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Century 5


[source unidentified]

Before the advent of the Celts’ ruin,
within the church two [leaders] shall parley:
the one mounted on the charger [shall be] stabbed in the heart with a dagger.
They shall bury the noble without making a clamour.


[source unidentified]

Seven conspirators at the banquet shall cause to flash
the sword against the three outside the ship [whilst they are ashore]:
they shall place the noble in charge of one of the two fleets,
when for mere pence he shall be shot in the forehead.


[after the contemporary Burgundian and French successions, in the form of the Emperor Charles V and Queen Catherine de Médicis, with a sideways glance at the powerful pirate Barbarossa]

The successor to the duchy shall come,
very far beyond [plus ultra – Charles V’s motto] the Tuscan sea.
The Gallic branch Florence shall hold
within its lap. The nautical frog [the Admiral] shall agree.


[after the expulsion from Rimini of Pandolfo Malatesta, the tyrant who was known as the ‘Great Hound’, by Pope Clement VII in 1528]

The great mastiff expelled from the city
shall be angered by the foreign alliance.
After having hunted the stag in the fields
the Wolf and the Bear shall defy each other.


[after an unidentified episode from contemporary politics, probably in Italy]

Under the shadowy pretence of lifting servitude
he himself shall usurp people and city.
Worse he shall do because of the deceit of a young whore,
[and be] run out of town for false publicity.


[after Livy’s account in his History of Rome (i.18) of the coronation of the semi-legendary King Numa in around 710 BC]

The augur shall place his hand on the King’s head:
he shall pray for the peace of Italy.
To his left hand he shall [then] change the sceptre.
From King he shall become a peaceful Emperor.


[after contemporary excavations of the ancient Gallo-Roman oppidum of Constantine, just south of Salon, as per a recorded consultation with Nicolas Fabri de Peiresc]

Of the Triumvir shall the bones be found
while searching for a deep, mysterious treasure:
those from thereabouts shall not feel easy
about excavating [the] marble and metallic lead.


[source unidentified]

The lately living shall be left, the dead hidden
in heaps horrible and dreadful,
by night reduced to dust (the army blamed).
The city in flames shall support the enemy.


[source unidentified, involving an omen]

The mighty prison [having been] razed to the ground,
by the captive leader his friend [shall be] anticipated.
[A child] shall be born of a lady with hairy forehead and face:
then by a trick the Duke [shall be] caught by death.


[source unidentified]

A Celtic leader wounded in the conflict,
near a vault seeing death strike down his men,
[shall be hard-]pressed by blood and wounds and enemies,
and rescued by four unknown ones.


[after the contemporary world religious situation]

The sea shall not be crossed safely by those of the Sun [Sunday, and thus Christians]:
those of Venus [Friday, and thus the Muslims] shall hold all [North] Africa.
Saturn [Saturday, and thus the Jews] shall no longer occupy their realm,
and the Asiatic [Turkish] quarter shall change [for the worse].


[source unidentified]

Beside the Lake of Geneva she shall be led
by a foreign maiden wishing to betray the city:
before her murder, to Augsburg the great flight,
and those of the Rhine shall invade it.


[after the recent military campaigns of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (who was born at Gent in East Flanders) designed to repulse the invading Ottomans, assimilated to the predictions of the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

With great fury the Roman King from Belgium
shall want to harry the barbarian with his army:
gnashing [his teeth] with fury, he shall chase away the African race [Muslim invaders]
from the Pannonias to the pillars of Hercules.


[after the temporary imprisonment in Spain in 1535 of Don Pedro de Heredia, Governor of Santa Marta in Colombia, for alleged embezzlement of native property, followed by a second deposition in 1543 and his final disappearance at sea off the African coast]

Saturn and Mars in Leo, captive in Spain,
by an African chief [pirate?] caught in a battle,
near Maltha [Martha] Heredia taken alive:
and the [Holy] Roman sceptre shall be struck by the Cock [France].

