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Dolly Bindra big fight with The Great Khali
After having a big argument with her veera (brother)WWE Superstar The Great Khali on reality show Bigg Boss yesterday, Dolly seems to be in mood to forgive him for the remarks he passed on her.

Khali was having rest in garden area while Dolly Bindra was relaxing on chair when they entered into awful arguments. Dolly yelled at him while passing disrespectful comments for Khali. Dolly has fought with almost everyone in the house since her entry; it was Khali only whom she revered as Veer ji but she put all her respect for him at stake while hailing verbal blows at him. Khali tried to calm by addressing her as didi but she did not shut her loud mouth and told him to exhibit his strength in the ring.

However, Khali went speechless and did not respond to her remarks. Before that Dolly has been calling Khali with different names like Dhongi Baba or Dongi Sadhu. She even taunted him for not doing any work and always demanding something to eat. But it was quite shocking to see Dolly answering Khali’s good humored comments in this way. Maenwhile Ashmit and Shweta were acting as mute spectators and just watching them having clash.

In fact, our sources say that after yesterday's incident, Dolly is continuously backbiting about Khali to her newly found friend Ashmit.

" Dolly admits to Ashmit that she was only teasing Khali The Great to see how great he is. But at the end of the day, the house exposes everyone's real face and his true personality was revealed after the incident," says our source. The source adds, " She also makes fun of Khali's talking style which no one seems to understand. To make matters worse, she makes a song for him. The wordings are Jao ji jao, par itna sunlo, thodi chudiyaan pehenlo, thoda ghagra silwalon." It seems after listening to all this, Ashmit couldn't stop laughing

Great Khali in Bigg Boss
While Khali is one of the most popular contestants on ‘Bigg Boss 4’, not everybody is happy with him. Reports claim that to keep Khali inside the ‘Bigg Boss’ house costs the producers of the show a fortune, and they are now biting their nails over the fact that The Great Khali had been brought into the house on a wild card entry! Not only has the WWE wrestler charged a huge amount for being a part of the show, but he is also the most expensive contestant of ‘Bigg Boss 4’, keeping in mind the huge amount that has to be spent on his food!

Media sources claim that Khali has not only charged a total of Rs.50 lakhs prior to his being a part of ‘Bigg Boss 4’, the wrestler has demanded Rs. 40 – 50 lakhs for each week he spends inside the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. This is a huge sum compared to the amounts being paid to ythe other contestants on the show, who charge Rs. 2 to 25 lakhs, depending on their popularity status in the country.

this Friday, its really gonna be a big surprise to all housemates as well as viewers. The Great Khali is going to fill the void created by Bunty chor's unexpected expulsion from the house. With his entry, lives really gonna be difficult for all those who are managing the kitchen. They now gonna have to spend hours cooking meals for him. Though he is not a Bigg Boss masala but because of his strong fan following he will be a threat to all 
Great Khali in Bigg Boss
The channel confirmed that Khali is the wildcard entrant in the house. “He is known for his strength in the wrestling ring but, with this show, his fans will get to see a part of his life as they watch him eat, sleep, laugh and interact with the other contestants,” said Andrew Whitaker, Executive VP, WWE International.

A special bed has been arranged for the 7’3” tall wrestler, but no extra food arrangements have been made. Interestingly, the limited food supply in the house has already led to several arguments among the contestants, and it remains to be seen how they deal with the 190 kg, 38-year-old wrestler.

While sources from the channel maintain that he will have to fight for food like everyone else, actor Aryan Vaid, who participated in the show’s first season, says, “It takes a lot of food to maintain a body like that. I am sure they won’t starve him; they must’ve made adequate arrangements.”

This is not Khali’s first attempt at entertainment. The giant has worked in the upcoming film, Rama- The Saviour, as well as in some Hollywood films


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