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Century 10


[source unidentified]

The word promised by foe to foe
shall not be kept, the prisoners retained:
one [shall be] captured near death, and the rest in their shirtsleeves,
the remainder damned for being retainers.


[source unidentified]

The galley’s sail shall hide the ship’s sail:
the greater fleet shall flush out the lesser.
Ten nearby ships near shall turn it and drive it back:
the greater one having been beaten, the alliance shall take it over.


[possibly after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3: otherwise unidentified]

After five years, he shall not lead out any of the flock:
a fugitive for his pains shall be released.
Traitors shall murmur, then help shall come:
then the chief shall abandon the siege [See].


[source unidentified]

Upon the midnight the leader of the army
shall flee, suddenly vanishing:
seven years later, his reputation unblemished,
on his return they shall claim never to have heard of it.


[after unidentified politicking, with a reference to Alexander the Great’s general and official historian]

Albi and Castres shall form a new league
with a new Portuguese Arrianus:
Carcassonne and Toulouse shall scotch their intrigue
when the new chief [shall see the] monster from the Lauraguais [Pyrenees].


[after the floods of September 1557 that uncovered ancient remains and artefacts (including, allegedly, an ‘ever-burning lamp’) around the ruins of the ancient Temple of Diana (Vesta) by the Sacred Lake at Nîmes. The Roman amphitheatre (or ‘Coliseum’), nowadays known as the Arènes, was traditionally used as a place of refuge.]

The Gardon shall flood Nîmes so deep
that they shall think Deucalion [the Greek Noah] reborn:
into the colosseum [amphitheatre] the greater part shall flee.
In the Vestal sepulchre fire shall seem to be extinguished.


[after the Imperial invasion of northeastern France in August 1557]

[In] The great conflict that is being prepared at Nancy
the Macedonian [Philip II] shall say, ‘I subjugate all’:
the British Isle [shall be] worried about wine and salt.
Amidst defiance Metz shall not hold for long.


[after events affecting the Della Rovere rulers of Senigallia in Italy]

With forefinger and thumb shall moisten the forehead
of his own son the Count of Senigallia:
by many of his faithful followers straight away
three [shall] in seven days [be] fatally wounded.


[possibly after the cruel and debauched Duke Allessandro de’ Medici, murdered in 1537]

Of a Castilian carter on a misty day
to an infamous woman a sovereign prince shall be born:
he shall be posthumously called ‘Pantsdown’.
Never was a King so bad in his realm.


[after the Mirabilis Liber’s prophecies of the Antichrist]

Stained with murder and enormous corruption,
[he shall be] the great enemy of the whole human race
who shall be worse than his grandfathers, uncles or fathers [forefathers],
by sword, fire, water, bloody and inhuman.


[after an unidentified Spanish invasion of southwestern France]

Through the dangerous pass below Junquera
the posthumous [son] shall cause his force to pass:
he shall cross the Pyrenees mountains without his baggage[-train].
From Perpignan the duke shall hasten to Tende [/to await him].


[after an unidentified papal election and death]

Elected Pope, as elected he shall be mocked
straightway, suddenly distressed and timid:
much too good and gentle, provoked to die:
[but] the extinguishing of his fear shall guide the night of his death.


[after an ancient account of an attack by the classical Segobrigenses]

Beneath the food of ruminating animals
led by them to the heart of the grass-girt city
troops [shall be] hidden, bringing the sound of battle,
[and] nearly bringing down the city of Antibes.


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[after the story of the disintegration of Cesare Borgia after the poisoning of his father, Pope Alexander VI]

Humiliated, vacillating, not knowing his own mind,
bold [and] timid [by turns], by fear seized and overcome,
accompanied by many pale [painted] whores,
he shall be convicted at the Carthusian convent of Barcelona.


[after the story of the scandalous maltreatment by the Duke of Guelders of his own father in the 1470s, as reported by Commynes in Book IV of his Mémoires]

To his father the Duke, old in years and burdened with thirst,
on his last day his don denying him a ewer,
into the well he shall plunge him to living death
that old man on a rope: a long, mean death.


[after the outbreak of fire in the papal palace of the French Pope Benedict XII at Avignon during the visit there of King Pedro IV of Aragon in 1340]

Happy in the realm of France, happy in life,
knowing nothing of blood, death, fury or plunder,
by non-flatterers he shall [nevertheless] be annoyed.
The King [shall be] rescued: too much faith [fire] in the kitchen.


