernous ! But look at it dispassionately and you will find the incredible effort humans make to get together, to know, to hold, to give, to receive. The cyber space has done a marvel. may it continue to flourish and prosper and may it develop new avenues for all of us to come together on similar platforms, to dwell and think alike, to consider alike  the consequences that we miss through separation and barriers and boundaries. Barriers of difference, barriers of hate and anger, barriers of different beliefs and hence alienation.

Many wonder why I connect on the different mediums. There are many now in my pocket, virtually. The Blog, the MoBlog, Bachchan Bol,Twitter and soon perhaps the visual through Google if it all works out. They say I wear myself too thin. Many accuse me of taking on any and every opportunity that is offered to me. That it is harmful and destructive to be in such situation. That the management of my life and career is faulty.

I accept all their suggestions, their wisdom and their concern. I am certain they say it out of deep love and affection and of a sincerity that can only be looked upon as a benefit. But every individual is an island, alone, isolated and disconnected from the mainland. Their survival is based and guided by what they individually and singularly design for themselves. One that remains under their control and guidance. They know best what is right and what is wrong. Where repair needs to be done and where not. That is the ultimate truth.

I will acknowledge and accept from others only if they vouch to be in the shoes that I wear. In the distances that I walk in them, through rough and ride. In the face-offs that I experience, the rebukes and the challenges. And finally in the outcomes that my effort made or did not.

As I work determinedly at keeping my body in motion over technical equipment that moves and exercises for you, I observe over the electronic, masses and masses of information that pours out every second. None of it is worthy of spending time over. Each episode is built as though it were to be the end of the world. And I wonder. Is there no where that some good is being done. Is there no where where there is a moment of peace and thought. Where there is love and happiness. Where we reach out to build character and nation. Is it all so despondent, dispirited and despairing ??

And then I return to my EF and a new world opens. A world that speaks from the heart, with concern and care and custom. And “I say to myself - what a wonderful world …”

It has been a day of indulgence. Indulgence in matters that concern my own acumen and learning. Apart from finding the little joys of testing the intricacies of the iPad, there has been a lesson in the skills required in the art of editing on the Mac. The process is cumbersome, but one that shall perhaps qualify me in posting footage that I posses of the various visuals that I encounter during the course of  a day, a week, a month - perhaps with the intent of providing you with more material of interest.

And during the course of that, Twitter happened. I never knew it would hardly take a few seconds to ‘get on’. And once I was on I felt it was imperative that I put down in writing many little conversations that have now known to be referred to as ‘tweets’. And I wonder too the origin of this facility and its unusual name. Would it at all have something to do with the gentle and very economical tweets of the small birds, early in the morning. Their staccato repeats, shrill in sound, but leaving us with their presence.

I am amazed at the rapidity with which the ‘net’ spreads its talons. And I am amazed at the  manner in which an entire universe is built about it. Individuals flock near and in close proximity, sharing immediately information that one may never have ever disclosed in the days gone by. We are as a result of this, almost commune like, within the confines of our thinking, our rules and our regulations.

And we are all happy !!

And may we ever remain so ..

Amitabh Bachchan


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