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I think I am the most desirable : Interview Priyanka
December 17 2008.

Oh My! Priyanka Chopra thinks she is the most desirable! Check out what brought this comment on as well as Priyanka Chopra's thoughts on, 'Fashion' and 'Dostana' in this exclusive DH! interview with Priyanka Chopra below. 

DH!:You  have been quite busy shooting back to back Films! What are your thoughts on 'Dostana'  and 'Fashion'?

PC: I am happy with the way 'Fashion' has come out. People have responded to well. It's very different from 'Dostana'. I was very excited about both my films, and I thank everyone for their support for both my films.

DH!: I heard you had to lose weight for 'Dostana', was that difficult since you just had to gain weight for 'Fashion'?

PC: I am not at all diet conscious. I had to put on some weight for 'Fashion' since I was playing a Punjabi, but for 'Dostana' I had to lose the seven kilos that I had put on
And I had to get in shape as well. More over I had a hard core diet, I had a proper workout schedule.

DH!: How was it working with both films back to back?

PC: It's not that difficult. If you've worked on your character, and your director knows what to do, then it's not really a difficult task to handle two characters at the same time. Once you leave one set and go into another, your mind subconsciously gets into the different mode of what you
need to do.

DH!: Who's more desirable? John Abraham or Abhishek Bachchan?

PC: I think I am the most desirable. (laughs)

DH!: What's the biggest compliment you've received for

PC: I am overwhelmed with the response of Fashion. People have liked the performance. I received an sms, saying in this decade, after Rani in the film, 'Black' you've proved to be a fine actress. That was a huge compliment for me.

DH!: How was it to work in two Bollywood movies that have gay themes ?

PC: 'Dostana' is not a story of gays, it's a story of friends. Talking about the gay element, I
think people are free to choose what their preferences. It's ironic that I did 'Dostana' after
'Fashion' because now I've understood that fashion is one industry which gives you the
freedom of being yourself and yet also be creative at the same time. There are so many
places where gay people are not respected, but the fashion industry lets you keep your
preference. My movie,' Fashion' supports that as well.
DH!: Was it difficult to adapt to the Madhur Bhandarkar's script?

PC: Yes, doing 'Fashion' was the most difficult for me. It was traumatic experience since I
don't belong to the modeling world. I had a lot of model friends to help me out, and the
best apart about shooting Fashion was about how I bonded with everyone.

DH!: Which best describes your style you look in 'Dostana' or 'Fashion'?

PC: My style statements differ from character to character. Like in Love
Story 2050 I colored by hair, 'Drona' needed some action whereas 'Dostana' is a very funky and very feminine.


Priyanka Profile
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Chat with Priyanka
Priyanka Interviews
~~Priyanka's Latest News~~-
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