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Taking Care of Eye Lashes

Now that you know where to start, you can experiment with more sophisticated eye make-up 
methods to create a variety of stunning looks. Here's a look you can try, using a wide range of 
techniques to create the ultimate in glamorous eye make-up.

Smooth over your 
eyelids with
foundation to create 
an even base
on which to work, 
and to give your eye
make-up something 
to cling to.

Sweep over your 
eyelids with a
brush loaded
with translucent 
face powder. 
Dust a little 
translucent powder
under your eyes
to catch any flecks 
offallen eye shadow 

Use a sponge 
applicator to 
sweep a
neutral ivory 
shade over your
eyelids. Work 
it right up 
towards your
eyebrows for 
a balanced 
overall effect.

Smudge a brown eye shadow into
the socket line 
of your eyes, 
using a sponge applicator. 
If you find
blending difficult, 
try using a slightly
shimmery powder 
as these are 
easier to
work in. Use a 
brush to sweep 
over the
top of the brown 
shadow as 
this will
remove any 
harsh edges.

To create a 
perfectly blended finish,
sweep some 
more ivory shadow
over the edges of 
the brown 
using a sponge applicator. Now
that you've 
completed your eye shadow, flick
away the powder 
from under your eyes.

Looking down 
into a mirror 
and keeping 
your hand 
steady, apply
liquid eyeliner along your 
upper lashes.

Use a clean 
cotton bud 
(swab) to
work some 
eye shadow 
under your 
lower lashes 
to add some subtle

Squeeze your lashes with 
 curlers to 
make them 
bend, before
mascara. This 
will "open up"
the eye area.

 Apply mascara onto your upper
 lashes and use 
the tip of the mascara
wand to coat 
your lower 

Stroke your eyebrows with
 to shape them
and fill in any
patches. Smooth over the top with a
cotton bud (swab) 
to soften the eyebrow
pencil line.
Above: For our main look here, we used a palette of ivory and blue eye shadow,
combined with black eyeliner and mascara. Take time to experiment with different
colours to find a look that suits you and your colouring

The easy way to achieve longer, stronger lashes

The secret to perfect lashes is choosing the right mascara - one that not only lengthens and defines but also has the power to condition and strengthen.

For most women mascara is the one item that they couldn't be without on a desert island. It is an essential part of any make-up routine, however simple . And with the return of glamour, mascara has once again taken centre stage.

Mascara is the simplest way to define eyes. The contrast of dark lashes against the whites of the eyes can be more striking than the results of even the most complicated eye shadow techniques. The latest mascara not only lengthen and darken but also care for your lashes, thanks to the addition of ingredients more usually found in skin care products. Conditioners and vitamins help protect lashes, which like all hair, are made up of protein and can be prone to brittleness and shedding.

What makes a Good Mascara

  1. A well shaped full brush, which coats lashes generously with each application.
  2. The right texture. Clogged lashes indicate that the mascara is too thick and fibrous or the brush is inadequate (fibre free mascara won't clog); flaky particles on lashes mean that the mascara is too dry.
  3. The right consistency. If mascara is too thin it won' adhere to lashes and will smear.
  4. Staying power. A good mascara should last all day without running or smudging around the eyes, even if it's not waterproof.
  5. Easy removal. You should be able to wipe away all traces of mascara without rubbing.

Healthy Lashes

Healthy lashes are thick, long and strong and need just a coat of mascara to emphasize them. Lashes that are thin at the tips need slightly more maintenance but will benefit from the use of a good quality mascara, which will protect them. For very thin, sparse or fragile lashes, an extra gentle mascara is essential; it should be hypoallergenic, fibre free and unfragranced, as well as conditioning.


Careful application will result in long, full lashes. Never, apply more than two coats, to avoid lashes sticking together, and wipe the brush with a tissue to remove any excess before putting it near the eye. Then brush the upper lashes downward from the root and, when dry sweep the wand upwards, using a slight side-to-side motion. For the lower lashes, hold the wand vertically and stroke it from root to end, using the tip of the brush. Finally, gently separate and define eyelashes with a lash comb or a clean mascara wand. For a wide eyed effect use a lash curler before applying mascara (plastic ones are kinder than metal), but make sure the pad is clean as any dirt will stick to lashes.

Mascara Removal

Never go to sleep without removing mascara. When you take it off, make sure you don't drag the delicate skin around the eye area. Moisten a cotton wool ball with remover and stroke it over the lashes in a downward motion until they're free of all traces of make-up. Be gentle if you lose a lash it takes a couple of months for a new one to grow. 
If you're shedding more than a couple of lashes a day it could be that you're allergic to your eye make-up.
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