[after the marriage-plans of Anne de Bretagne, Queen of France, for her daughter Claude]

The scheming queen, seeing her daughter lame [‘Claude’]
because of a sorrow locked up in her breast,
[shall hear] lamentable cries [that] shall then come out of Angoulême,
and on the German marriage shall foreclose.


[source unknown]

The clan of Lorraine shall make way for Vendôme,
the high brought low and the low raised high:
the son of Jupiter [a bishop/lawyer/noble] shall be elected in Rome,
and the two lords shall be put at a loss.


[after an unidentified incident at court]

The day that she shall be hailed as Queen,
the following day [shall come] the benediction [and] the prayer:
after the matter has been concluded, weighed and evaluated,
previously humble, never was anyone so proud.


[after the sack of Rome in 1527 by Imperial troops under Georg von Frundsberg]

All the friends who held their own
by him of the harsh-lettered [name] shall be put to death and plundered,
great, perfect public works destroyed.
Never were the Roman people so outraged.


[source unidentified]

Through the spite of the King supporting the lesser one,
he shall be murdered while presenting the jewels to him:
the father wishing to show his son his nobility
does [shall do] as the Magi did of yore in Persia.


[source unidentified]

For not wishing to consent to the divorce,
which then afterwards shall be recognised as unworthy,
the King of the Isles shall be driven out by force,
replaced by one who shall bear no sign of kingship.


[source unidentified]

The ungrateful people having been remonstrated with,
thereupon the army shall seize Antibes:
in Monaco’s citadel they shall lay complaints,
and at Fréjus they shall take the shore from each other.


[source unidentified]

The captive prince, conquered in Italy,
shall pass Genoa by sea as far as Marseille:
through great efforts [he would have been] overcome by the foreigners
but for an explosion in a honey-barrel.


[source unidentified]

Via the Ebro they shall take passage for Brittany:
in the far distance shall the Tagus lighthouse show.
In Périgueux shall the outrage be committed
on the great lady seated on the stage.


[possibly after the accession of Louis XII in 1498]

The successor shall avenge his brother-in-law:
he shall occupy the kingdom in the name of vengeance.
The hostage having been killed, he shall blame his kin for the death.
For a long time Brittany shall stay loyal to France.


[after the sack of Rome by Charles Duike of Bourbon and Georg von Frundsberg in 1527 on behalf of the Emperor Charles V, when, with the imperial eagle and the keys of St Peter in contention, the current Pope, Clement VII (named Julius, after Julius Ascanius, son of Virgil’s Aeneas) did indeed retreat – to the Castel Sant’ Angelo in Rome]

Through the fifth one [Charles V] and a great Hercules [soldier]
they shall open the church by military might:
one Clement, Julius and Ascanius [shall be] in retreat.
[By] the sword the Key and the Eagle never experienced such aggression.


[source unidentified]

[The] Second and third who make the best music
by the King shall be raised in honour:
through thick and thin – almost emaciated –
false talk of Venus [love] shall make him depressed.


[possibly after the story of Eustache Marron, a Waldensian leader who was captured by troops from Béarn on their way back from Piedmont]

In the goat-cave at Saint-Paul-de-Mausole
[he shall be] hidden, [then] seized, pulled out by his beard:
led captive like some lowly hound
by the Bigorrans, [he shall be] brought to near Tarbes.


[after the notoriously nepotistic Pope Paul IV, who reigned from 1555 to 1559]

Of the kith and kin of the new-come holy man
he shall use his title to maintain arches and roof:
they shall be expelled, put to death, driven out without a stitch on.
Into red and black shall they convert their green [young skin].


[apparently after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

The Holy Empire shall come into [retreat to?] Germany,
[but] the Ishmaelites [Arabs] shall find the land open:
the asses shall also want Carmania,
[but] their supporters all [shall all be] covered by earth [go to their graves].


[apparently after the Mirabilis Liber’s prophecy of future events until the coming of the Antichrist]

Great power, everyone would partake of it:
one shall obtain it over the others.
But little time shall his kingdom and state last:
for two years [only] shall he be able to maintain himself by ship [sea].


[source unidentified]

The cruel faction in the long robe
shall hide beneath them sharp daggers.
The Duke shall seize Florence and the diphthong place [Fiesole?]:
its/his discovery [shall be] by youths and sycophants.


