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Haier Gladrags Mrs. India 2010

Haier Gladrags Mrs. India 2010 Winners

The winner of the Haier Mrs. India Contest was 29 years old, Mrs. Kavita Sachdev of Mumbai. She has a 2-year old daughter and has been married for 3½ years. She was the unanimous choice of all the judges. Kavita has a beautiful face and an hourglass figure. She will represent India at the Mrs. World Contest. Mrs. Jaysheel Anand, 28 years old from Bengaluru, mother of a 9-month old baby, was the first runner up. 
Mrs. Karishma Mookhey, 26 years old from Chandigarh married for 2 years was thesecond runner up.

The panel of judges were Mugdha Godse, Actress, Mr. Madhur Bhandarkar, Film Producer, Mrs. Shanta Roy from Haier, Mr. Irfan Pathan, Cricketer, Mrs. Maureen Wadia, Editor andPresident, Gladrags Magazine and Beauty Pageants and Mr. Ness Wadia, Managing Director, Bombay Dyeing Mfg. Co. Ltd and Real Estate Division.

The Haier Gladrags Mrs. India pageant is a celebration of the Indian married woman. She's the wife, the mother and the multi-talented achiever 'A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE' who maintains that perfect balance between her home, her family and a career if she is allowed to keep one. She walks a trapeze all her life balancing all her responsibilities equally with love and dedication. 

This is the 10th year of the Haier Gladrags Mrs. India Contest. We have been the first to establish the Mrs. India Contest in India and Internationally. The Haier Gladrags Mrs. India Contest is a tribute to the Mrs. of every family. It is aimed at the heart of every home.

It is not a beauty pageant. It is a contest of values, integrity and unconditional love – defining the Haier Gladrags Mrs. India . It is a trail blazer and is a contest that will further motivate and inspire the true Indian woman.

The Gladrags Mrs. India Contest is a Contest open to any Indian married woman under the age of 50 who is attractive, vivacious and maintained. 

It is a one of a kind contest which will include the participation of the husband, child, in-laws, parents etc. – the entire family unit. It thus becomes a contest in which the whole family prides itself and participates.

The Haier Gladrags Mrs. India – The Complete Woman is about the common woman who has evolved. Women who have balanced their personal and professional commitments or have the potential to do so.

The  24/7  Woman 
Married women are multi taskers – Not only because they are wives and mothers but also because they are frequently professional career women at the same time. They are bankers, journalists, police women, executives and pilots in the work field and are managing roles that have demanding deadlines, whether it be at home with the children or at work. Until 9 years ago when Mrs. Wadia started the Gladrags Mrs. India Contest there was no such event for married women. Mrs. Wadia has thus created and nurtured this magnificent Mrs. India Contest for married women as Mrs. Wadia believes that a married woman is a 24/7 woman. Her tasks never end. The Mrs. India Contest shows that ‘Life Begins After Marriage’ and that the married woman is not just a domestic goddess and stay-at-home wife. She is doing the hardest job in the world and we hope that you will join us in paying homage to this 24/7 woman.

Haier Gladrags Mrs. India 
The Haier Gladrags Mrs. India Contest reflects the changing lifestyle of married women in India. A quintessential Indian woman in the form of a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter etc. more often than not goes unnoticed. Gladrags now will change it.

Women are matching men shoulder to shoulder in all walks of life. A woman is no longer the conventional Indian girl child living behind closed doors. She has crossed the barriers of society and excelled in all fields. Be it a mother who has sacrificed her professional career for spending time on the upbringing of her children OR a mother who goes out in the big bad professional world to earn the extra income so as to reduce the financial burden on her husband and that her children can have a better future prospect. The Haier Gladrags Mrs. India is a tribute to all such women.

The woman of substance is a milti faced individual who is a chef, an economist, a teacher, a role model, a care taker, a pillar or strength and support….the list is endless.

The Haier Gladrags Mrs. India attempts at bringing out all the qualities of the woman in an entertaining and interesting manner. Be it a career woman or a home maker – she is here to claim her stake and superiority and prove that she is India’s perfect woman – The Mrs. India.

It is an endeavour to make a woman feel important and at the same time to glorify her through this reality based contest in her bid to win the coveted –Haier Gladrags Mrs. India.

Housewives are always looked down upon as compared to those who went out and worked. So they always had a complex that they were not good enough. Haier Gladrags Mrs. India however gives the message that homemakers are important. They hold the family together and protect it. So housewives are now thinking, ‘I am important. So what if I don’t go out and earn? I cook, I clean and I take care of the house.

So what is Mrs. Wadia looking for in a Gladrags Mrs. India? – It’s the contemporary Indian wife. The type of woman that husbands and families are extra proud of. This is a contest for the woman who has extra charisma and attractiveness in more ways than one, who looks  good in more ways than one and a woman who has maintained herself well even after having babies. 

The Haier Gladrags Mrs. India 2010 is now a Reality TV Series
A contest for married women where they compete on a common platform – be it a home maker or a business woman, to claim their superiority
A contest of brains and competence in all fields, in a bid to claim their superiority in all faculties.
A contest with high level of family participation and emotional connect. 

Mrs. India Contest- Past Winners 
Our Winners of the past 10 years are Aditi Gowitrikar, Jasmine D'Souza, Tania Soni, Naina Daliwal, Shilpa Reddy, Shillpa A Singh, Jimmy Nanda, Madhvi Awasthi & Sophia Handa.

Lto R: 1st Runner-up Mrs. Jaysheel Anand, Winner Mrs. Kavita Sachdev and 2nd Runner-up Karishma Mookhey
Lto R: 1st Runner-up Mrs. Jaysheel Anand, Winner Mrs. Kavita 
Sachdev and 2nd Runner-up Karishma Mookhey



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