26/11 Mumbai Terrorists Attacks Live
Rajesh Chopra
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Shame on Home Minister
28. Nov.2008. Bombay Terror Attack
Rajesh Chopra.  LiveIndia.Com
In every place of India terrorist’s attacks are taking place. Every time the same story is repeated, every time rubbing his hands and taking care of his suit from dust our Home minister comes in front of us and expresses grief. After just a plane crash Madhav Rao Scindia resigned from his office, but even after so many terrors attacks this home minister has no shame at all and doesn’t feel the need to resign. Why Manmohan Singh is still tolerating him is just not understandable. What can be the reason?

Six months back home minister had himself said that our Indian coastal Territories is not secure, couldn’t it have been secured in six months? Even If it was not possible, he could have issued a statement in public. Why didn’t he issue a statement publicly, and why wasn’t this information passed on to PM house? Does Home Minister have anything to say on this now?

What is our intelligence? Is this the kind of intelligence agency that a nation like ours should have? After every terrorist attack they start investigating. Are they just to investigate these attacks, or to stop them?

It is said our country has one of the world’s finest forces. We all are appreciating the role of force in this operation, is this the way to carry out an operation of this order? 200 people died, hotels were ruined and we are referring to it as successful operation?

We should understand that behind all these terror attack global depression is also a reason. Today whatever financial crisis the world is going through, India is still a little better than the rest, because of its tourism industry. These fanatic activities are to disrupt our tourism income.

The fact that only and only Pakistan is behind these terror attacks is not a secret anymore. Even after knowing all this will our government sit idle and do nothing about Pakistan. After 9/11 America kept all the hue and cry aside and first taught a lesson to Afghanistan. Even we should do the same we should forget everything and first teach Pakistan a lesson. Teaching Pakistan a lesson is just a matter of day for us, only if our ministers had willpower. For the sake of our country Politics just for Votes should stop.

Whenever Terrorists strike they are all mentally prepared to die. They don’t carry any fear of death with them, and for that reasons we'll have to slot in even a bigger fear in their minds and heart. We all know a Terrorist works only and only for money, and this money their family gets after they are dead. For this reason after identifying terrorists even their families should be subjected to interrogation.

Even the laws for human rights needs to be revised just for the use on these fanatics, because terrorists are not human. In 2000 when Indian Airlines plane IC814 was hijacked and taken to khandhar, terrorists were released for the hostages. Why weren’t the released terrorists poisoned? If they were given the type of poison, which kills after 10 to 15 days, those terrorists would have died then only.

We Hindu's should also change our thinking about Momdans, Indian Muslim is different from rest of the Muslim in whole world. It is very essential for us to understand and accept them and take them in our confidence. Riots like Gujrat's should stop, all religious leaders should be banned. It’s only these leaders who divide the nation into religions and thus instigating a common man to become a terrorist on name of religion. 
Our leaders should give up politics for votes and the leader who would still do politics for votes shouldn’t be allowed to contest election and even if he does contest elections no one should vote him. Public should have the right to negative voting. A leader with most negative votes should be forced to leave politics.

Today terrorist’s attacks are taking place here and there; TV channels shouldn’t glamorize it much because that also is an aim of these terrorists.

Providing security to every citizen of nation is responsibility of the Government and there is no way they can shun it. If they cant provide us protection then they'll have to leave for good.

Few Questions
--Where is Raj Thackeray – the self proclaimed “Marathi Maanus” thekedaar– when so many of innocent Mumbaikars have been shot at?

--Where is Shivraj Patil, our honorable home minister? Has been quarantined because every time he blabs his mouth off to the media, it becomes extremely embarrassing for party high command to face the aftermath? Why has his deputy Prakash Jaiswal been deputed to face the cameras?

--Why did National Security Guard (NSG) commandos reach the terror sites in the morning when the first strikes were reported a little after 10:00 pm the previous night? Why is our reaction time slow always?

Rajesh Chopra.  LiveIndia.Com

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26/11 Mumbai Terrorists Attacks Live from Rajesh Chopra

An Open Letter To The President Of  Pakistan. Indian Muslim

I would like to know what you think about this article
my e-mail ID is --- rajeshchopra@aol.in
(Subject:- Shame on Home Minister)

Mumbai terror attack is master plan of ISI, Pakistan should be attacked and government should answer as to why Intelligence is failing again and again? Why weren't Indian coastal Territories secured?

Its Intelligence's failure, now atleast politicians should stop playing politics for votes and join hands in fight against terrorism. Religious leaders should be banned and all the country should be under one law.

