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Try a Fabulous Facial
For deep down cleansing and a definite improvement in skin
tone, try an at-home facial. Just once a month will make a
noticeable difference to your complexion. Follow these steps
to re-create the benefits of the beauty salon in the comfort
and privacy of your own home.

Smooth your skin with cleansing cream. 
Leave on for 1-2minutes to give it time 
to dissolve grime, oils and stale
make-up. Then gently smooth 
away excess cream, with cotton
wool pads (cotton balls).

Dampen your skin with warm. water, 
then gently massage in a blob of facial 
scrub using your fingertips, avoiding
the delicate eye area. This will loosen 
dead surface skin cells
and leave your skin softer and smoother. 
It will also prepare your complexion for 
the beneficial treatments to come. Rinse
with warm water.

Fill a. wash basin (sink) with boiling water. 
Lean over the top, capturing the steam 
with a towel draped over your
head. Stay there for five minutes and 
then gently remove any blackheads 
with tissue-covered fingers. If you 
have sensitive skin, or broken veins, 
you should avoid this step.

Smooth on a face mask. Choose a clay-based 
one if you have oily skin, or a moisturizing one 
if you have dry or  normal skin. Leave on for five minutes, or for as long as specified by the 
instructions on the product.

Rinse away the face mask with warm. water. Finish off with a few splashes of cool water to close your pores and freshen your skin, then pat dry with a towel.

Soak a cotton wool (cotton ball) pad with a skin toner lotion and smooth over oily areas, such as the T-zone on the nose, chin and forehead.

Dot your skin with moisturizer and smooth it in. Take the opportunity to massage your skin, as this encourages a brighter complexion and can help reduce puffiness.

Smooth the sensitive eye area under your eyes with a soothing  eye cream to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and make the skin ultrasoft. 

Simple Facial Exercises

If you want firmer facial skin, and want to look years younger just follow these ten exercises every morning and watch the age on your face fade away.

    Face tapping - to get the circulation going

    Tap 20 times on each dot with the pads of your middle fingers. From the bridge of your nose work out along your eyebrows, then in round the top of your cheekbone. Tap up from the sides of your mouth to each inner eye. Then out from the chin along the jawline to each ear. Make sharp, light, very quick taps as if you are testing a very hot iron.

    Ear massage - to get your face glowing

    With index fingers and thumbs, hold the top rim of your ears and pull upwards. Massage, making small circles between fingers and thumb. Move down all round the rim of the ears, pulling ears out gently and massaging. When you reach the lobes, pull them down slightly and massage for about one minute. Repeat this sequence if you have time. Then, with small, quick circular movements, massage all the crevices and spirals of the ear. Use the surface of the nails of your index fingers, or the pads of your middle fingers.

    Throat massage - to beautify your neck

    Put the fingers of one hand on one side of your throat and the thumb on the other. Make rapid circular motions up and down the throat. Repeat with the other hand.

    Gum stimulation - for glowing gums

    With finger tips of knuckles, make circles just above the jawline along the gums.

    Under-chin slaps - to sharpen your jawline

    Slap quickly and lightly under your chin 30 times with the back of one hand.

    Hair massage - to stimulate hair growth and soothe headaches

    With pads of your fingertips, massage in small circles all along the front of your scalp for atleast 30 seconds. Then take large fistfuls of hair and gently pull upwards. Now clench your hands into fists and lightly pound your scalp about 20 times.

    Face Stroking - to soothe, relax and generally uplift face and mind

    Start with the flat of your right hand against your chest and stroke up to your jawline, then immediately follow with your left. Continue alternating like this for atleast ten strokes.

    Next, immediately smooth the palms and fingers of your hands over your face very, very lightly. Start at the jawline, move up and over your cheeks and each side of your nostrils, gently over the eyes and over the forehead to the hairline, then back down the sides of your face to your jaw. Repeat five to ten times in a continuous motion.

    Now glide your middle fingers towards the bridge of your nose, out along your eyebrow, down your cheekbones and back to the bridge of your nose. Make ten of these light circular movements.

    Then with your middle fingers on the bridge of your nose, stroke up towards your forehead. Place all fingers (not thumb) on your forehead and smooth outwards towards your temples; hold for a moment, pressing down slightly. Continue lightly down the side of your face, back along up from the bridge of your nose. Do this ten times.

    Temple pressures - to lift eye area and whole face.

    Leaning back in a chair, place the base of your palm or the pads of your fingertips against your temples and push upwards. At the same time, suck your tongue against the top of your mouth keeping your back teeth together. Hold this for a count of ten, increasing to 20. Slowly release and relax.

    Exercise your mouth - to lift lip lines

    Sit or stand, looking into the mirror. Open your mouth quite wide, as if about to yawn. Pull in the sides to form an oval. Now curve your lips over teeth. Then slowly to the count of ten, close your lips until they are about 1.5cm (1/2in) apart. You will feel an upward pull. Release very slowly.

    Finish by closing your eyes for a few moments, breathing deeply and gently and allowing yourself to drift off into a peaceful place.

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