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I Am She Pageant Contestants 2010

I Am She: Miss Universe India 2010 Pageant Results

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I AM Foundation - a non profit charity organization working in the field of Child Welfare & Education, Cancer, AIDS, MSSI, TERI & the Protection of our Environment. Under the banner of Tantra Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., the parent company, the I AM Foundation is closely working with a sister brand, which is holding a National Pageant, titled "I AM She" in February – March 2010. In keeping with the core values of the foundation, the 20 finalists of the pageant have a mandate to work towards their social responsibilities in the above mentioned fields during the 3 weeks grooming of the girls.

I AM Foundation is closely working with the following Associations

1. TERI- The Energy and Resources Institute
3. CPAA- Cancer Patients Aid Association
4. The Research Society
5. Bal Asha Trust
I Am She Pageant Contestants 2010

Sushmita Sen
I AM high profile :) Everything else is either a perception or relative...the rest they say is “HISTORY?..Born on November 19th, 1975 in Hyderabad to Mr. Subir Sen and Mrs. Shubhra Sen was later blessed with a brother Rajeev Sen. Winner of Miss India and then the first Miss Universe in 1994 from India, am currently an actor cum an entrepreneur and a single mother to two beautiful daughters, Renee and Alisah..and now for the high profile part...I AM GOD’S FAVOURITE CHILD!
"I AM pure spirit...It is what nurtures me, drives me..defines me!"

I AM the one who controls the big bucks! With over two decades of experience in the global garment industry in the United States and talent management in India, I bring the operational insights to financial, legal and administration facets of the movement. My communication skills and a never say die attitude are what help me belong to I AM.
"I AM true to what I AM, and hence, I AM!"

Neeraj Gaba
I AM the silent marketer, a Leeds Business School graduate with a decade of Sales and Marketing experience in the Asian Pacific, European & American Service markets comprising Motion Pictures, New Media, Financial Outsourcing & Aviation. The creative aptitude evolved over years has helped me understand and relate to global prosumers from various walks of life and hence enhance my relationship management and business development skills in order to bring the desired global communications’ perspective to I AM.
"Live it simple, live it joyful, live it healthy and let no prejudices prevail, this is who I am and what I do."

Rebecca Pereira

I AM a simple woman, a mother, with a career that balanced my strengths and my love, I traveled the world to bring my experience back to India in the Travel & Shipping business, that aided these companies to have a footing in the Indian soils and at the same time saw the Indian Economy boom. Today I take great pride in being associated with Ms. Sushmita Sen and Tantra Entertainment and pray that we together cross greater boundaries in this Universe.

"I am the knot; The tie that binds. I’m Rebecca. I believe in the Power of Giving Generously and Joyfully! Amen."
I AM................ 1 of a kind! Another like Me is Impossible to find!... Is this considered as good, or as something bad, Its something, I wouldn’t really mind! I welcome people with my broad Smile;... Some find it silly (& wonder for a while), While others give me back their smile! I’m Dreamy,... I’m Filmy,.... I’m always on the phone... (My Work entails that,... so that’s how I go) I’m hard to define!... I’m Unique,... I’m Different,... I’m Just 1 of a kind! I’m Tushna [(for some) (& Tush for others!)
Sathya Saran
I Am the name without a face, who has launched so many faces into the universe where beauty reigns along with good sense. I write to breathe and breathe to write and in the process help focus on those whose work needs the spotlight. I dream others dreams for them, and help change the dreams into reality,and that fuels my reason for being.I love music, and dance and think the world can be saved if we all sing the same tune, which is to care, care , care, for everything that has helped make us who we are.

"I believe if you do good, good comes back to you! I AM unique because I believe every person is unique. And that is the simple truth."
Neeraj Roy
I AM an innovator and an entrepreneur. I had a vision that I never let go and never will. What started out as a modest start-up company in the by lanes of downtown Mumbai is today South Asia’s largest digital and mobile entertainment company. And in many ways our journey is only beginning. From helming Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd to being the Chairman of the Asia Board of the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF), I have been voted amongst the ‘50 Most influential People in Mobile Entertainment’ globally 3 years in a row and was recently selected amongst the ‘Top 10 MobiThinkers of 2009’ globally. I have had my share of setbacks and my share of accomplishments and I took it in my stride.

