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Sara and Ali paid Rs. 35-50 lakh to get married in 'Bigg Boss' house?

It is indeed happy times ahead for TV actress Sara Khan and beau, Ali Merchant. It is rumoured that the actors were paid a sum of Rs. 50 lakh to get married in Bigg Boss' house. The special episode will be aired tomorrow on the channel.

Designer Vikram Phadnis has designed the wedding outfits for the duo. The couple have been seeing each other for about 3 years now. 

In the earlier episodes of Bigg Boss 4, Sarah was apparently shown tearing up her photographs with Ali. The show had highlighted the blooming relationship between Ashmit and Sara. In fact, Sara was shown admitting her love for Ashmit as well.

However now one of Ali Merchant’s best friends in an exclusive interview tells us that Sara Khan and Ali Merchant paid Colors a whooping Rs 35-lakh for their wedding in the Bigg Boss house.  While the exact figure will never be known, the entry of the two was pre-decided and pre-scripted by Colors, says Ali Merchant’s best friend. The wedding was pre-planned.  

Vikram Phadnis  the designer apparently chosen by Bigg Boss aka Colors was actually decided upon three months ago by none other than Sara Khan and Ali Merchant themselves. In fact, Vikram Phadnis has already prepared the designs for the couples’ wedding trousseau. Scroll down to our previous story to see the sketches of the outfits that the couple will wear. 

The truth is Vikram Phadnis started working on the designs weeks before Ali Merchant even got into the Bigg Boss house. The expenses for the televised wedding including the designer and his creations will be borne by the couple getting married themselves, which we were told is in the range of Rs 25-lakh. We do know if Sara Khan and Ali Merchant will be paying this amount to Colors in cash or if it’s a barter deal.

Each contestant gets about Rs 3-5 lakh as signing amount and then about Rs 1 to Rs 2.5 lakh per week for every week they survive in the Bigg Boss house. Some big names may get much more. Like we told you first (all the others simply cut-paste and re-wrote our stories) that WWE champ Khali was getting about Rs 5 lakh per day or approximately Rs 40-lakh per week. Possibly Sara Khan and Ali Merchant worked out a deal with Colors wherein they would forfeit their weekly payments for a wedding inside the Bigg Boss house, replete will all the drama, suspense and tamasha.

Now the flip side. A source close to Sara Khan – obviously one of her best friends tells us a very different story. According to her Colors approached the couple as they wanted a couple (like Tanaaz and Bhaktiyaar in Season 3), but not a married couple this time, they wanted a live-in couple. During the negotiations, a deal was struck where the nikah would happen within the Bigg Boss house and televised for the world to see. The friend tells us that Colors paid Sara Khan and Ali Merchant a whopping all-inclusive Rs 50-lakh for exclusive rights to pre-script and televise the entire wedding ceremony including all the drama that accompanied Ali Merchant’s entry into the Bigg Boss house.

We told you earlier how a close friend of Sara Khan had revealed that the entire drama unfolding in the Bigg Boss house including her “falling in love” with someone else was pre-planned and pre-scripted. According to ‘Sheena’ (named changed to protect identity), who spoke to us on condition of anonymity, Sara Khan “knew” in advance that Ali Merchant would make it inside the house.  ‘Sheena’ has also revealed that Sara confided to her that the so-called wedding or Nikah and other ceremonies like the mehendi and sangeet were discussed before Sara Khan went into the house. In fact, it was part and parcel of the deal or contract.


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