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The latest buzz of Tollywood & Kollywood with her stunning performance as anti-heroine in the
successfully running film “KANCHANA Muni Part 2” which has released over 300 theatres in TamilNadu
is the gorgeous looking LASYA. The same movie which was released in Telegu on July 15th over 250
theatres across the state of Andra Pradesh has been declared a massive box office hit in Tollywood.
Also familiarly known as Padma Rangachari Iyengar, Lasya is none other than the “Great Grand
Daughter” of the rich & famous Diwan Bahadur Late Mr. T. Rangachari, who belongs to the prominent
land owing Iyengar family. Late Diwan Bahadur Mr. T. Rangachari was also a successful Lawyer before
being actively involved in Indian Independence Movement. Later a journalist & successful legislator,
“THE RANGACHARI COMMITTEE” for Film Censor was formed under his Chairmanship for the 1st time in
India in 1927- 28. His son Mr. R. Krishnamachari Iyengar is none other than the father of the Actor &
Producer Mr. K. Balaji. His daughter Ms. Suchitra was married to the famous Malayalam actor Mr.
Mohanlal. Besides these as Lasya’s relatives, yester year stars like Vyjayanthimala (D/O Raman
Iyengar), Hema Malini (D/0 Chakravarthy Iyengar), Y. G. Mahendran (S/O Y.G. Parthasarathi), Ravi
Raghavendra & his own sister Latha Rangachari & her family members ( Mrs. Latha Rajinikanth), Ramjhi
of “Ramjhi Isai Mazhalai”, 
 his nephew Mr. Raghuram (The famous  choreographer, who was also the Guru of Manada Mayilada Kala), Muktha films Mr. Srinivasan, his son Mr. Muktha Ravi & the “Roja” film fame Jeerpuram Ms. Madhubala are amongst her closest relatives, thus acting literally runs through Lasya’s blood.
Lasya A Iyengar, Lasya A Iyengar,
Lasya is a sultry looking tall lady with a pair of rowing eyes & lots of oomph factors oozing visibly out of her. With her height 5’6” Lasya has been a successful Model too who has done about 100 Ads which include top clothing brands, jewellery, food products, household amenities, and cosmetics- the most prominent amongst them being for Kirtilal Diamonds, Rasi Silks, DELL Laptop & many more. This Namitha look-alike has set her eyes firmly on impressing her fans in Kollywood & Tollywood. Offers from Mollywood are also in the pipeline. 

In her film “KANCHANA Muni Part 2”, Lasya has donned the role of an anti-heroine. Says Lasya “I was to do the prominent role in this movie but at the last moment, a major change in the script offered me a great role of being a glamorous anti heroine. I felt it gave me a chance to prove my versatility in glamour as well as negative role.” She also hopes to strike gold in Tollywood with her movie KANCHANA being bilingual -

Lasya A Iyengar Tamil & Telegu. Lasya is also thrilled with the news that there is going to be a remake of this film in Hindi with Sanjay Dutt as KANCHANA & Salman Khan in the lead role after he finishes his on going projects. Also says bubbly & voluptuous Lasya in an interview “I love challenges as it proves the credentials of an actress much more than anything else. I am out here to do any role - short or long, where the character is prominent to the story. I am not averse to being portrayed as “glamour girl” but it needs to be done in an aesthetic way & not just any role to fill up time.” 
Inside sources of KANCHANA said:  “Lasya is a friendly & co-operative actress with lots of talent, grace & courage. She displayed no fear even in executing difficult stunt shots taught by master Super Subburayan even though she ended up injuring her back slightly with mild disc herniation in the process. We are happy to have chosen Lasya & she can only be an asset to our Industry. Even the senior artists who worked in this movie were full of praise for this svelte looking actress.” 