"I anticipate change, I transform consumer experience, I AM a believer and a pragmatic optimist."
Aaradhika Chopra (Believer)
I am the feel good factor!! :) I bring experience and knowledge from the travel and tourism industry, garment export trade, humanitarian causes for spreading HIV awareness and extending expertise in Art to promoting debutant artists. For the last four years, I have worked in the Motion Pictures and Entertainment industry alongside A-List Actors, Directors and Writers, developing and producing premium cinema content. Practicing Buddhism as a way of life for 25 years, I AM is a realization, and manifestation for me.

"I AM what my deep driving desire is…as my desire is, so is my destiny."
Nupur Shikhare
I am Nupur, a fitness freak, and they all say..a visual delight!!! I help you Shape up, a Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert. I am a simple guy with lots of ambitions and immense Passion for my Training and my work. Health and Fitness is an issue with most of us, and I like to help people achieve their desired physical states and statistical targets. I love to see that feeling of achievement on their faces, its priceless! Being Fit is a wonderful feeling and I want to spread this feeling as long and as qualitatively as I can.

"I AM is my Belief and you know what, I AM is my Identity too!!"
Stany Saldanha
I am a not so boring Chartered Accountant for the past 18 years with experience encompassing audit, taxation, company and allied legal laws, project financing and financial advising. I have been a consultant to many in the media and entertainment sector.

"I AM responsible for whatever I do."
Rajat Tangri
Living in the world of palettes, patterns, cuts and fabrics was my dream, and I fulfilled it by getting trained as a designer in Melbourne, Australia. My unique design philosophy found a great representation through an eclectic mix of  the senior fashion stylist position at Armani Exchange, Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities wearing my designs, glitzy shows in New York and Australia, and the owner of a high end fashion store in Australia.

"Outrageous, Innovative and Stylish.... Thats what I AM..."
Vijay Golecha
I am the best! (smiley) In search of true meaning of life, I want to give my best to the world.. not just by selling precious stones, but also by introducing and sharing the real jewels of love and affection through my poems, my lyrics, my art, my literature and by the spiritual path I traverse. My only pray to God’s to give us enough strength to attain ‘Moksha’.

"I AM a man of my word!"
• Co-founder Chairman, Fountainhead Promotions & Events.
• Radio, Entertainment and Voice-over personality.
• Has been on the panel of judges for Channel [V] Awards and MTV Video Music Awards.
• Anchored over 3000 shows on FM – primarily music related.
• Amongst the first and most prolific RJs (with Times FM) when FM Radio came to the fore in the nineties. Later, an influential consultant with the Times Group, helped define the roadmap for the roll out of Radio Mirchi.
• Anchored over 1500 events – corporate, music, fashion, awards nights, entertainment, conferences, symposia, etc.
• Helped set up Groove music store; also consulted for Planet M.
• Founded Radio-Active, a company in the music entertainment space, which has produced programming software for the likes of Times FM and HMV FM in the past.
• 'Voice-overed’ for TV commercials, corporate videos, radio spots and jingles.
• Once part of the band Voices that performed at various concerts in the 80s and 90s.
• Performed lead roles in musical theatrical productions such as Evita, Annie, Joseph and His Technicolour Dreamcoat, Greased Lightening, The Witness and Oh Artaban.

Life to me is an incredibly exciting journey. What I derive from it is purely my prerogative. Hence I am free spirited... I am positive... I am indulgent... I am motivated... I am alive...

"...I AM me"
Live Pageant 2010

I Am She: Miss Universe India 2010 Pageant Results

I Am She Pageant Contestants 2010

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra
Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoo
Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif
Salman Khan
Aishwarya Rai
Aishwarya Rai
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I Am She Pageant Contestants 2010