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[presumably after the sack of Rome by Imperial forces in May 1527, with Pope Clement VII fleeing the Vatican, assimilated to the predictions of the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

Whilst at sea [in the ‘Bark of the Fisherman’?], the great Pontiff taken prisoner:
great preparations shall fail, the clergy in upheaval.
The second elected, absent, squanders his wealth:
his bastard favourite shall be done to death.


[after the Turkish attacks on Rhodes from 1522]

[With] the ‘Sabaean tear’ [frankincense] at [even] more than its high price
fort turning human flesh into ashes at death [i.e. embalming],
[those] on the isle of Pharos [Paros] perturbed by the Crusaders,
while at Rhodes shall appear a grisly sight.


[source unidentified]

By night the King passing near a narrow path,
the one from Cyprus shall spy on the princely one:
the King fallen, the army flees along the Rhône.
The conspirators shall go and put him to death.


[source unidentified]

The wretch, laid low, shall die of grief:
his victress shall celebrate his funeral rites.
A brand-new dispensation drawn up by public edict,
the wall and Prince fall on the seventh day.


[after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3, combined with current worries about debasement of the currency]

The great Golden Royal augmented [adulterated] with bronze,
the truce broken, war [shall be] opened by a young man:
the people afflicted by a lamented chief.
With Barbarian [Arab] blood the land shall be covered.


[after the expulsion of the Medici from Florence in 1512 by the French under Gaston de Foix, Duke of Nemours, shortly before the discovery of the famous Ravenna monster of 1513]

A mighty army shall pass beyond the Alps
shortly before a greedy monster is born:
miraculously and suddenly he shall return,
the great Tuscan, to his birthplace.


[probably after the death of an unidentified Roman Emperor]

On the death of the Latin monarch,
[among] those whom he shall have succoured through his reign
fire shall gleam, the booty be divided,
public death for the brave incorruptibles.


[source unidentified]

Before at Rome the great one [the Pope] has given up the ghost,
great terror for the foreign army:
by squadrons an ambush near Parma,
then the two red ones [cardinals] shall celebrate together.


[after the brief alliance between François I and the Emperor Charles V in 1538, marked by a conjunction of Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in Cancer during July 1539, and discontinued at around the time of the projected Spanish naval expedition against Algiers of 1541]

The two rivals shall be united together
when most of them [the planets] shall be in conjunction with Mars:
the lord from Africa quakes in terror.
The duumvirate [shall be] separated by the fleet [by a naval attack].


[source unidentified]

Under the power and dispensation raised under Venus [Friday, and thus Islam],
Saturn [Saturday, and thus Judaism] shall have dominion over Jupiter [Christianity]:
[under] the dispensation and power raised by the Sun [Sunday, and thus Christianity],
for those of Saturn [Saturday, and thus the Jews] it shall [they shall] suffer the worst.


[after the defeat by the Ottoman Selim I of the Persian Safavid Shah Ismael at Çaldiran in 1514 and his subsequent attacks on Christian Rhodes, Crete and Cyprus, as well as Mameluke Egypt, using the astrology for 1513 as an omen]

To the Arab Prince (Mars, Sun, Venus in Leo)
the power of the Church shall succumb by sea:
towards Persia almost a million men.
The coiled serpent shall invade Byzantium and Egypt.


[after Marinus Barletius’s Historia de vita et gestis Scanderbegi Epirotarum Principis (1508-1510), describing the military successes of the Albanians led by the former slave George Castriot Swinamed against the invading Ottomans in 1443, as well as their subsequent interventions in Italy]

The slavish people through the fortunes of war
shall become raised up to such a high degree.
They shall change their prince: one born a provincial
shall cross the sea with an army raised in the mountains.


[after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

Through fire and arms not far from the Black Sea,
he shall occupy Trebizond in Persia:
Pharos, Mytilene shall tremble, the Sun [Christians] joyful,
the Adriatic sea covered with Arab blood.