[source unidentified]

The Frenchman who shall hold power through war
shall be betrayed by his younger brother-in-law.
He shall be dragged by an untrained, prancing horse:
for the deed the brother shall long be hated.


[source unidentified]

The younger son of the king [shall be] flagrant in burning lust
to enjoy his first cousin:
[dressed in] woman’s clothing, to the Temple of Artemis
going, [he shall be] murdered by an unknown woman from Maine.


[possibly after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

After the [Arab] King of the souk’s speaking of wars,
the hermetic [?] isle shall hold him in contempt:
a good few years of raiding and pillaging
through tyranny shall change the island’s views.


[after unidentified military operations in Savoy]

The mighty force near the Lake of Bourget
shall meet up near Montmélian:
marching further, they shall thoughtfully draw up a plan of
battle at Chambéry, Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, Saint-Julien.


[after unidentified events involving war with Algerian Muslims]

Not far from Amoura in Algeria
the garrisons shall be for the Arab Saint [Prophet]:
the Orsini and Venice shall pledge for the Gauls [French],
for fear delivered by the army to the Grisons [Swiss].


[possibly after prophecies by contemporary astrologers concerning the prospects for the young François II, who was 14 years old at the time of writing (1557-8)]

[The] First son, the widower of an unfortunate marriage,
without any children, [the] two Isles in discord,
before eighteen, not yet of age:
for the next one the betrothal shall take place while younger.


[after Froissart’s account, in his Chroniques, of the death of Edward I of England and the controversial reign of his unpopular and effeminate son Edward II]

The young heir to the British kingdom,
whom his dying father shall have recommended,
the latter dead, London shall dispute [with him],
and of the son the kingdom [shall be] demanded.


[possibly after personal memories of a religious ceremony near Agen]

On the border of Caussade and Caylus,
not very far from the bottom of the valley,
[there shall be] music from Villefranche and the sound of lutes,
accompanied by cymbals, with the noble bishop [present].


[possibly after the current reign of Queen Mary of England]

The humane realm of English ancestry
shall keep its realm in peace and unity:
with war half-captive in its enclosure,
[s]he shall long make them maintain peace.


[source unidentified]

Too good a time, too much royal largesse
[shall be] granted, ungranted, quickly, suddenly, carelessly:
lightly shall he believe falsehoods of his loyal wife,
and be put to death for his benevolence.


[source unidentified]

When a King shall be against his people
a native of Blois shall subjugate the Ligurians [northern Italians],
Mohamet [?], Cordoba and the Dalmatians:
of seven captured, one [shall be] presented as the image and ghost of the King.


[apparently after an event in the career of Antoine, the contemporary King of Navarre, and the collapse of the Treaty of Cambrai of 1529, broken by the French in 1556]

The untrue shade of the kingdom of Navarre
shall bring to life a destiny unlawful:
the uncertain vow [shall be] made in Cambrai.
The King at Orléans shall provide a lawful wall [bulwark].


[probably after the Elector Maurice of Saxony]

In life, fate and death a villainous, unworthy, gold-obsessed [filthy] man,
he shall not be the new Elector of Saxony:
of Brunswick he shall demand a sign of love
to make himself falsely popular to the people.


[after criminal activities on the pilgrim-route between St-Jean-de-Luz and Compostella in Spain described by Charles Estienne in his Les voyages de plusieurs endroits de France & encores de la Terre Saincte; d’Espaigne, & autres pays]

From Burgos to Our Lady of the Flowers
they shall come down heavily on the betrayal [crime] committed:
by the noble Prelate between Leon and Formanda
false pilgrims and thieves shall be undone.


[after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

From furthest Spain banners [shall be seen]
emerging from the ends and borders of Europe
and disturbances across the narrow-necked sea.
Its great horde shall be routed by [guerrilla] bands.


[after the assassination of heretics by the Inquisition]

At the Garden of the World [Eden = ‘Delight’ = Plaisance] near New City [Villeneuve],
on the way to the hollow mountains [the cave-country of the Dordogne]
he shall be seized and plunged into a barrel,
forced to drink waters poisoned with sulphur.


[after the Lorraine floods of February 1523, the year when the Constable of France, Charles de Bourbon, defected to the Empire in a fit of pique over his wife’s inheritance]

The Meuse by day in the land of Luxemburg
shall find Saturn and three [other planets] in Aquarius:
[through] mountain and plain, town, city and borough,
floods in Lorraine. Betrayal this year by the lord.


