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December 21, 2012
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We need change

Aniil Saaboo <>
The continous terror attacks in the country give you indication that something is drastically wrong in our security system, in our political and social system.This is for sure that our admininstration is weak and that our Politicians or the Administrators of the country lack concern.
When our own security systems are not appropriate and foolproof ,we are always open to such infiltrations and attacks from within the country and from the neghbouring countries.
After the division of our country ,India was cornerned by the new country(Pakistan ) from three sides.From North,from West and from East( now Bangla Desh).
The division of the country was not done with the concern that what the future would hold for these two countries and its people.We had to fight few wars and have been facing such terrors and infiltrations from decades.
Thousands of people died, billions of rupees wasted ,our progress hampered, our social fabric weakened, insecurity grew in the minds of the masses.This is result of the  division.
For any long term solution, for safety and security of the country,we have to understand our own county's peculiarness and its strength and its weakness.
We are no doubt a fast growning country,but without the systems, without the longterm vision and top of it without the sincere concern for the general public and its future.
Our lower literacy, our hard pressed middle class, our  corruption level, our general nature of natural casulness , our indisciplined life,poor infrastructure, poor informaiton system, improper ratio of employments in the Govt.Deptts,our highly corrupt politicians, thier poor  literacy , sheer lack of patriotrism in our politicians, thier roudy and goonda back grounds,( their main time is consumed in playing political chess to save themselves), thier position ,  lack of their concern of the general development of the country,its people, thier lack of vision.(may be with few exceptions).
Regarding the politicians,if you look into the depth, it is not thier fault for being like this.We are giving them the jobs ,which they are not able and qualified to do. May be ,thier actions, thier behaviour is the result of such mismatch.
Hence, looking into the general state of our country and its style, we would have to go out of the existing system. This is the need of the hour.
We should use the basic thumb rules for our country:
1.Country's security is of highest concern and it should be under handled by the experts -We have our military-Army, Navy and Airforce.(Security Agency)
All the other deptt.,be it CID,ATS, including the general  police force of centre or of states ,to traffic police to even homeguards - all should be under the Army.No other independent unit.
This should be thier job to manage the country's security wihin the country and from outside.
Even the security cover required by the politicians or VVIPs would be decided by Army.
With such reform, there would hardly be any case of lapses of intel information.
2.President and the Governors for the administration of the country and the states.(Administrators, Policy Makers,Decision Makers)
The president of the country should be man with the most powers vested with them,as that is the highest post of the country.And all the states should be governed by the governors,City Admininstrators ,Mayors.
These senior and important posts should be filled by Senior Army officers, Judges, Senior IPS officers, Senior IAS Officers, and other senior administrators,Scientists, Educationists and similar reputed scholars,Senior Executives of big corporates.It would be much better if some age limit is also fiexed for this.
They are educated, disciplined, have vision,they are concerned ,knows administration and such people also have the feeling of accountability of thier post and position.
3.Chief Ministers,Ministers,MPs., MLAs-(Field Workers)These politicians are elected by the voting of the people .They are elected from the field and are field workers.
Thier job is to take care of the concerns of their constinuency, thier city or thier state (depending on the post they hold)and bring their suggestions,demands to the knowledge of the Governor.
It's the job of the governor of execution, of decision on those issues.All the matters related to the states should be administered by the Governors.

You are not sure of these politicians ,whether ,they would be thier to continue after 4/5 years. They may lose election and gone .
The job of the elected person is of like a field saleman.Because ,he or she knows that area ,they have been voted by the people of that area and thier job is to move in those areas to look after their constituencies and give proposals ,demands and the reports to the Governors.
Managing the affairs of the town ,city ,state or the country is not thier job ,as they do not have such abilities.Besides, the corruption level would also come down darastically.And our democratic system of the country would also be better.
Though ,there are exceptions.There are good ,educated, proven adminstrators as politicians.And may be the country is doing whatever progress is due to such small group of people. But ,the time has come to dare to go beyond the existing system ,so that the coming times should be better for us."


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