[source unidentified]

Hanged by the arms, and their legs bound,
faces pale, in their bosoms daggers hidden,
[by] three who shall be sworn [to act] by the throng
against the lord of Genoa shall the sword be unleashed.


[after the contemporary advance of the Ottomans into Balkans and Hungary, with a possible reference to the Emperor Trajan’s incursion into Dacia of AD 101]

Freedom shall not be recovered,
[all the while] the proud, black, villainous, wicked one is in possession.
When the question is opened of the bridge
over the Danube, the republic of Venice shall be angry.


[after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

All around the great city
troops shall be billeted in fields and towns:
to make an assault on Paris, Rome [shall be] incited.
Then upon the bridge [the sea] great pillage shall be perpetrated.


[after the medieval poem Archit(h)renius, as quoted in 1517 by Geoffroy Tory (1480-1533), assimilated to Plato's citing of the Egyptian priest Solon in his Timaeus (22, 23)]

All through that Attic land, the chief [fountain] of wisdom,
which is to this day the world’s compass-rose,
[shall be] ruined by the sea, and its great pre-eminence
[shall be] submerged and shipwrecked by the waves.


[a warning of economic disaster in the run-up to the expected End of the World]

Where all credit [is] [and] all wealth in Sun [gold] and Moon [silver]
is abundant, its ruin approaches:
from the sky it [the planet Saturn] approaches that shall change [exhaust] your fortune
to the same nature as the seventh [alchemical] stone [lead].


[source unidentified]

Of the principal ones of the rebellious city
who shall strive hard to recover their freedom
the males cut up [by the] wretched mob.
[The] screams [and] yells at Nantes [shall be] pitiful to see.


[possibly after an unidentified incident from the Hundred Years’ War]

From the very depths of the English West,
where the leader of the British isle is,
a fleet shall enter the Gironde on behalf of Blois.
Instead of wine and salt, explosives hidden in the casks.


[after an incident from Froissart’s Chroniques, in which the Earl of Pembroke’s returning fleet was defeated on 23 June 1372 by a Spanish fleet summoned by the King of France as it approached the ‘free city’ of La Rochelle]

For the Free City of the great salty sea
that still bears the [word] ‘rock’ [roche] at its heart
the English fleet shall come in under [the cover of] drizzle
to seize the palm. War launched by the lord.


[source unidentified]

The sister’s brother through hatred and deception
shall mix laurel rose in mineral:
when given on a cake to a lingering old crone,
she dies. The [official] taster shall be a simple yokel.


[source unidentified]

Three hundred shall with one will and accord
bring to a head their rising.
Twenty months later, as all [shall] recall,
their king betrayed, simulating feigned hatred.


[after an unidentified historical application of France’s Salic law]

He who shall succeed that great monarch at death
shall lead a lawless and impure life:
through nonchalance he shall concede to all [around him]
that in the end the Salic law is necessary.


[after King Henri II and his marriage to Catherine de Médicis of Florence]

The issue of the true branch of the fleur-de-lys
set in place as heir of Tuscany,
his ancient blood woven on an age-long loom,
shall cause Florence to flourish in his coat of arms.


[after the huge French defeat at Pavia in 1525, the capture of King François I and his imprisonment in Madrid until March 1526]

The blood royal shall be so involved in the mêlée,
[that] the Gauls [French] shall be forced out of Italy:
people shall wait until his term has expired,
and until the memory of his voice has perished.


[after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

Born in the shadows and nocturnal day,
he shall be sovereign in power and goodness:
he shall cause his bloodline to be reborn from the ancient urn [source],
renewing the age of gold for that of bronze.


[after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

Mars raised to its highest apogee
shall make the Savoyards retreat from France:
the Lombard people shall cause such great terror
to those of the Eagle [the Empire] included under Libra.


