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Skin is the largest organ and have a role like barrier between our body and environment.
There is lot of types of the skin, and they can be dry, oily, normal, and mixed. Oily skin is especially prone to acne because it can easy attract bacterias and dirt.

Water is good natural cleanser but it's very hard to use it alone and successfully get skin cleaned. Using different soaps can be good choice (it depends on the characteristics), but if you are looking for good natural solution, you can wash your face with Lemon juice and water. Lemon is acting like a natural soap and is removing oil and dirt from your skin.

Jasmine (Jasminum sambac) is known to smooth skin and have a good effect on the oily skin.

Carica papaya (papaya) is a small tree with straight stem and have leaf scars on it. It's good for removing freckles and smoothing the skin.
Coconut is good for external use especially for softening the lips.
Sunflower (Heydichium spicatum) is often used for massage because of calming and soothing effect

The juice of Lemon is full of Vitamin C and applying it to your face can have anti-oxidant effect and help skin heals faster. It also helps for red marks and scars left after acne.

Cucumber helps to keep the skin soft, has healing and soothing effect on the damaged skin and scars and have natural sunscreen effect.

The fruit of Indian gooseberry have the highest amount of pure vitamin C. Its fruit is diuretic, laxative, acrid, cooling, refrigerant, and used in the preparation of hair dyes. A fixed oil extracted from this fruit is successfully used for promoting hair growth.
The fresh juice of Kesharanjana is also used for promoting the hair growth.


1.Aloe Vera 2.Ashwagandha 3.Asparagus Racemosus 4.Azadirachta Indica 5.Bacopa Monniera 6.Basil Herb
7.Boswellia Serrata 8.Calamus 9.Cassia Angustifolia 10.Cassia Fistula 11.Cassia Tora 12.Centella Asiatica
13.Datura Stramonium 14.Hyocyamus Niger 15.Emblica Officinalis 16.Ephedra Vulgaris 17.Guggul 18.Gymnema Sylvestre
19.Hedychium 20.Henna 21.Liquorice 22.Moringa Oleifera 23.Mucuna Pruriens 24.Papaver Somniferum
25.Pudina 26.Psyllium Husk 27.Pterocarpus Marsupium 28.Punica Granatum 29.Quince 30.Rhubarb
31.Safed Musli 32.Sarsaparilla 33.Syzygium Cumini 34.Juglans Regia 35.Terminalia Arjuna 36.Terminalia Belerica
37.Terminalia Chebula 38.Tinospora Cordifolia 39.Tribulus Terrestris 40.Valeriana Wallichii 41.Vinca Rosea 42.Zingiber Officinalis
43.Drugs & Cosmetic Act, 1940
44.Good Manufacturing Practices of Ayurveda
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