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Cut-off list of Delhi University 2009
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Jesus & Mary College

This Institution is run by the Sisters of Jesus & Mary Congregation which originated in France in 1818. It was founded by a noble lady St. Claudine Thevenet. Claudine was moved by the atrocities and miseries of her time and she was convinced that only knowledge and love of God could transform the society of her time. Her aim was to make God known and loved through Christian education of the young, especially the poor. The Congregation has spread far and wide into all continents. In 1842, the sisters came to India. Jesus and Mary College was established in 1968.

The College began with the vision of educating young women to help them bring about development in themselves, their homes, and in their society. We are committed to give our students a sense of God and to recognise the divine in themselves, our fellow beings and thus respect the dignity and uniqueness of each individual. Our endeavour has been to offer an integrated, all round education, that is intellectual, cultural, social, physical, aesthetic, moral, spiritual, making every student a compassionate committed human being.

JMC welcomes students of all religions;We live & work, pray, play and grow together as a college community. We know that it is possible to work together for common goals and we are enriched by such an experience. Let us make a pledge to live in peace, to promote humanity and brotherhood/sisterhood, to follow the golden rule, "Do unto others what you would have done unto you." (Bible) 

Let us strive to work for change in society and thus translate our vision into reality. 

Sister Marina John
Principal, Jesus & Mary College

Admission Criteria -  Cut-Off List - 2008

B.Com(H)                        93 % 
B.Com(P)                        91.75 % 
Economics(H)                 91%-95% 
                                      (91% Humanities & Sc. with Eco, 92% without eco (sc  stream) , 94% Commerce with                                Eco. ,95 % Humanities & Commerce without Eco. 

English (H)                     88 %-92%  with 80% in English 
Hindi(H)                          55 % agg. with 59  subject mark
History(H)                       75 % (Humanities) 80% Science & Commerce 
Maths(H)                          85% - 86.25 %  with 80 % in Math.
Pol. Science(H)              83%
Psychology(H)               92.75 % weighted  percentage  (Weighted + BOF)
Sociology(H)                 88% weighted (84% - 88%)
B.A.(Pass)                        Varied

The above mentioned last year's cut offs are only for information and are likely to change this year.
Please note that this criteria does not ensure admission.


Scores Requirements
A students seeking admission to the B.A./B.Com (Hons.), B.A./B.Com. (Pass) course must possess a certificate indicating that she has passed the Class XII of the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi or a certificate of any examination recognised as equivalent thereto. 
Age Requirement
Candidates must have completed 17 years of age on 1st October of the year in which they seek admission. 
Admission Preliminaries 
Application for admission, in the candidate's own handwriting must be made on the prescribed forms available with the prospectus, accompanied by relevant documents. 
Admissions made by the college are subject to the approval of the University. The decision of the college regarding admission shall be final. 
The college will display the number of the application forms and the list of candidates selected for admission, on the college notice board as and when indicated by the University. 
In the event of securing admission, the applicant is required:
(i) To fill the admission form, affixing one passport size photograph in the inset provided on the form.
(ii) To provide one more passport size photograph on the form.
(iii) To submit a medical certificate of fitness issued by a registered medical practitioner. This certificate should include a statement of inoculation and vaccination.
(iv) To pay the fees. 
A receipt will be issued for original documents retained by the college office. 
Orientation Program
An orientation program for newly admitted students would be held before the commencement of the academic session. Further information will be provided at the time of admission.

Rules & Regulations

1. College Regulations

When a student seeks admission to the college, it is assumed by the college that she has an earnest purpose. She is expected to aim at the highest achievement in every sphere and to conduct herself in a responsible and dignified manner wherever she may be. 
By joining the college the student accepts all its rules and regulations. 
She also commits herself to participating in intra and inter college programmes.

2. Student Contact Programme

In order to ensure that every student benefits from the opportunities the college offers, a group of students is entrusted to a teacher with whom they maintain regular contact. 
A student's Credit Card records her participation in the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and the students are expected to produce it while applying for any certificate. 
3. Internal Assessment

    1.    The College has a system of tutorial preceptional in which students are expected to         participate in group discussion and submit written work regularly as per the EC resolution 2003  from the academic year 2003-2004.

    2.    25% of the total marks in a course shall be awarded by the college based on internal assessment on a continuous basis. Such assessment could be base on tutorial work/preceptional work/class presentation and mid term examination.

    3.    The internal assessment marks will be shown separately in the mark sheet issued by the University and there marks will be added to the annual examination marks for determining the division of the student. 

