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Have Guts...!! - Jaswin Jassi

Jaswin Jassi
Have Guts...!!
Jaswin Jassi
The Untiring Truth
Let me begin by dedicating this book to my family. My wife Kiran for being my soul
mate. My two kids, who aren't kids anymore, Aditya and Pallavi, for teaching me a few
things about life per se-Child indeed is the parent of man. Thank you all, for the joy and
sorry for the cries.
Nevertheless, most importantly, this book is dedicated to my siblings. Read it, you'll
know why.
An honest thanks to mom and dad, for giving me a life so firm yet adventurous, for your
morals inculcated in me. May your souls rest in peace. My mother-in-law for bringing up
my kids with ethics that made us proud parents. And to all the people who've made special appearances in my life, at some stage or the other.

Being an honest man, I have to admit that I've never read a book my entire life, so writing one was completely out of question. Or so I thought. It so happened that an ordinary lunch meeting with friends turned into an extraordinary affair. To kill time, I decided to let them in on a few incidents that happened in my life. Kind of like a story telling session, just that the stories they were hearing, were all true. I was talking about my life after all.

After some persuasion and a few nudges from friends and a whole lot of liquor, I decided on giving it a shot. On came a man, I have nothing but highest regards and respect for, Mr. S. Balwant. His efforts, Have Guts...!!

The Untiring Truth
enthusiasm and involvement in my book have been remarkable. During the making of this book, the bond we share has only grown stronger.

A special thanks to Mr. Pradyot Lal and Sant Kumar Sharma.

I am grateful to my son Aditya, who polished and edited the book and made it readable.

So here I am with my life, part of it, of course. The joy, the sorrow, the hardship, the hard work, all of it, indeed make for a good read.

I'm not anybody so famous that one would be interested in reading about my life or what I went through, but what I am is an ambitious, self-made, common man. And no one connects better with the common man, than a commoner. And that is the idea. It is simple- never bow down to adversity. Face it head on. Believe me, you will win- the accolades, the fight, but most importantly, the respect. If I manage to connect with even one of my readers, if I manage to guide some to a life
less ordinary or make them realise that all's never lost, all the effort will be worth it. So follow your dreams, irrespective of the frailties, the danger and the likes because, we all die young.
Jaswin Jassi
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This straight from the heart tale captures the essence of a man who confesses that he has made necessary compromises to reach the level that he has attained; it has been a journey with pitfalls, ideals and idols retained; at the same time, the market forces that have governed the system have taken the better of the man who self-confessedly started with pitfalls galore but the manner in which he has carved his niche in a competitive zone makes for a story, to be retold.

Largely anecdotal, the book shows the author's competitive spirit, to succeed, but at the same time, his attempts to protect his progeny from the mistakes, compromises that he may have himself committed.

The story will interest all those who believe in the essential strength of a self- made man, who did everything, from being ambitious but at the same time hampered by social circumstances beyond his control. The story, told largely in first person singular, gives the reader a fair idea of how life has progressed for a man who loves the good things in life and is willing to share the occasional swipe at the establishment, but at the same time, retaining a sense of values that has saved him from becoming a mercenary.

The articulate intricacies that sustain the narrative may interest all those who are interested in knowing the profile of a man who has avoided being an upstart and has had trysts with destiny. There are narratives that may sound self-deprecatory - details of rail, road travel; the agony and ecstasy of all that has accompanied it. They have been sharply etched out in a strutting narrative which may satisfy even a literary purist.

In the story successful attempts have been made to describe the journey of an individual overcoming the odds to emerge from the fledglings Have Guts...! The Untiring Truth into the main arena. This is a story that may drag at times, in the sense that it has an element of self-indulgence. But that is essentially a function of an ethos that has been governed by a world that was already there - you had to accept it, with whatever it brought. A middle class family, thrown into the tumult of the time, produced this particular character willing to share his life, warts and all.
-Anil Maheshwari
Neeraj Bhushan Singh

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Jaswin Jassi says that no one connects better with the common man than a commoner. By writing his life story, he has not only dared to substantiate his interesting claim but has also hoped to inspire narrative of lives less ordinary.   The "ordinary" people of South Asia and especially those with Punjabi backgrounds would find echoes of their lives in this life story. The honesty with which Jassi effortlessly pens down the contradictions of every day life is admirable. How often do we find that some one describes himself as a God fearing person and a devoted husband and simultaneously relishes his numerous extra-marital exploits?

This book also gives a rare peep into the world of audio-visual media controlled by the central government in India before the era of liberalisation.

The social historian would find interesting materials in this self-narrative for mapping a story of upward mobility of Punjabi
middle classes in post-independent India's capital.

---Dr Pritam Singh, Director Postgraduate Programme in International Management and International Relations, 
Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK.

Dear Mr. Jassi,
I have gone through your book 'Have Guts. .!! the untiring truth'.

Your book has all the ingredients of a top entertainer. Biographies are generally not considered readable. Your book is not only readable, it is unputdownable, and that too when I am given to understand that it is your first attempt at writing a book.

