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swati > You sing very well and you are one of my favorite singer since the day you sang the song "tu mila to mili aisi jannat mujhe ab kisi aur jannat ki parwah nahi" . All the best for your future performances? 
harshdeep_k > Thank you so much Swati... this is the song from my debut album... this song is really close to my heart... I hope you will like the songs that I have been singing on the show... I will continue to entertain you guys more and more...by singing good songs. 
mona > Hi Harshdeep, what are your plans for future? Who is your idol and who is your favorite singer among Junoon? 
harshdeep_k > Hi Mona... My idol is AR Rehman...He is a complete musician...there is a different kind of soul in his music that touches your heart....In Junoon I don't think there is one or two who are good singers but all of them are great but if I have to choose one th e n he will be from my genre Ali Abbas and malini from the folk Gener....After Junoon I am busy with recording my album... I will release this album soon... 
mona > Which do you feel was your best performance on Junoon and which is your best song that you have sung so far? 
harshdeep_k > One of my favorite performances was at the time of youth episode when I sung saaituhhe ... It is a Sufi song... 
aakash > From where did you learn to sing? 
harshdeep_k > Hi Akash initially I learnt it from my father....and th e n I took training of classical music from Mr. Tejpal Singh.. I m learning music from Mr. Alfred Dísouza 
aakash > Who is your favorite music composer? 
harshdeep_k > A R Rehmann... 
aakash > Secret of your success? 
harshdeep_k > I focus on the simplicity of the songs, I have sung them because they touch the heart of the listeners... I try to select good compositions... 
ranu > Whatís your take on the number of talent hunt show which are mushrooming on every channel? Do you think there is any authencity in these shows? 
harshdeep_k > Hi ranu... actually it is a good platform for talented people.. It provides a base to the newcomers... but these days participants take it too seriously that if they don't get good response they get demotivated and not all of them do make it big in Bollywood even after a great success in these kind of shows. And once they are out of sight they are out of mind of the people and the music industry... One has to be extremely talented to make a mark... 
rajat > What was the turning point in your career ? 
harshdeep_k > When I sung the composition in Rang de basanti ... with AR Rehman. W orking with AR Rehman was like a dream come true .. That one song gave me an identity....people started recognized me ... This song is the hello tunes of I guess lacs of people at present... 
kaja123 > Stress buster that always works for you? 
harshdeep_k > Hi Dear...I listen to soft music and play with my dog... 

kaja123 > Bollywood actress whom you would like to lend your voice? 
harshdeep_k > Rani Mukherjee... I wish I could sing for her one day. 
kaja123 > Your upcoming projects? 
harshdeep_k > I m working on an untitled album of mine... Films are Karzz and kajrare ..with Himesh Reshamiya.. 
payal > Hi harshdeep, did u ever thought that your song Ik Onkar will be appreciated so much , before singing this song? 
harshdeep_k > Hi Payal... I never expected that the song will be on the Audio CD... I was surprised to see the song on the Audio CD....It was not even a part of the promos....people heard it only after the movie got released..... The song really had some potential that it was so much appreciated even without any publicity... 
mohit > Do you think that the fight between Ila ji and Anand Raj Anand is only just for the sake of increasing the TRP of the show? 
harshdeep_k > Hi Mohit... I don't think so... The arguments on the show are really genuine... both the mentors are worried about there contestants ... they do feel for their contestants.... I think the singers whom they are fighting for deserve as they are fantastic in their own genres... 

sanjay > Hi Harshdeep, tell us about your experience with NDTV Imagine??? 
harshdeep_k > Hi sanjay...I had a very good impression about the channel.... it has a kind of different feel in it... shows on NDTV are different. I thin they will make it big... and will create history...be it drama, mythological etc they are really unique ... entire channel is very unique... 

nitya > Who do u think is biggest threat for you in Junoon? 
harshdeep_k > Hi Nitya...I think its the genre voting.... 

love > Hi friend!! Wanted to know how it feels after getting such fame? Do you think any minuses of being a popular celebrity? 
harshdeep_k > Actually there are both positives and negatives of everything... there are people who will appreciate you and people who will support you... one should be confident enough to all good or bad responses of people... you become an idol for people... people look up to you as an icon.... one has to be very careful after being a celebrity.. 

love > Where do you see yourself in this competition? 
harshdeep_k > hi Amit I see myself as a winner of the show... 

A.R. Rahman's  Biggest Show with Harshdeep........


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