[after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

The great ruin of the priesthood is not far off
[in] Provence, Naples, Sicily, Sées and Pons:
in Germany, on the Rhine and at Cologne,
[they shall be] harried to death by all those from Mainz.


[source unidentified]

By sea the red one [the Cardinal] shall be captured by pirates:
the truce because of him shall be disturbed.
Anger and greed he shall commit through a pretended act:
the army doubled for the great Pontiff.


[an apparent prediction for the contemporary Holy Roman Empire]

The great Empire shall soon be desolated
and transferred to near the forest of the Ardennes,
the two bastards beheaded by the elder one,
and hawk-nosed Ahenobarbus [Henri II?] shall reign.


[after the Great Western Church Schism of 1378]

By the red hats [cardinals] disputes and new schisms [shall be raised]
when they shall have elected the Sabine one:
they shall direct great theses against him,
and Rome shall be harmed by those from Alba.


[after the predictions by the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3 of a great Arab invasion of Europe, assimilated to the contemporary invasions by the Ottomans]

The Arab lord shall march well forward,
[but] he shall be betrayed by the Byzantines:
ancient Rhodes shall stand in his way,
and greater harm through the stern Hungarians.


[after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

After the great affliction of the sceptre,
two enemies by them shall be defeated:
a fleet [an army] from North Africa shall materialise before the Hungarians.
By land and sea there shall be horrible deeds.


[after the Avignon papacy during the Great Western Church Schism of 1378-1417]

Not from Spain but from ancient France
he shall be elected by the trembling bark [the troubled Church]:
in the enemy shall trust be placed
who shall prove such a pest during his reign.


[after the Imperial sack of Rome in 1527]

In the year when the brothers of the lily [France] shall come of age,
one of them shall hold the [Holy] Roman Empire:
the mountains shall quake, the way to Rome opened,
[having drawn up a] pact to march against the strong one of Armenia.


[source unidentified]

The people of Dacia, England and Poland
and of Bohemia shall form a new league
to pass beyond the pillars of Hercules.
The Barcelonans and Tuscans shall prepare a cruel plot.


[after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3 and its predictions of a future Grand Monarque]

A King there shall be who shall turn everything upside down,
the exiles raised to power in the kingdom:
the priestly caste shall swim in blood,
and [but] they shall long flourish under such a device [regime] .


[Nostradamus’s view of likely religious developments in the future]

The dispensation of the Sun [Sunday, and thus Christianity] and of Venus [Friday, and thus Islam] shall be in dispute
concerning the spirit of prophecy:
neither the one nor the other shall agree.
To the Sun [Christianity] the dispensation of the great Messiah shall adhere.


[after the invasion of Gaul by Attila the Hun in AD 451, probably as reported by Jornandes’ (or Jordanis’) in his De Reb. Geticis (or De Origine Actibusque Getarum)]

From the Black Sea and great[er] Tartary
there shall be a king who shall come to see Gaul:
he shall run Alania and Armenia through
and [move] into Byzantium [the Eastern Roman Empire]. He shall leave Gaul bloody.


[after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

In the country of Araby the Blest
there shall be born a powerful one of the Muhammadan religion:
he shall harry Spain, conquer Grenada,
and more so [wage even more war] by sea against the Ligurian people.


[after the death of Pope Paul III in 1549 at the age of 81, to be succeeded by Julius III, then aged 63]

On the death of the very old Pontiff
a Roman of a good age shall be elected
of whom it shall be said that he weakens the [Holy] See,
so long shall he hold it and to such fierce effect.


[after the waylaying, during the Imperial invasion of Provence of in 1536, of Charles V’s scouts just south of St-Rémy (Nostradamus’s birthplace), thanks to a lookout posted high on the Mont Gaussier, where two natural holes through the rock-crest afford the unseen observer magnificent views over the ancient city of Glanum and the country to the north]

There shall go forth one who, from the Mont Gaussier (and Aventin!),
shall through the hole warn the army:
between two rocks shall the prey be captured.
From Sextus’s mausoleum [at St-Paul-de-Mausole] the [his] fame shall fade.