The narration of 'Have Guts. .!!' is very readable and occasional Punjabi touch makes it more so as it adds to the authenticity. 
I read first 20 pages and then found it extremely difficult to put it aside.

All along I felt I was not reading a book, I was talking to the author over a drink. It takes an agile brain and devilish wit to pull off
such farcical chronology.

Further, I have a feeling that the sequel of this book is only a matter of time.

Allah kare jore-qalam aur ziyada.
Yours sincerely,
(Surender Mohan Pathak)

Dear Jassi
I don't know if its true or false, but to the extent this book made me cry, it made me laugh also. 
It brings emotion of both anger and love. First of all it was a shock for me that my dear buddy Jassi has written a book, that too in English. First I had a hearty laugh and assumed it to be another of Jassi’s habitual joke. But when Jassi gifted me this book for reviewing purpose, I just couldn't believe my eyes and I kept ogling at the book. 
No doubt this book made me proud of Jassi. 

Jassi’s life story reminded me of hit book Godfather - 2 of 80’s, in which Don Veto Corleone surged ahead in life and prepared a path for himself just the same way Jassi did, by portraying display of his guts. 

It's not a joke to tot up a book about your existence. Jassi has done that and its only Jassi who could have done it. On page number 87 of this book Jassi has pointed out buying a scooter from me. Today I want to catch this opportunity to let him know that I bought that scooter for Rs.2000/- and sold it to Jassi for Rs.1000/-, nevertheless since now its all in open, I anticipate Jassi would return me that money. lol

I wont waver even a bit whilst I say whatever jassi is today and wherever he has reached, it has immense involvement and love of his dear wife Kiran. Now Aditya and Pallavi too have emerged as his two sturdy arms. 

I whole-heartedly suggest the youth to go through this book to genuinely know what being self made is.
I yearn that in time, Jassi touches more height and reaches for nothing less than the sky.

Rajesh Chopra
Editor in Chief :

Straight from heart
Team Viva
A successful media personality, an activist and now an author, Jaswin Jassi is a man of myriad emotion and passion. Witty in approach at whatever he does, Jassi or ‘Just-win-Just See’ as he calls self, says that no one connects a common man better than a commoner. His book, titled Have Guts, the untiring truth, chronicles the life of a commoner, who amidst all odds attain success. He says, “Of course, I failed at times but failure was as a lesson in disguise.” By writing of his own life he has not only dared to substantiate his interesting claims but he says, “also motivates to inspire the lives of the less ordinary.” The articulate intricacies that sustain the narrative interests those who are interested in knowing a man who has avoided being an upstart and has had trysts with destiny.
The Pioneer
Release of Have Guts...!! A book by Jaswin Jassi Gallery
Jaswin Jassi Gallery
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My dear Jassi

Your book penning your experiments with the rough and tumble of your life from Age 10 to Age 55 is just marvellous: it is appropriately titled:
HAVE GUTS !  You have a photographic memory of people and events in your life and it is indeed incredible  how you turned the challenges in
your life into opportunities to excel in difficult situations.

I have gone through your book from A to Z and had mised feelings of pain (and some of events in your early life made my eyes moist, partocularly the  way you persisted to sell three pieces of the razors/brushes  to a Sardarji in Ambala) and pleasure and laughter too while going through the episodes in your life and a salesman of razors and tv anchor and successful producer, pursuiding hard-nut bureacrats in the DAVP, culminating in the well-deserved place in the Limca Book of Records.

I have picked up some anecdoes from your book: say like:  No Dearth. But None Worth, which sums up life around us like "water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink"   The list can go on.

I could not  believe that I have been meeting  a great person and an admirable author in your visible self as a jovial co-member in the Press Club crowd.Your vacabulary is so rich and your ideas are so lofty.  I wish you continuous successes in ife during the years to and me and my wife wish you and your beautiful and closely-knit and great
little little family,living so near our humble abode in the neighbouring Alaknanda. May be we sometime happen to meet.

Now I venture to make certain suggessions for your next edition:

01  The nineteen chapters must have headings and the book should have its contents page

 02  The use of four-letter words can be avoided so that this book can  be read  by children of impressionable age so as to inspite them for hardwork, hoesty,sincerely and punctuality

 03   Vide p.17 ending with words: "lesson learnt".  Such summing up can be added to  each lesson, wherever possible

 04   Chapter 15 relating to your experience in the school at Age 10 yrs about the story of Rana Pratap and Bhama Shah, inserted after  your wedding with Kiran ji  needs to be narrated before the events which have been narrated in the middle of page 9 when you were aged 12 years.

 05   Add either a postscript, a Prologue or as Chapter 20 in the book  the events and experiences after the 1990-91 Gulf War, particularly with regard to the onset of Cable TV and the prliferating TV channels

 06   And, do write something about your experiences in the Press Club as these events are contemporary and will be read with lot of interest and involvement by those who are so near in time: you  cane asily update  the book till 2000, just prior to the new realities after 9/11 tll 26/11 which  of course deserve a separate treatise by you
in due course of  time.

With best wishes to you and family and with seasons's greetings, I remain,

Yours sincerely

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