[source unidentified]

Some of the lowest places of the country of Lorraine
shall be united with Lower Germany
by besiegers – Picards, Normans, those of Maine –
and they shall be joined to the cantons.


[source unidentified]

At the place where the Leie and the Scheldt meet
the nuptials shall long be celebrated:
at the place in Antwerp where they carry the chaff,
too young, too old, the female consort [shall remain] undefiled.


[evidently after the extramarital affairs of King Henri II]

The three mistresses shall fight each other from afar:
the greatest shall stay on watch against the least.
The great Lunar One [Henri II] shall no longer be her patron:
she shall call him ‘Former broken white-skin’.


[source unidentified]

Born into this world of a secret concubine,
at two raised high by the sad news:
she shall be taken prisoner by her enemies,
and brought to Malines and Brussels.


[apparently after the marriage of the 14-year-old François II and the plight of his queen, Mary Queen of Scots, who on his early death in 1560 was sent back to Scotland – a detail possibly supplied posthumously by Nostradamus’s secretary Chavigny]

They shall celebrate the wretched nuptials
with great joy, but the end [shall be] unhappy:
husband and mother shall scorn the daughter-in-law,
her Apollo dead and the daughter-in-law more pitiful [still].


[after an incident at the English court, presumably under Queen Mary]

The royal prelate bowing too low,
a great flow of blood shall come out of his mouth:
the English realm [shall be] revived by the Queen.
For long he shall be in Tunis alive and dead as a log.


[source unidentified]

The parvenu shall not recognise his sceptre:
he shall disgrace the young children of the greatest Lords.
Never was there a more filthy and cruel being:
for their wives he shall abandon them to the Black Death.


[after current rivalries between King Henri II of France, whose device included a crescent moon, and Philip II of Spain, whose Spanish troops, following the French military disaster of St-Quentin in 1557, were currently menacing Rome itself ]

At time of mourning the lunar monarch [Henri II]
shall make war upon the young Macedonian [Philip II]:
France he shall shake, endanger the Bark [the Vatican],
harass Marseille. Talks with the West.


[source unidentified]

Within Lyon twenty-five of one mind –
five citizens, Germans, Bresseans, Latins –
under a noble shall form a long procession,
and be discovered by the barking of mastiffs.


[after the Mirabilis Liber’s scenario of Arab invasion]

I weep for Nice, Monaco, Pisa, Genoa,
Savona, Siena, Capua, Modena, Malta:
upon you [shall be] blood and sword for a New Year’s gift,
fire, earthquake, water, wretchedly unwanted.


[after the current Ottoman invasions]

Buda, Vienna, Komarno, Sopron,
shall be keen to deliver Pannonia [Hungary] to the Barbarians [Turks].
Through pikes and firearms enormous violence,
the conspirators discovered by an old crone.


[after the current Ottoman invasions]

Near Sopron to assail Hungary
the enjoy from Buda shall warn them:
the Byzantine [Turkish] leader, sallying forth from Slavonia,
shall convert them to the law of the Arabs [Islam].


[after events connected with the current Ottoman invasions]

Khania, Dubrovnik, the city of St. Jerome
healing help shall make green again:
the King’s son dead because of the death of two heroes,
Araby and Hungary shall take a single course.


[source unidentified, but apparently connected with papal politics]

Weep Milan, weep Lucca and Florence,
the fact that your great Duke climbs into the chariot:
to change [ruin] the See he advances near Venice,
when at Rome the Colonnas shall change.


[after the Imperial sack of Rome of 1527 under the partial command of Georg von Frundsberg, whose Gothic signature Nostradamus seems to pick up on elsewhere]

O mighty Rome, your ruin is nigh,
not of your walls, [but] of your blood and substance:
the one harsh in letters shall inflict such a terrible wound,
a swordpoint thrust into all up to the hilt.


[after the military campaigns against Scotland mounted by King Edward I of England]

The chief of London through the realm of America [or: through the lady’s realm disputed]
the isle of Scotland shall rack in freezing weather:
a rebel King they shall have, an Antichrist so false,
who shall draw all of them into the fray .


[after Jean Perrat’s description in his Chronique d’un notaire d’Orange of the violent earthquake of 4 May 1549 around Montélimar]

Such a great quake [shall happen] in the month of May,
Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus,
Venus also, in Cancer Mars, at Annonay:
hail shall fall larger than an egg.


