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  •  Mobile Phones and their Harmful Effects

    It's the old debate, that of mobile phones and their harmful effects. The Indian government recently decided to adopt the guidelines issued by ICNIRP, an international science body, writes M S S Murthy 

    Mobile phones and cancer: the debate has been on for over a decade now without any definite conclusion. While studies show an association, albeit weak, with some types of brain tumors, an equal number of studies have failed to substantiate that claim. The latest is the warning given by Dr Ronald Herberman, Director of the University of Pittsburg Cancer Institute, USA, about excessive use of mobile phones, particularly by children. 

    Mobile phones and personal communications systems are low-power radio devices that transmit and receive signals in the radio frequency (RF) range 900 and/or 1800 megahertz through a network of base stations. Most countries have brought in regulations to limit public exposure to RF radiation. 

    These are based on the recommendations of International Commission for Non-ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), an independent science organisation. It evaluates the hazards of electromagnetic radiation, of which RF is a part, and develops guidelines. Recently, the Indian government also decided to adopt these guidelines. 

    RF radiation
    Exposure to RF radiation can occur from the base station, and mobile phones. A base station has a tower mounted on a building at heights between 15 and 30 metres. 

    The tower carries three-directional antennae separated by 120 degrees to cover the phones in a given geographical area (cell) managed by a particular service provider.  At the base of the tower is the instrument room housing low power radio transmitters and receivers. Generally, a base station will have over one transmitter, depending upon the number of phones in the cell. The outputs from these transmitters are combined and fed to the antennae. Most base stations radiate about 20 to 40 watts of RF power. 

    The intensity of the radiation decreases beyond a few meters from the antenna. Because base stations are located in populated areas, those living in the path of the beam are exposed to radiation.

    The mobile phone also has a radio transmitter and an antenna. The transmitter generates RF energy of one to two watts, radiated through the antenna. Because the phone is held close to the head, much of this energy is absorbed by the brain.

    What are the possible effects of RF radiation exposure? The ICNIRP says the only established effect of RF energy absorption by the human body is the rise in tissue temperature. In fact, this is the mechanism of microwave cooking. The RF energy absorbed is expressed in terms of “specific absorption rate” (SAR), measured in units of watts per kg (W/kg) of tissue. If the heat generated is small, the body’s thermoregulatory mechanism can dissipate it without causing adverse effects. If the temperature exceeds this capacity, (about 1 to 2 degree celsius), tissue damage may occur. Penetration of the blood-brain barrier, disturbed neuromuscular functions, lens opacity and reduced sperm production are effects observed in animal experiments and human volunteers exposed to high RF radiation levels, known as 'thermal effects'. 

    This increase occurs when whole-body energy absorption exceeds a SAR of  4 W/kg. Taking this value as threshold for harmful effects, ICNIRP applies a safety factor of 50 to derive safe limits for exposure to general public. If only a part of the body is exposed, a higher value of SAR can be permitted. The ICNIRP has recommended RF exposure levels for general public, in terms of power densities, as 4.5 W/m2 and 9.0 W/m2 respectively for the 900 and 1800 MHZ frequency radiations. Exposures below these levels are harmless.

    Recent surveys have shown that RF exposure from base stations in areas accessible to public are normally much lower than these guidelines. However, the actual levels depend upon the number of channels, total power radiated, multiplicity of the towers in the neighbourhood, etc. No surveys have been conducted in India. 
    The onus for demonstrating safety of base stations now lies with service providers. 

    The ICNIRP stipulates that to keep the exposure below harmful levels, the peak power level should not result in a SAR of over 2 W/kg of the brain tissue. The DoT says that mobile sets made in India would be asked to adopt this standard and certify their products before authorization for use and make that data available for the user. The DoT has set up a Telecom Engineering Center to look into the technical issues arising from the adoption of the ICNIRP guidelines. 

    The question of some non-thermal effects, including cancer, occurring at much lower levels remains unresolved

    ...Cell phone towers are bad for you. Here's why?.......

    ....What are the Dangers of Living Near Cell Phone Towers?....

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    Cell Tower Radiation : by Rajesh Chopra - LiveIndia.com

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  • Cell Tower Radiation : by Rajesh Chopra - LiveIndia.com

    ...Cell phone towers are bad for you. Here's why?.......

    ....What are the Dangers of Living Near Cell Phone Towers?....

    Cell Tower Radiation : by Rajesh Chopra - LiveIndia.com

    I would like to know what you think about Cell Tower Radiation
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    respected sir
     i am staying in a builing where 1 st and 4 th floor are in my possesion and ground 2 and 3 floor are in possesion of other one person so we are only two owners in the whole building
    \on the terrace there has been erupted mobile towers of airtel and idea.
    the other owner has got both thesse towers installed without our knowledge and this is done only for money
    on the first floor there is our surgical and maternity hospital
    what should we do sir 
    whether these cell phone towers are really very dangerous for haelth or not not what should we do 
    i am really confused and would like to know what should be actually done for this towers because i am not getting any authentic information from anywhere
    please guide me
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