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How to Measure Bra Size in India

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How to Buy a Bra
Its been around for ages, survived all sorts of changes, even survived the feminist barbering revolution, and come out on top! ......., lingerie designer for Marks and Spencer tells you how to buy the perfect bra.

They come in all shapes and sizes. And something women across all ages and cultures have realized that it is essential to wear a bra – a good bra. We all know how a bad bra, especially if you have a fuller bust, can cause your muscles to stretch beyond repair a leave with a ‘saggy’ shape. Here are some tips that will ensure you buy the right kind of bra.


Watch out for rigid (non-stretch) fabrics such as woven cloth in which it is very difficult to get a good fit. Moreover, it can shrink in washing and does not suit most women whose bust size fluctuates during the month. Stretch fabrics always give more support as well as a better fit. Try Lycra blends as opposed to knitted jersey (non Lycra) fabrics, which get baggy after a while and do not give adequate support


Watch out for rigid lace, which can scratch and cut you, more so in our tropical Indian climate. Try stretch laces with Lycra which are now available with cotton blends which are soft, strong, cool and let your skin breathe easy


If you wear close fitting clothes, avoid bras with lots of frilly straps and bows or highly topstitched obvious seam lines. Instead buy a ‘moulded’ (seamless) bra or one with a small dart


Only buy wired bras if they are a perfect fit as a wire packing can lead to health problems. The wires should sit flat against your ribcage and not on your actual bust with no gap between the garment and your body. The wire bras should be made soft, but strong casing. Wired bras tend to give more support to a fuller bust and more definition to a smaller bust.
Soft Bra (Unwired): 
These are generally more comfortable and can give good support to a fuller bust if they are made in medium or firm control fabrics


They must be adjustable and have good elasticity. If they are totally rigid they will cut your shoulders and if they are loose and springy they will not give adequate support


A single hook width looks very neat, but it is not practical for fuller busts. A fastening with two or three hooks is much more comfortable and supportive for everyday wear. All straps should have adjustable levels for the hooks to be tightened or loosened to accommodate fluctuation of weight or washing changes. A Stretch bra, with Lycra, will get bigger over time and a firm cotton woven bra will shrink.

People often wear bra, which is too big in size and too small on the cup, which is shown by the elastic riding up the back instead of sitting straight at a horizontal angle from the front. And this is one of the biggest mistakes women do in maintaining their bodies. Unless a bra fits just right, it could ruin the shape of your bust if it is too big. Alternatively, if it is too small, in extreme cases it could even leave you vulnerable to tumours. Never buy a bra without trying it on and never get anyone else to buy it for you. Because nobody knows your body like you do. 

Things to check in the Fitting room

  • Do you like the look of it?
  • Does it enhance your shape? (Try a top over it)
  • Is it comfortable? Is it cutting anywhere?
  • Does it give you the necessary support?(Jump up and down!)
  • Is it durable?

How to Measure Yourself:

Measure your rib cage under the bust in inches and add four five inches to bring it to an even number. This measurement is the bra size; 32, 34, 36, etc. Measure across the top of your bust without a bra on. Subtract the bra size measurement from this new measurement. The balance you are left with is your cup size: AA, A, B, C, D, DD etc. If the first measurement is 29-30 you are a size 34". If the second measurement is 35" and you subtract this from the second measurement you are left with 1" (B cup).

Your cup sizes less than 1" = AA;

No difference = A; 1" = B; 2" = C; 3" = D; 4" = DD


How to Measure Bra Size in India
Q: I'm a very small girl for the age of 23, and i've been excercising using my ab machine and it seems my stomach was getting bloated (maybe cuz of ab gainage) and my chest was getting smaller and now i can see some of the bones on my chest poppng out...how can i go back to the weight i was before all this hapenned and gain the weight in my chest back that i had?? 
A: This isn't a very normal reaction. Are you sure your form was correct? First do the exercises under a supervision of an instructor, and once you know what the correct form is, you can try doing them at home. Also, make sure you exercise on an empty stomach, and always stretch before exercising. Avoid salty foods and drink plenty of water. Try opting for cardio and do free crunches instead. 

Q: Hi, I am Dhana I am 18 years. My breast size is very big and it started hanging .can u suggest me any help plz. Its looking odd to me and iam feeling bad about it. Thanks for replying. 
A: Dhana, you will need to try and lose weight overall, and then you may lose some weight on your breasts. Also, wear the correct bra so your breasts don't hang. You could also wear a regular bra, and then a sports bra over your bra to hold them firmly. Also, wear underwired bras for added support, and shorten the straps slightly to lift them up. 

Q: My daughter is 16 already, yet she is completely flat. It is not the matter of a small chest - she hasn't even started developing one! This is having a huge impact on her self esteem, and I'm starting to worry about her health. She's even tried putting weight on, but there is still no chest, and instead a huger belly. Is there something wrong with her body? 
A: There is nothing wrong with your daughter's body. Some women are thin, some are fat, some are short and some are tall. Similarly, some women have extremely huge breasts while others are, more or less completely FLAT-chested (as opposed to small breasted). Your daughter is still just 16, and it is possible that she is a late developer. She may develop breasts at a later age. 21 normally signals the end of puberty development. When she gets pregnant at a later age, her breasts will grow by one or two cup sizes, and she will be able to breastfeed. Has your daughter started her period? Are her periods regular? If she has problems with her period, you should consider speaking to a gynaecologist. But if her periods are normal, your daughter is probably merely flat-chested. Consider getting her padded bras, so she will feel much better in her clothes.

Q: My daughter is 14 years old and almost 15. She has no bust at all and is completly flat. Please tell me what I can do to help her. 
A: Your daughter may probably grow up to have small breasts. She can increase her breasts only if she puts on weight on her entire body. Then, her breasts too will get bigger. She could also dress in order to give the appearance of bigger breasts, or she could wear padded bras. Alternatively, she could start working out, maybe in the future, to increase her chest muscles.

Q: Please help me that how can I firm my breasts, because shape of my breasts is very different from others. my nipples are very near to the arms and a wide area is between the two. 
A: Try and wear bras that fasten in the front, as these often help push your breasts together. Read this article for tips on firming your breasts.

Q: Hi my daughters 11 turning 12 march 2005 and she has no breast at all there flat she tries drink milk but no help what can she do to have bigger breasts? 
A: Don't worry about it. She should start at the age of 12-13. She's just 10 now. Even though some girls get breasts at 10, many don't.

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