[after continual Muslim pirate raids on the Mediterranean coast, especially between 1526 and 1531, in 1534, and in 1536]

The army from the sea shall remain before the city,
then it shall leave [again] without making a long stay:
it shall seize many civilian victims on land.
The fleet shall return: it shall resume much looting.


[source unidentified]

The shining deed[s] of the newly-elevated old man
shall be so great from south to north:
raised by his own sister on great wings,
fleeing, [he shall be] murdered in the thicket of Ambel.


[apparently after the story of an eye-problem that Nostradamus suffered in 1554]

Through [being struck by] an object the eye shall swell so much,
and shall burn so much while the snow is falling:
once rain falls on the fields [in spring] it shall start to shrink
when the Primate succumbs at Reggio.


[apparently after the alleged celebration by some Protestants of the Sabbath on a Thursday]

The earth and air shall freeze: [there shall be] so much water
when they shall meet together to venerate Thursday.
What shall take place was never so fair!
From the four [all] directions they shall come to celebrate it.


[after the ‘miraculous’ restoration to health of the dying King François I, Duke of Angoulême, following a visit by his captor the Emperor Charles V in Madrid in 1525, projected astrologically into the future]

[In] The year 1999, seven months,
shall come a great defraying King of the region
to resuscitate the great King from Angoumois
before, after March, he shall reign [again] with good fortune.


[after the Mirabilis Liber’s prophecies of a future ‘Angelic Pastor’]

The present time together with the past
shall be judged by the great Jovialist [Prelate]:
the world [people] shall eventually tire of him,
and the legal-minded clergy [shall be] disloyal.


[after the resurrection of the dead at the Last Judgement, as described by the Mirabilis Liber]

The great seventh number [7000 years] once completed,
it shall appear at the time of the Hecatombic Games [the Olympics]
not far from the great millennial age,
that the buried shall come out from their tombs.


[after the Mirabilis liber’s prophecies of the expected future Antichrist]

So long awaited, he shall never return
in Europe: he shall appear in Asia Minor [Turkey],
one of the [robber] gang issued from the great Hermes,
and he shall become greater than all the Kings of the East.


[ source unidentified]

The great senate shall award the triumph
to one who afterwards shall be vanquished, driven out:
his followers shall at the sound of the trumpet,
their possessions having been put up for sale, be expelled as [public] enemies.


[source unidentified]

Thirty adherents of the order of Quirites
[shall be] banished, their possessions given to his adversaries:
all their good deeds shall be regarded as misdeeds.
The fleet [shall be] scattered, delivered to the pirates.


[after the liberation and then pillage undergone by Rome at the hands of the French troops of the Duke of Guise and the Spaniards of the Duke of Alba during 1557]

Sudden joy [turning] to sudden sadness
shall be at Rome Of The Embracing Graces [the statue of the Three Graces]:
grief, screams, tears, blood, excessive rejoicing,
opposing gangs surprised and trussed up.


[after the Mirabilis Liber’s predictions of the re-establishment of classical civilisation in Europe under a future Grand Monarque]

The old roads shall all be embellished:
they shall pass as it were to Memphis,
the great, mercurial Hercules [of the] fleur-de-lys
making lands, sea and country tremble.


[after the expected liberation of Rome from Muslim occupation by the future Grand Monarque]

In the great realm of the lord reigning over the kingdom,
by force of arms the great gates of bronze [of St Peter’s in Rome]
the King shall cause to be opened, joining the Duke.
The port [shall be] demolished, ship [sent] to the bottom, a day serene.


[source unidentified]

A treasure placed in a church by Hesperian [Spanish] citizens
shall be withdrawn inside it to a secret place.
[Their] kin shall open the church,
retake it, seize it: horrible victimhood in the holy-of-holies [sanctuary].


[possibly after King Harold’s last stand at the Battle of Hastings]

Screams, weeping, tears shall come with knives:
seeming to flee, they shall mount a final attack.
With death all about, they shall plant discs [their shields?] deep in the ground,
[then be] pushed back alive and murdered instantly.


[source unidentified]

The signal to give battle shall not be given:
they shall be obliged to leave the enclosure.
All around Ghent the banner shall be recognised
of him who shall have all his followers put to death.


