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Shweta Dolly Clash

What started off as a minor argument over kitchen work soon became a major catfight between actors Shweta Tiwari and Dolly Bindra in reality show ‘Bigg Boss 4?.

Just a day after loud-mouthed Dolly entered the show, she tried to take charge of cooking in the kitchen – a department that Shweta had been handling so far. So far Shweta has been in-charge of cooking in the kitchen but Dolly seems to have found her own place. She is trying to use her 'so-called' culinary skill to charm away the men in the house. Dolly not only manages to impress the housemates with her cooking style, but also now is a strong contender for the role of the captain of the kitchen. Shweta, who hates the very sight of Dolly, expresses her desire to quit from the kitchen team. 

It is a 'catch-22' situation for Manoj Tiwari. Manoj, who is the captain of the house for this week, wanted to do this in a democratic way, so he calls everyone to vote their favorite. Before the housemates could vote, Dolly commented that the responsibility of the kitchen should be with the women and men should not be involved in this area at all. Shweta do not like this 'bossy' attitude of Dolly's and ask for a clarification. What started as a small poll for kitchen captain eventually turned out to be a big catfight between Dolly Bindra and Shweta Tiwari. Soon the fight for the kitchen captain became personal and both started hurling accusations and allegations against each other. 

It is a well- known fact both Dolly and Shweta are on logger-heads for the past couple of years because of the 'Raja Chaudhary incident' that happened in one of the parties. Dolly Bindra to return to ‘Bigg Boss’

In a candid chat with TOI, Raja Choudhary talks about the catfight between his ex-wife Shweta Tiwari and Dolly Bindra in Bigg Boss 4, marriage plans and much more. 

Rumors are that you will be entering Bigg Boss's house. How true are they? 
I'm going into Bigg Boss only to meet Salman Khan. 

If given a chance, will you go inside the house? 
Can't say! I will think over it. 

What's your take on Shweta and Dolly's catfight on national television? Did the catfight remind you of the one between you and Sambhavana in the last season? 
I'm not interested in Shweta or Dolly but as a viewer I think it was insensitive and inhuman on Dolly's part to accuse Shweta on national television. My fight with Sambhavna was on a different issue. This particular fight happened over an old incident, and that is wrong. One should not bring their personal matters into the house. 

Are we watching the real Shweta? 
That's not the real Shweta Tiwari. She seems to be playing her popular tele character Prerna of Kasauti Zindagi Ki. 

Are you on good terms with Dolly Bindra? Did she speak to you before entering Bigg Boss? 
Why would she talk to me? I share a very professional relationship with her and met her months back in Mauritius for a movie shoot. 

According to Shweta , Dolly is settling scores against her. Do you feel the same? 
Today, everyone has justification for everything. I don't agree with her because it's a five-year-old incident. At that time, Shweta was a popular name and Dolly did everything just to gain some cheap popularity. 

What about your recent fight with Shweta's new love Abhinav Kohli? 
I live a very normal life and if I'm not allowed to meet my daughter, it's obvious that I will get agitated and impatient. But the media always captures my wrong move. At times, I feel that I'm just paying for being famous. People only know that I'm a regular drinker but they forget that I have to work hard to earn the money to buy my drinks. 

Any marriage plans? 
Marriages are made in heaven and I think Shradha is the perfect girl for me. I 'm trying my best to convince her. 

What are your future plans? 
I just pray for loads of success and happiness. Currently, I'm shooting for a reality show with UTV and some movies.  source...TOI

While the media in India has been going crazy about the possibility of Raja Chaudhary being brought in the Bigg Boss, season 4 house face to face with Shweta Tiwari and Dolly Bindra, another possibility is that Raja Chaudhary’s new girl friend Shradha Sharma could be a possible wild card entry. Not too long ago, Shradha Sharma in a free-wheeling interview had blasted Shweta Tiwari – Raja Chaudhary’s ex-wife – in the popular television magazine Showtime and even accused her of “sleeping around for work”.

Since then Shradha Sharma and Shweta Tiwari are sworn enemies. Shradha Sharma and Raja Chaudhary were even on the UTV Bindass show Emotional Attyachaar where Raja was caught with his pants down, chasing another model and two-timing Shradha Sharma. At that time, some gossip mills had claimed that the entire drama was staged. Apparently, Shradha Sharma ‘forgave’ Raja and took him back into her life
 Dolly Bindra to return to ‘Bigg Boss’

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