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Anushka Sharma
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Anushka Sharma excessive skin show in ‘Badmaash Company’ 
‘Badmaash Company’ Anushka Sharma’ next flick is quite a contrast from her debut ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’. It is a movie about Mumbai of the 1990s and the story revolves around four friends who start a business and find a way to beat the system.  She says, “This film is about four friends, their relationships and the trials they go through to achieve their goals. All the characters are extremely relatable because they come from middle-class families with big dreams and aspirations. We have all been like that. Their dreams are really big. They have not got any patience...They want to do it right away,"

Anushka's “three friends” in the movie are Shahid, Vir Das and Miang Chang. The 22 year old says that the “gang” gelled well off screen and had a gala time together. She said, "When we travelled outdoors, we got to spend time with each other...We hung out, ate out, went to the pub. Good that we got along very well because it was a pre-requisite of the film."

The film is actor-turned-director Parmeet Sethi's first outing as director. Anushka was full of praise for her director and said that even though Parmeet knew the characters inside out, he was open to others' ideas.

Clarifying about her kissing scene she said that she did it only because the script demanded it and that it was no audience pulling trick. She said, "I don't see it as a kissing scene. It's a part of the screenplay. I think cinema is changing and we are not doing (kissing) for the heck of it. We do not need to do this (kiss on screen) to attract attention. When you see the film, the kind of chemistry Bulbul (her character in the film) and Karan (Shahid) share, the kind of love that's there between them, you will be able to understand that the scene was justified."

When Anushka was asked about how she deals with the fact that she did not have any training as an actor she said she enjoys it as it helps her visualise her scenes better and gives her the freedom to broaden her inagination over a scene. She says, "I quite enjoy the fact that I'm not a trained actor...If you are experienced, you have a certain method of acting, but I haven't discovered that method yet. There is a positive side of not being a trained actor. When I get a scene, I see how naturally it should be done. People call it natural acting and that is also a method."

When asked if she’s looking forward to exploring any particular genre, she said, "No, I am not looking forward to any particular genre. I'm open to doing films of every genre and with different directors. There are so many things that I would love to do - a period love story or an action film."

Anushka also spoke about the difficulties one faces to be an actor. She said,"I never wanted to be an actor. I wanted to remain a model. Had I wanted to be an actor I would have been more observant about actors. After 'Rab Ne...' I realised that it's a very difficult profession. You don't have time for your personal life, for your parents, and your social circuit becomes very small because you are working day and night."

Anushka Sharma who was seen as a as a Punjabi kudi in her debut film, ‘Rab Ne Bana De Jodi’ is getting ready with her second film opposite Shahid in ‘Badmaash Company.’ Anushka will be in sexy outfits in this flick. Anushka’s look in the movie is sporty and chic. There is also a buzz that the actress had sported a bikini in the film and she has also done few lip-locks in the movie.

Talking to news daily, an inside source said, “Shahid and Anushka have shot some water sports and games in the film hence the casual sporty look. They took the games very seriously and played stuff like badminton and beach volleyball even after pack-up. Anushka turned out to be the better player and beat her co-star everyday, irritating the competitive Shahid!”
So, guys get ready for the excessive skin show of Anushka Sharma on-screen.

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