This a Problem of government's vote bank. Its just a illusion that these terrorists are more advance then us. Main aim of today's leader is to get Vote and Money. If only 10 people did this kind of damage, then what could they have done if they were 100 cannot be even imagined. Our Home minister is just Incompetent.

4. SACHIN CHOPRA Advocate Delhi High Court
Its pure failure of intelligence. Now every citizen should involve themselves in fight against terrorism, And we should give more attention towards security. Every citizen should fully cooperate with security checks everywhere.

5. JASWIN JASSI Media Person
Intelligence failure, why weren't the Indian coastal Territories secured? Few terrorists have let us down in front of whole world.

6. Maj. N.R. MISHRA
Obama's statement  'US will improve relations with india' is the reason for these attacks, This statement didnt go well down Pakistan. Now all citizens should fight these terrorists on its own.

7. Mohita Khemka
with repeated wanings from the intelligence last just bein 24 hrs before;our politicians who we give the reigns of our nation were just sleeping over it ,the half hearted resignation of the Home minister ,CM and Deputy CM is nothin just a face saving for them,with the govt still contemplatin wether they should be playin cricket with pak in march it shows how serious they actually are about the attack,,r we all just left as mute spectators to this mayhem,,,silently thanking every night for our family being safe....n hoping that the next attack doesnt swallows someone we know.

8. Jignesh Desai <jigs_desai@yahoo.com>
After watching 60hrs of Terroist drama and how it was handled by our NSG and anti-terroist force, there are several question in public mind, which needs answers.
1. Can this be called as a successfull mission? How ?
2. Why did we not used TeerGas or some kind of Gas to disable terroist for sometime and that would give us enough time for us to bring them down sooner then 60hrs. I am sure that would have also saved some life. Other countries have done that and we could also have done it using central A/C system or some other way.  3. Could we have captured last terroist who jumped out of window, since he did not had any weapons, when he jumped out.

9. Anis Mirza Kanpur
Dear My Fellow Indians,
I would like to comment on the recent attacks on the very heart of India. We feel the bullets have hit each one of us and NOT the concrete immortal stones of which the buildings are built. The emotions of every Indian common man is in grief and sorrow for what ever happened on 26th November 2008 in Mumbai.
This shows clear negligence on the part of our Ministers and politicians who are elected to run the country with honestly and dignity and we feel that we are NOT at all safe in the hands of such corrupted political system of India. No party is worth, whether it's Congress or BJP. The sacking of the Home Minister of India is NOT enough and infact the Prime Minister along with his entire government should have submitted the resignation saying that they have failed to uphold the faith and security of the people of India. President rule could have been imposed till the time the sense of security is restored into the hearts of all the Indians that they are safe in this country from terrorism inside and outside the country.
We need someone new, young, energetic and enterprising from various parts of India to take over the rottened political system which is ruining our culture and heritage and who are not concerned about our progress but busy in collecting votes by dividing the common man on the face of religion, caste and colour.  My condolences for each and every man, women and every one who lost their lives in the act of terrorism.
 Some of my feelings what I would like to bring to your notice and to the public and I shall kindly request you to read out my email on the television for everyone to know and wake up now.
I suggest that the coming elections are NOT so important at this stage and can be postponed till we have gained the confidence of the people of India that some actions are being taken and all our Homeland boundaries are fully secured so that such a terrible act of barbarric carnage does not happen every again.
Also another advice which you should come up with in your television that the government should solve the matter of Kashmir on priority basis so that our neighbors the government of Pakistan does not have any excuse of meddling into our internal affairs of our country again and again and they keep on harping on the same issue always.
Lastly would like to thank each and every NSG, Marines, police and to the firefighters for risking their lives and going on to the front and saving our people who are atleast not like our politicians who can just sit in a closed room and move on bulletproof cars and by the way who is paying for their security and luxuries anways? Tell them not to forget it's us "We the people of India" are paying for everything in form of taxes. Are we paying taxes to secure our ministers? where is the money we are paying for our security, the security of every India? Why the money plunges in every minister's pocket and who so every comes in power wants to rip us off Asap? They should feel the threat like very India and their security should be taken off so they can feel how unsafe Indians are today. I want to tell the politicians that don't forget "Hum se wo hain, unse hum nahi" " Hum se ye India hai, unse nahi" "Aur ye Humara India hai aur isey barbaad nahi hone denge"

Vilas Kulkarni · Gss college
after long time visiting this blog, some has written Home minister Shivaraj Patil with Rahul Gandhi were witnessing Navatanki when terrorist attacked bombay because him every thing delayed and many people died, and CM of bombay was oout of station

Dsp Shailesh Patil · Works at Aitrc (Adarsh Institute of Technology & Research Center) Vita
this is agreat work.

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26/11 Mumbai Terrorists Attacks Live

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