[after a known historical clash between rival gangs-leaders on the huge Roman Pont du Gard aqueduct near Nîmes]

On the aqueduct from Uzès over the [river] Gard,
through forest and mountain inaccessible,
in the middle of the bridge he shall be marked with a fist,
that chief of Nîmes who shall be so terrible.


[source unidentified]

Too long a stay for the English leader at Nîmes,
on his way to Spain to aid Ahenobarbus [Redbeard]:
many shall die through war opened that day,
when in Artois a bearded star [comet] shall fall.


[probably after the contemporary Pope Paul IV (1476-1559), a former monk who, on becoming Pope in 1555 at the age of 79, enriched his nephews and strengthened the Inquisition]

For a shaven head [priest] it [the conclave] shall choose very badly:
no greater burden than he shall [ever] pass the door.
He shall have statements issued of such great fury and rage
that by fire and blood he shall cut down the entire sex [all the sects].


[source unidentified]

The child of the lord who is not present at his birth
shall subjugate the high Apennine mountains:
he shall cause all those [the countries] of Libra to tremble,
all the way from the Pyrenees to Mont Cenis.


[source unidentified]

On the rocks blood shall be seen to rain,
Sun in the east, Saturn in the west:
near Orgon war, at Rome great evil to be seen,
ships sunk to the bottom, and the Tridental captured.


[source unidentified]

Undue complaints about the honour of the vain enterprise;
the French astray; among the Latins cold, hunger, waves;
not far from the Tiber the land stained with blood;
and various plagues shall be upon mankind.


[source unidentified]

Those assembled for a rest [shall see] the majority
by land and sea [having their] advice countermanded:
near Italy, Genoa, Nice [shall act] secretly:
throughout fields and towns the leader conspired against.


[source unidentified]

On his sudden arrival the terror shall be great,
some of the leaders of the affair [being] hidden:
the more the flaming lady [Venus?] shall no longer be in sight,
the more, little by little, the Lords shall be[come] angry.


[after the severe floods of 1403, in whose wake various ritual objects of gold and silver were discovered in and around the Sacred Lake at Nîmes, having been dumped there during the earlier desecration of the temple of Diana (originally of Vesta)]

Under the ancient vestal buildings,
not far from the ruined aqueduct,
the gleaming metals are of Sun [gold] and Moon [silver],
the burning lamp of Trajan engraved in gold.


[source unidentified]

When the chief of Perugia shall not dare of his tunic
unless covertly to strip himself quite naked,
seven shall be captured by lordly act,
father and son killed by spiked collar.


[after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

From the Danube and the Rhine [i.e. the far borders of Europe] shall come to drink
the great Camel [the Arab invader], nor shall he show remorse for it:
those of the Rhône shall quake, and yet more so of the Loire,
and [but] near the Alps the Cock [France] shall ruin him.


[after the Emperor Charles V’s triumphant naval raid of 1535 on the forces of Barbarossa at Tunis, assimilated to the predictions of the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

No longer shall the lord be half asleep:
worried thoughts shall be calmed.
He shall raise a phalanx of gold, azure and vermilion
to subjugate North Africa and gnaw it to the bone,


[after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

Of the regions subject to Libra
they shall cause the mountains to be disturbed by great war:
captive shall be every godly sex [sect] and all Byzantium,
such that at dawn they shall wail from land to land.


[source unidentified]

With the rage of one who is in need of water,
with such great rage the whole army [shall be] stirred:
seventeen boats loaded with nobles [coins],
the messenger come tardily along the Rhône.


[after the Edict of Coucy of 1535, which (much to Nostradamus’s disgust) granted an amnesty to Protestants and pardoned returning religious exiles who recanted]

For the pleasure of an indulgent edict
poison shall be mixed into the faith:
Venus [Friday, and thus Islam] shall be on a course so powerful
that it shall obfuscate all varieties of the Sun [Sunday, and thus Christianity].


