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Many women lose their sex drive, but the good news is they can recover their sexual desire quickly and enjoy increased libido and satisfaction by taking some time tested herbs which we will look at in this article... 

Before we look at our proven herbal libido enhancers, let's look quickly at the problems that cause women to suffer from low libido. All women need two key hormones for peak sexual health and there, testosterone and estrogen. If the body does not generate enough of either hormone, libido falls and sex can become painful. 

The basic foundation of any women's sex drive is strong blood circulation. As soon as a women becomes aroused sexually, an increased volume of blood must be pumped to the sex organs, enter them and swell them in size; if this does not occur, sexual satisfaction and libido will fall. 
In women the role of the mind is more important than in men and stress, worry, anxiety and hormonal changes that occur in a women's life will cause libido problems. To enjoy a high libido, the mind must be free of worry, stress and anxiety and have correct hormonal balance. 

All the above problems can be solved, by taking the right nutrients and the herbs below, have been proven to increase sex drive and improve overall health.

Ginger has a reputation for increasing blood flow to all areas of the body and the herb is also an excellent heart tonic. 

Avena Sativa 
Avena Sativa is an excellent herb for sexual health which increases testosterone levels and also helps the 
body relax which enhances sensitivity in the vagina. 

Dong Quai
This herb increases estrogen levels, improves blood circulation around the body and to the sex organs, balances blood sugar levels and is full of nutrients which improve sexual health and overall levels of wellness. The herb is well known for its ability to combat symptoms of the menopause and PMT and is seen by many as the ultimate women's herb for better health. 

Kumari (Aloe) 
As a food supplement, aloe helps to improve digestion, aids blood and lymphatic circulation, and improves kidney, liver and gall bladder efficiency.

Methika Extract 
Methika contains estrogen-like saponins which help to reduce total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides levels naturally.

Ashwagandha - Extract "Indian Ginseng" 
Ashwagandha is seen as one of the best tonic herbs, it energizes and rejuvenates the body and mind, balances women's hormone levels, helps to minimize the effects of stress, improves mood and promotes overall sexual and reproductive balance. 

Ginkgo Biloba 
Ginkgo enhances blood flow to the brain and throughout the body, it also has a host of other benefits which include, increasing metabolism efficiency, regulating the body's neurotransmitters, decreasing stress levels and increasing overall body energy. 

Get them ALL for Better Health 
The herbs above will not just increase your sex drive, they will also increase your overall levels of wellness, so you get more from life as well as sex.

Women’s Sexual Health


1.Aloe Vera 2.Ashwagandha 3.Asparagus Racemosus 4.Azadirachta Indica 5.Bacopa Monniera 6.Basil Herb
7.Boswellia Serrata 8.Calamus 9.Cassia Angustifolia 10.Cassia Fistula 11.Cassia Tora 12.Centella Asiatica
13.Datura Stramonium 14.Hyocyamus Niger 15.Emblica Officinalis 16.Ephedra Vulgaris 17.Guggul 18.Gymnema Sylvestre
19.Hedychium 20.Henna 21.Liquorice 22.Moringa Oleifera 23.Mucuna Pruriens 24.Papaver Somniferum
25.Pudina 26.Psyllium Husk 27.Pterocarpus Marsupium 28.Punica Granatum 29.Quince 30.Rhubarb
31.Safed Musli 32.Sarsaparilla 33.Syzygium Cumini 34.Juglans Regia 35.Terminalia Arjuna 36.Terminalia Belerica
37.Terminalia Chebula 38.Tinospora Cordifolia 39.Tribulus Terrestris 40.Valeriana Wallichii 41.Vinca Rosea 42.Zingiber Officinalis
43.Drugs & Cosmetic Act, 1940
44.Good Manufacturing Practices of Ayurveda
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