[source unidentified]

The illegitimate girl [shall be] as high as, not lower than, her rank:
the late return shall make the aggrieved content.
The reconciliation shall not be without dispute
in filling and losing all his time.


[after Cicero’s Oratio pro Milone]

The old tribune, on the point of trembling,
shall be pressed not to deliver the captive:
the old man who is not an old man, speaking fearfully and with pain,
shall restore him to his friends lawfully.


[after the Third Crusade of 1189-92, led in part by King Richard the Lionheart bearing his gryphon-decorated shield]

Like a gryphon shall come the King of Europe,
accompanied by those from the North:
of red-and-white ones [Crusaders bearing red crosses on white coveralls] he shall lead a great troop,
and they shall go against the King of Babylon [official title of Saladin].


[a forecast of successful future operations by Henri II against the Holy Roman Empire in the east and Arab pirates in the Mediterranean]

The Great King shall make port near Nice
to stab the great Empire to death.
In Antibes shall he lay down his broom:
by sea shall all plunder vanish.


[after the frequent raids by Arab pirates on France’s Mediterranean coast]

Foot and horse at the second watch
shall force their way in, devastating everything by sea:
within the port of Marseille he shall enter.
Tears, screams and blood: never any time so bitter.


[after the claim by the Emperor Augustus, at the end of his 57 years in power, that he had ‘found in Rome of brick and left it of marble’]

From brick to marble the walls shall be converted
[during] seven-and-fifty years of peace:
Joy to humans, the aqueduct[s] renovated,
health, great fecundity, joy and honeyed times.


[after the reign of the Emperor Claudius, following that of Caligula]

A hundred times shall the inhuman tyrant die,
replace by one learned and gentle:
all the Senate shall be in his hand.
He shall be troubled by a rash scoundrel.


[a failed 50-year projection into the future of the coronation of Pope Pius IV in 1559]

Roman clergy, in the year 1609
at the beginning of the year you shall carry out the election
of a grey-and-black one who shall come from Campania
than whom there was never any so wicked.


[possibly an omen-connected prophecy of the Protestant leader John Calvin]

Before his father the child shall be killed,
the father afterwards [tied] between rush-ropes:
the people of Geneva shall be drained of strength,
the chief lying amidst them like a log.


[after the Great Western Church Schism of 1378 to 1417]

The new Bark [Vatican] shall undertake travel:
there and thereabouts they shall transfer the Empire.
Beaucaire, Arles shall retain the hostages
near where two columns of porphyry [shall be] found.


[source unidentified]

From Nîmes, from Arles and Vienne they shall issue condemnations
of those who do not obey the Hesperian [Spanish] edict:
the tortured for the noble they shall condemn,
six escapers in seraphic [Franciscan] habit.


[after the final expulsion of the Muslims from Spain in 1492]

In Spain shall come the most puissant King
by land and sea subjugating the southern filth:
such damage he shall do to bring down the Crescent [Islam],
and shall clip the wings of those of Friday [Muslims].


[a prophecy of the eventual victory of the Jews over the Muslims]

The religion by the name of the seas [Marranos] shall be victorious
against the sect of the son [heirs] of the Caliph Abdalah [the last Arab Caliph]:
the stubborn, deplorable sect [the Protestants?] shall be afraid,
wounded alike by Aleph [the Jews] and Alif [the Muslims].


[source unidentified]

Triremes full of captives of every age,
the weather good for evil, fair for bitterness,
being prey to the Barbarians, shall hurry too quickly,
anxious to see the feather wail in the wind [which way the wind will blow].


[on the disintegration of the times, by contrast with those of Joan of Arc]

The bright splendour of the joyous Maid
shall shine no longer: long shall no sense abide,
with merchants, ruffians, odious wolves,
everything upside down, [and] omens everywhere.


[worries about a possible scuppering of the eventual Golden Age by current religious quarrels]

In the end the wolf, lion, ox and ass,
and timid deer shall be amidst the dogs.
No longer shall the gentle manna fall upon them.
More vigilance and watch over the hounds!


[in part after Richard Roussat’s Livre de l’estat et mutations des temps of 1549/50, under whose terms the world had just entered (in 1533) the 354-year ‘Age of the Moon’]

The great Empire [power] shall be for England
the all-powerful for more than three hundred years:
great armies shall pass over sea and land.
The Portuguese [Lusignans] shall not be happy about it.


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