[after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

Persecuted shall be the Church of God
and the holy churches shall be plundered:
the mother shall strip the child to its shirt.
The Arabs shall be united against the Poles [Eastern Europe].


[after the predictions of the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3 concerning a future Grand Monarque]

Of the Trojan [royal French] bloodline shall be born a Germanic heart
that shall come to such mighty power:
he shall drive out the foreign Arab race,
returning the Church to its original pre-eminence.


[after Livy’s History of Rome, describing the coronation of the semi-legendary King Numa of Rome in around 710 BC, assimilated to the ceremonial re-coronation of the somewhat taciturn Emperor Charles V in Rome in 1536]

He shall mount high over his possessions more to [gazing towards] the right.
He shall remain seated on the square stone,
[now] facing southward to his left,
the crooked staff in his hand, his mouth clamped shut.


[after the marauding expedition of the Emperor Charles V and his forces into Provence during 1536]

In open country he shall pitch his tent,
and shall not wish to settle in any city:
Aix, Carpentras, Vaucluse, the hill of [St-Jacques at] Cavaillon,
throughout all these places he shall wipe out all trace [of his passing].


[after the contemporary tendency towards religious militancy]

All degrees of honour [higher ranks] within the Church
shall be changed to those of Jupiter Quirinal,
the [simple] priests to Mars Quirinal.
Then a King of France shall make it Vulcanal [i.e. shall burn them to a cinder].


[after the thirteen-year alliance (1534-47) between the Emperor Charles V and Pope Paul III against the Ottomans’ client pirate-admiral Barbarossa]

The two shall not remain united for very long,
and in thirteen years on the Barbarian Satrap
on both sides [of the Mediterranean?] they shall inflict such loss
that the Bark and its cope [the church and Pope] shall be blessed.


[after the predictions of the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3 concerning a future Grand Monarque]

[All] sacred pomp shall lower its wings
at the advent of the Great Legislator.
He shall raise the humble, harass the rebels:
earth shall not see his like [again].


[after the predictions of the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3 concerning a future Grand Monarque]

Ogmios shall approach great Byzantium:
The Barbaric [Arab] League shall be driven out:
of the two dispensations, the heathen one shall cede,
the Barbarian and Frankish [being] in perpetual strife.


[after the sack of Rome by Imperial forces after seven days of siege on 6 May 1527, linked to the omens surrounding the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC as reported by Suetonius]

The royal bird over the city of the Sun [i.e. Sunday, and thus Christianity (Rome)]
seven months beforehand shall deliver a nocturnal omen:
the Eastern wall shall fall [amid] thunder, lightning.
[In] seven days to the hour, the enemies [shall be] at the gates.


[source unidentified]

A truce having been concluded outside the fortress,
he who is cast into despair shall not leave
when those of Arbois [and] of Langres shall against Bresse
have ambushed the enemies in the hills near Dôle.


[presumably after an unidentified incident during the French Wars of Religion]

Those who shall have undertaken to subvert
an incomparable kingdom, powerful and invincible
shall take steps through deceit to alert three villains
while the greatest one [of them?] is reading the Bible [thus, a Protestant] at table.


[after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

He shall be born of the gulf and measureless city,
born of obscure and shady parents,
who the revered power of the great King
shall wish to destroy through Rouen and Evreux.


[after the contemporary conflict between Catholicism and Calvin’s Protestants in Geneva]

Among the Swabians and in nearby places,
they shall be at war over [religious] novelties:
by a swarm of marine locusts and mosquitoes
the errors of Geneva shall be laid quite bare.


[after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

Divided by two capes and three arms [of the sea],
the great city shall be harassed by water [by sea],
some lords among them wandering in exile.
Byzantium [shall be] hard-pressed by the Persian head [the blue turban].


