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Commonwealth Games 2010
Latest News - Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi and New Delhi.
Ayurvedic Spa for Delhi Games
Ayurvedic Spa for Delhi Games

Most spas in the capital are preparing irresistible ayurvedic massage packages for Commonwealth Games (CWG) players and tourists, knowing well the lure of Indian culture and tradition among foreigners. 

"We are geared up for the CWG and are looking forward to it. We are expecting Oct 3-14 days to be boom time for our business. Spas are a favourite and foreigners are big fans of Indian ayurvedic treatments; so it is going to be an add on," said Rakesh Sethi, general manager of Ramada Plaza. 

The spa industry in India has seen phenomenal growth in recent years. With over 2,300 spas, the industry generates around $400 million annually. Kerala, for instance, has emerged as a hot destination for spa tourism. "People across the world are big fans of ayurveda. It is an ancient Indian system of preventive healthcare. It is a medical science which teaches us how to be healthy and lead a long and fruitful life," Megha Dinesh, brand manager of Aura at The Park, told reporters. 

The relaxation treatments will cost between Rs. 2,000 (about $43) and Rs. 5,000 ($107) per hour. The Commonwealth Games are starting Oct 3 in the capital and will see 7,000 athletes and delegates arrive from 53 countries. 

Ginni Batra, business development manager of Radisson, said: "Ayurvedic treatments are the USP of Indian tourism and it will serve as one of the main attractions during the Commonwealth Games. 

"Foreign tourists love spas and massages and are exposed to different treatments available in their countries. But the ayurvedic massage is an Indian treatment which they may not be getting there. 

"The specialised oils can only be found in India and the professionals giving the treatment are knowledgeable and skilled. So the whole experience - the ambience, the skilled labour and the specialised products - is unique and makes it the USP of India." 

Apart from relaxing your body, ayurvedic massage helps in treating ailments like sinusitis, migraine, arthritis, skin diseases, infertility, slip disc and spondylitis. It also has wellness packages for obesity, de-stressing and rejuvenation. 

Explaining how ayurveda stimulates and helps the body, Dinesh said: "According to ayurveda, health is determined by three biological principles, called doshas: Vata, which regulates movement; Pitta, which regulates metabolism; and Kapha, which regulates structure. 

"Oils like olive and sesame are used to soften the skin. The therapist uses the entire palm in vigorous strokes to release toxins in the body," she said. 

To woo sportsmen to use the spa facility, Ramada Plaza will have a special massage offer just for players. 

"We have added a new therapy which will be available during the Games and not before that. We have introduced the use of sea shells in our therapy instead of hands. The oil will be applied on the body and massage will be given with shells. It will help in removing dead skin and opening pores," explained Sethi. 

"For sportsmen, a quick massage has been introduced, which will be done from the feet to the knee to stimulate the cells," he added. 

Spa operators see the Games period as boom time. 

"At present we have four rooms where we proceed with our treatments but now we have added a fifth room specially for Games tourists. It's an ayurvedic therapy room, with a soothing ambience," said Sethi. 

Hotels are also renovating their spas to meet the needs of international tourists. These include vichy showers, lockers, hydrotherapy tubs and steam, sauna and multipurpose rooms for massage and facials. 

An official at Le Meridien said they are prepared round the year to serve international guests. 

"We are always prepared for new things but don't have any specific plan for the CWG. Our offerings are high on relaxation and luxury; however the menu remains the same all through the year. But some packages might be visible," Jatin Grover, guest relations officer (GRO), Le Méridien, told reporters. 

Commonwealth Games 2010
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