    4.    For Examination and Promotion Rules refer to University Calender Volume I & II 1988.
4. Academic Association

Each academic department organises in its own discipline an association of teachers and students. 
Every student becomes a member of one academic association and takes an active part in the seminars, symposia, debates, lectures etc., arranged by the association. 
Each association has a Memorandum, Rules and Regulations. 
4. Written Assignments, Tests, Examinations, Promotions

A system of regular assignments, including class tests with assessments and follow-up discussion complements the classroom teaching and promotes better understanding, comprehension and expression in each of the subjects offered by the college. For further details refer to University Calendar Volume I & II 1988, 1998. 
For examination and promotion rules refer to University Calendar Volume I & II 1988, 1998. 
5. Attendance

Students are expected to attend classes regularly. The University rules require a student to attend a minimum of two-third lectures and practicals delivered in each subject separately, failing which the student shall not be permitted to sit for the University examination. 
B.El.Ed. students are required to have a minimum of 75% attendance. 
All sports students playing at any level (state, national or international) must have minimum required attendance. 
Students are expected to attend the following College Functions: Foundress Day, Annual Cultural Festival, The Geeta Chopra Memorial Meet, PTSA Meeting, Sports Day, NCC day for NCC students, NSS Day for NSS students and any other functions announced by the Principal as college Functions. 
The college reserves the right to grant examination clearance to students on the basis of their attendance record. 
Students who do not attend classes for more than four consecutive weeks should inform the Principal/Teacher in charge in writing or else their names shall be struck off the rolls of the college. 
Application for leave should be made in advance and submitted to the Principal. 
In case of illness, application for leave along with a medical certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner signed by a parent and counter signed by concerned teachers should by submitted within one week of rejoining the college. Leave forms are available in store room with Sr. Grace. 

Condo nation of attendance may be granted in exceptional cases of serious illness or accident. Absence on account of minor ailments will only be noted. 

In case this application is not submitted within one week of returning to college then the absence will only be noted and no condo nation of attendance shall be granted in any case. 

6. Discipline 

Application for leave should be made in advance and submitted to the Principal. 
In case of illness, application for leave, along with a medical certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner signed by a parent & counter-signed by teachers should be submitted within one week of rejoining the college. 
A medical certificate does not, however, give the student the benefit of attendance; it merely provides a valid reason for absence. 
The Principal reserves the right to take appropriate action: suspend/expel students found guilty of any kind of indiscipline as laid down in the University Ordinance XV-B 
7. Notice Boards 
The college notice boards are used to convey official and other information to students. Once a notice has appeared on the notice board, ignorance of it can not be pleaded as justification for non-observance.

8. "The Cauldron"
"The Cauldron" i.e. the College wall-newspaper keeps students informed of college, university, local, national and international current events. It is located at the entrance to the canteen. Further details concerning its management are to be found under student societies.

10. Identity Card
1.    The Identity Card establishes the student's identity both within and outside the college. The students may be called upon to produce their Identity Card at any time by any of the college staff. Students without their Identity card are liable to be sent home. 
2.    "Credit Card": Every student will be given a Credit Card. Students are expected to take part in all major activities of the college. They must record the same in the credit card. The teacher in charge of activities/association will sign and certify your participation you are expected to produce the credit card while applying for any certificate or recommendation.

10. Certificates, Testimonials, Transcripts 

Students desiring to obtain certificates, testimonials, transcripts, etc., should apply for them in writing along with their Credit Card. They should allow an interval of 48 hours for the issue of these documents. 
Character certificates and testimonials will be issued as per the performa in use by the college. Students are advised to compile documents towards the Character certificate they wish to receive on leaving college. 
All students are advised to collect their original certificates submitted at the time of admission, when instructed or at the end of the final year, failing which the college would not be responsible for them. 
11. Student Travel Concession 
Application forms for obtaining concession by railway or bus travel are available at the general office. 
The office requires at least 48 hours to process an application. 
An application should contain the following information: -
(i) Name of the Student
(ii) Class in which the student is studying
(iii) Age of the student
(iv) Destination , i.e., town to which the student is traveling. 
12. Lost Property 
This service is rendered to the students by the store-keeper. Lost property found in the college premises should be submitted to her for safe keeping. Claims for lost property should be made in writing, giving a full description of the article lost. 
The college does not accept responsibility for articles lost. 

13. Telephone
        The students are expected to use the Public Telephones installed in the college.

13. Canteen
    The canteen is at the service of the staff and students from 8.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
    Students are expected to leave the tables as they would wish to find them. They use the canteen for dining only.

13. Medical Room

A fully equipped two-bedded sick room is provided for students who are in any way ill or indisposed. The college cannot administer medicines to any student. First aid will be given in case of emergency, and the parents of the student will be informed immediately. 
In order to obtain exemption from games, sports, activities etc., on account of ill health or any kind of physical disability, it will be necessary for the student to obtain a medical certificate to this effect from the doctor appointed for this purpose by the college. Students getting admission on ECA/Sports Quota will not be granted exemption from it except under special circumstances.

Contact Person : Dr. Sr Marina (Principal)
»  Address : Jesus and Mary College, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi- 110021
»  Tel No. : +(91)-(011)-26110041, 26875800
»  Fax No. : +(91)-(011)-4105466
»  Email :


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