[after the Mirabilis Liber’s predictions of major floods and a future Grand Monarque]

[In] The year that Saturn is out of servitude,
in the Frankish territory [everywhere] shall be flooded with water:
of Trojan [French royal] blood shall his marriage be,
and he shall be securely surrounded by Spaniards.


[after an unidentified contemporary omen]

Upon the sand after a hideous flood
a sea-monster from other seas [shall be] found:
near that place shall be made a refuge
that shall hold Savona in slavery to Turin.


[after unidentified political schemings apparently involving the Bourbons]

Within Hungary through Bohemia, Navarre,
and under that banner [there shall be] fake seditions
by the land that bears the fleur-de-lys crossed by a bar.
Against Orléans it shall create upheavals.


[source unidentified]

In the Cyclades, in Corinth and Larissa,
in Sparta and the whole Peloponnese,
such great famine, plague, inflicted by betrayers.
Nine months it shall last throughout the entire peninsula.


[source unidentified, despite a clear reference to Hippocrates and Galen]

At the market that they call that of the liars [the ‘swindlers’ market’],
at the end of the Torrent and field of Athens
they shall be surprised by the light horse
[and] by those of Alba. Mars in Leo, Saturn in Aquarius.


[after the Avignon papacy of the late 14th century]

After he has held the see for seventeen years,
five shall change within such a period of time:
then one shall be elected at the same time
who shall not be too conformable to the Romans [the Roman papacy].


[possibly after William the Lion of Scotland, who raided England in the 1170s, only to be taken prisoner and forced to do homage to England’s King Henry II in 1174]

Beneath the realm of the round lunar globe,
when Mercury shall be ruling,
the isle of Scotland shall produce a luminary
who shall place the English in discomfiture.


[after the imperial activities of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, as also of the Turkish Suleiman the Magnificent, who besieged Vienna in 1529]

He shall transfer into great[er] Germany
Brabant and Flanders, Ghent, Bruges and Boulogne:
feigning a truce, the great duke [lord?] of Armenia
shall assail Vienna and Cologne.


[after the sea-battle between Octavian and Mark Antony at Actium in 31 BC (reported by Suetonius at Augustus, 17), or the much more recent battle of Preveza of 1538 in the same area]

The ocean fish [Admiral] shall summon up the shade
of the great Empire. Then he shall stir up
the Aegean Sea with pieces of driftwood
impeding passage of the Tyrrhenian Sea.


[after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

The rose [shall reign] at the centre of the great world,
for new projects public blood shed:
to speak the truth, people shall keep their mouths shut.
Then at a time when he is most needed the awaited one shall at last come.


[source unidentified]

The one born deformed [shall be] smothered out of horror,
in the city inhabited by the great King:
the harsh edict on captives [shall be] revoked.
Hail and prodigious thunder at Condom.


[after the Mirabilis Liber of 1522/3]

On the forty-eighth degree of latitude,
at the end of Cancer [there shall be] such a great drought:
fish in seas, rivers, lakes vigorously boiled,
Béarn, Bigorre in distress through fire from the sky [lightning].


[after the events of the pontificate of the English Pope Adrian IV between 1154 and 1159, with the imagery presumably based on the Latin Epigrams of Ulrich von Hutten (1488-1523)]

Milan, Ferrara, Turin and Aquileia,
Capua, Brindisi [shall be] harassed by the Celtic nation [France],
by the Lion and by the [Imperial] Eagle’s forces,
when the old British head shall have [rule in] Rome.


[source unidentified]

The firebrand [shall be] caught by his own fire:
fire from the sky [lightning] at Carcassonne and Comminges.
[Via] Foix, Auch, Mazères, the haughty old man escaped [shall escape]
through those of Hesse and some Saxons from Thuringia.


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Introduction of Nostradamus
Nostradamus Famous Prophecies
'Nostradamus, Bibliomancer' by Peter Lemesurier
Translations and notes Copyright © Peter Lemesurier 2009
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