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Priyanka Chopra Interview 
September - 13 - 2008
A so-so 2007 and 2008 having just one film Love Story 2050 which was deemed as a flop. Is this the real picture of Priyanka Chopra’s career? Absolutely, believe it or not this is the same Priyanka Chopra who got so close to the #1 heroine spot a few years ago that everyone was amazed. But then we shouldn’t disregard her altogether either. She is going to appear with Abhishek Bachchan in Drona and then her film Fashion with Madhur Bhandarkar as its director is being released in November. And everyone knows how much are Madhur Bhandarkar’s heroines praised for their performances. But for now, here are some questions with Priyanka Chopra on her career:

- Your only film this year, Love Story 2050 was released six months into the year and was declared a flop upon release. How disappointed are you with the film’s performance?
- As an actor, I don’t think its viable to be disappointed. We are concerned with work, do the work and get over it, Period. But as a human, I must say that yes I am not happy with the response the film has got. However it has had some good collections in many areas but I’d have been happier if it was praised more.

- This film was made by Harman Baweja’s parents to launch him into the limelight. And as expected, Harman bagged the spotlight be it the film or its promos, don’t you think you made a mistake acting in such a film?
- Not at all, and its not true that Harman was given any undue spotlight anywhere. Everyone’s role was based on the script’s demand. As far as publicity is concerned, its true that Harman appeared more before the media but that was necessary since it was his first film and he needed more publicity than I did. There is no “mistake” here. Everyone works for themselves here

- But you got into this film when other actresses had refused for the role. In this sense, you have been harmed with the film’s bombing as well?
- I don’t think so, if it was my first film then maybe this would have been the case, but I have reached a point in my career where I am established enough so that a couple of flops won’t affect me. But of course, I am sad for Harman, one of the reasons the film was made for was to establish Harman as a credible actor in the film industry and audiences. The film hasn’t quite fulfilled this motive. Harman has received praises for his performance, but having a blockbuster with your first film is a different story altogether.

- Harman’s similarity with Hritik Roshan has been much talked about, what would you like to say?
- I don’t think Harman and Hritik look the same. The only similarities they have are that they are both tall and handsome. Both are good dancers as well, and because Hritik’s dance is liked a lot by people, anyone that dances that way is compared to him.

- Harman had said, before the release of the film that people will compare Hritik to Harman and Kareena Kapoor would regret leaving the film. If a newcomer says things such as this, then what would you like to advise him as a close friend?
- I don’t think that whatever Harman said had anything negative to it. The thing with Hritik was that Harman was told that he resembled Hritik, so Harman wanted to say that the resemblance is from both ways. One could see resemblances of Harman in Hritik as well and vice versa. As far as Kareena and Harman are concerned they are very good friends, and a little tiff between friends is possible. If someone shoots for your film and leaves it in between, would you like it?

- You’re siding with Harman but there have been reports that you and Harman have distanced from each other after Love Story 2050?
- There is no substance to this. People want a rumor to spread around, and they’re doing it. Me and Harman are still close friends.

- There was a time in between when you were being touted as the leading actress of Bollywood, but now Kareena Kapoor appears to be ahead of you. What do you want to say?
- Kareena should be ahead, her first film Refugee was released eight years ago whereas I have been in the industry for only four and a half years. I have received the attention she has been getting for Jab We Met a long time ago, even then I’d like to say that let me stay for eight years as well and then compare.
- Salman Khan used to be a good friend of yours but when you refused to do a film with him he became angry with you, are you looking forward to mending your relations with him?
- First I need to know why is he angry with me? I disagree with the me not doing a film with him part, because the offers for films come from Producers and directors and it is decided according to the script whether the film should be done or not. I have refused to do so many films but nobody has been angry with me. Whatever people say, I’m still getting offers from Big banners and I believe I should spend my energy on those films and not these good for nothing talks.

- Why haven’t you worked with Yash Raj Films yet?
- Oh, I’d be very happy to to work with Yash Raj. Me and Adi (Aditya Chopra) have talked many times about something along those lines but no result has come as of yet. But we’d definitely like to work together in the future.

- Reportedly you’ve done your stunts yourself in Drona?
- Yes, and this is not the first time I am doing this. I did stunts on my own in Don as well. I believe that if a duplicate can do the stunts for me then why can’t I? Drona’s director Goldie Behl got me special training for this film. My co-star Abhishek Bachchan also motivated me and I did the scenes without any fear.

- You have worn a swimsuit for your under production film Dostana. What would you like to say?
- That scene was very important keeping the story and location in mind. I won’t do such scenes for no reason, because this film was filmed in Miami, it was necessary. Women there casually wear swimsuits even when shopping… my shot was on the beach.

- Many girls of the film industry are going to get married soon. Ayesha Takia, Bipasha Basu etc. are in this list. What about you?
- I haven’t thought about Marriage yet, I think I need to give some more time to my career then I’ll think about it



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