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Commonwealth Games 2010
Latest News - Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi and New Delhi.

Delhi police Games security

New Delhi: Bracing to ensure trouble-free Commonwealth Games amid fears of terror attacks, Delhi police will procure armoured cars, becoming the first force in the country to use such vehicles for policing duties.

"We will be getting three armoured cars ahead of the Commonwealth Games. Delhi will be the first city in the country to use such vehicles in policing," Delhi police commissioner YS Dadwal told PTI in an interview.

"These vehicles will be moving around the city and (sometimes) stationed at venues during the Games," he said.

Each carrying 30 commandos, armoured vehicles would be deployed to tackle eventualities like terror strikes. One batch of such commandos is ready while two batches are undergoing training and will be in action ahead of the Games.

No police force in the country is presently using bullet-proof armoured cars for normal policing duties though paramilitary forces like BSF and CRPF have a number of such vehicles.

Ensuring security for the mega sporting event in which prominent sportspersons from 71 countries will be taking part is a major challenge for Dadwal, who is completing three years in office tomorrow.

"There will be elaborate security arrangements for the Games. We have got Quick Reaction Teams, commandos and snippers to secure the event as well as the city," he said adding the city police is also forming a special commando force which will keep a hawk-eye vigil over the city.

When asked about Punjab police alert that Sikh militants may target the Games, the commissioner said he was "not aware"
of any threat to the event. "No. I have no information (about Punjab Police alert)," Dadwal said.

For the Games, Delhi police personnel are also being specially trained in frisking, search operations and screening baggage through X-Ray machines. Special training on enhancing communication skills and behavioural patterns are also being

Apart from around 80,000 Delhi Police personnel, over 17,500 paramilitary personnel, 3,000 specialised commandos and
100 anti-sabotage check teams will be deployed across the

Asked whether he envisages any coordination problems with paramilitary forces which are also being drawn for security measures, he answered in the negative and said all the forces will work under his command and control.

"All the paramilitary forces provided to me will work under my command except the NSG. We will be working in synergy. There is no ambiguity. It is very clear that I am in command and control," Dadwal said.

To a question whether the delay in completion of Games-related projects was compromising security preparedness, he said all venues will be ready on time and that he did not envisage any problem in this regard.

"We know the stadia and surrounding areas. We know the city very well. So securing them or other areas will not be a problem. As a preventive measure we have asked schools and colleges to remain closed during opening and closing ceremonies," Dadwal said.

Assuring an incident-free Games, the commissioner said the rate of crime in the capital was the lowest in the last 40 years.

"We are taking substantive series of step to improve policing for both people and Games. Our aim is not only to secure Games but to ensure safety of people. If we get help from people then we can do wonder," he said.

The city police has also requested business bodies like FICCI, CII, ASSOCHAM and ITPO to defer plans to organise any major conferences, fairs or exhibitions during the Games other than those directly related to the event.

"A fleet of PCR vehicles -- 750 vans and 120 motorcycles will augment security arrangements. More than 600 PCR vans and
115 motorcycles are fitted with Global Positioning System
(GPS)," Dadwal said.

Police is also procuring anti-sabotage check equipment like mine sweeper, fibroscope, busters and explosive detectors specially for the Games, he said.

Taking efficiency to a higher level, Delhi Police officers prompt solution to your problem.

Now, if you face any problem at any police station just fax or e-mail your grievances.
For immediate redressal

S.No. Officer E-mail Tel. Off.  Fax No.
1. Commissioner of Police 23490201 23722052
2. Special CP/Admin 23490202 23490333
3. Special CP/Int. & Ops 23490203 23352239
4. Special CP/Security 23490204 23490489
5. Special CP/Vigilance 23490205 23490268
6. Spl. CP/Anti Riot Cell 23490210 23490418
7. Spl. CP/Armed Police 23490211 23490431
8. Spl. CP/Operation 23490210 23490418
9. Spl. CP/Traffic 23490217 23490403
10. Spl. CP/P&I (DPRU)+MD/DPHC 23490010 (Extn. 4213) 23490213
11. Spl. CP/Spl. Cell   23490227 23358965
12. Spl. CP/P&L   23490213 23490213
13. Spl. CP/RPB.   23015491 23015517
14. Spl. CP/Estt.   23490219 23490219
15. Joint CP/Crime 23490209 23490209
16. Joint CP/New Delhi Range 23490207 23490346
17. Joint CP/Sec. . 23490212, 23490108 23490418
18. Joint CP/Southern Range 23490208 23490400
19. Joint CP/Northern Range 23490206 23490476
20. Joint CP/Ops. 23490212 23490355
21. Joint CP/Traffic 23490221 23490436
22. Joint CP/CWGP . 26519232 26969232
23. Joint CP/A.P. 23490211 23490431
24. Joint CP/Sec.(PM) . 26877806 26887218
25. Joint CP/Training. . 25315010 25315162
26. Addl. CP/Crime 23490223 23490349
27. Addl. CP/PHQ 23490226 23724315 Ext.4226
28. Addl. CP/Traffic 26196102 26171603 Ext.7235
29. Addl. CP/E.O.W. 26851998 26851999
30. Addl. CP/CAW Cell 26882691 26110313
31. Addl. CP/Sec. 24106378 24674947 Ext.3835
32. Addl. CP/Sec. (PM)   24121584  
33. Addl. CP/Sec. (HQ.)   26887218  
34. Addl. CP/Sec. (TPT)   26885001  
35. Addl. CP/Licensing 26262260 26262260
36. Addl. CP/East   22308568 22305577
37. DCP/Crime 23490252 23490340
38. DCP/CAW Cell 26883769 24101643
39. DCP/Vigilance 23210011 Ext.5002,5061 23234121
40. DCP/IGI Airport 25671509, 25675373 25675373
41. DCP/East 22308568 22305577
42. DCP/North-East 22825655 22826937
43. DCP/New Delhi 23747777 23347184
44. DCP/Central 23261377 23261330
45. DCP/North 23817012 23811770
46. DCP/North-West 27229835 27462222
47. DCP/Outer 27034873, 27034874 27034877
48. DCP/South 26512986 26858366
49. DCP/West 25453992 25166508
50. DCP/South-West 26152626 26152782
51. DCP/South-East 26825822 26825544

 Mail your grievances and confidential information to:

Commissioner of Police, Post Box Number : 171 G.P.O., New Delhi
Or Ringup on 1090

For Police related complaints you can also contact to our Flying Squad of Vigilance Branch : 

Commonwealth Games 2010
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