Asked about her favorite artists in the Indian Film Industry, Lasya reels off a long list with her charming smile. She told us “I am a great admirer of Amitabh Bachan Ji, Hema Malini Ji, Rajinikanth Sir, & Kamal Hassan Sir.”  I adore Salman Khan, & Priyanka Chopra. In Tollywood, I enjoy movies of Chiranjeevi Ji, Venkatesh Ji & Nagarjuna Ji. In Mollywood, my all time favorites are Mr. Mamooty & Mr. Mohan Lal. In Kollywood, I love all movies of Vikram, Madhavan, Surya, & STR. They are excellent actors that Kollywood is blessed with. I also adore excellent performances of ever beautiful stars like Sridevi, Ramya Krishnan & Jyothika. Of late, I like Anushka & Hansika a lot.” Asked on her list being too long, she smiles & says “Nothing wrong as I like to learn from these artists & as well work with both seniors & peers in this industry.”

The leggy lass, has often been mistaken for Namitha at public events but the buxom girl takes it in a stride as a huge compliment to be compared with the glamour queen of south. Lasya admires Namitha’s grace with beauty and the comparison to the latter has done wonders to sexy Lasya’s confidence. Lasya candidly says “You can do glamour only when you are young & confident at heart.” This God-loving actress attributes her speedy recovery to her family deity Uppiliappan & says, “Work is God. Not all live their dreams. God has blessed me beauty & my parents have given me good education. It is up to me to add dedication & hard work to achieve success in this industry & win a place in the heart of the fans.  

Owing to Lasya’s familiarity, locals in many districts have spotted her during her visits to various temples in Kumbakonam, Tanjore, Trichy, Madurai, and Vaideeshwaran Temple. Speaking about Lasya, her closest friends came out with the surprising spiritual side of Lasya. “Apart from her visits for darshan, Lasya takes interest in progress of renovation of neglected temples that need maintenance, Annadhaan & Aarukaala pooja requirements. She has always told us that spending on these makes her feel blissful that Lord Mahavishnu & His Consort Mahalakshmi has chosen her for such devotional deeds.”

Her next movie due for release is “NAANGU MARAI” directed by actor Ramki of “Inaindha Kaigal” fame. Lasya’s is cast as a glamour heroine that has a large star cast with a mix of new & seasoned artists like Nasser, Vivek, Mayilsami, and Madanbabu. It’s a family rib-tickling entertainer with a social message.  

Lasya, a traveling buff treats Singapore & Austria as her favorite destination. She loves cruising & travel around the world to mingle with various people & learn about their culture & ways. With Tarun Abishek Shabbir, her cousin accompanying her at all times, both on & off shoot, she feels safe & nothing to worry about. Lasya says “Tarun Abishek Shabbir also takes care of all my interests. I always take his advice seriously as do I take regularly from my parents. Even my parents feel safe during my travel when Tarun Abishek Shabbir is around with me.” 

Lasya Lasya A Iyengar
Recently Lasya was the cynosure when she landed in her Mercedes at MNAL, a joint venture between auto giants Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd & Navistar Inc. USA for a new vehicle launch – a tastefully conducted show at the sprawling InDego, Mahabalipuram’s biggest resort. She graced the occasion with Award distribution to top officials on various categories & performances. The crowd had come from all over the state. The large gathering had their fill as the buxom actress was game enough to join the party at the Dias with her cheerful talk. Lasya waltzed her way in to the throbbing hearts of all there, by dancing gracefully & to her heart’s content with awards & game show winners. Midnight was still young as screen charmer Lasya mingled freely making light of her exhaustion, despite attending it in her busy shooting & dubbing schedules. Lasya pleasantly obliged the autograph mongers, exchanging pleasantries & as well keeping up her smile & grace till she left. 

Before winding up our interview with Lasya, we asked her few questions to help us & the fans know more about her. 

01. When questioned about her FOOD HABIT, she said: 

Anything vegetarian, that my parents prepare. My dad is a fabulous cook.  

Lasya A Iyengar
02. When questioned about her BELIEFS, she humbly said: 

"There is a Supreme Power who is Omnipotent, Omnipresent & Omniscient, so irrespective of existence of many religions; I treat all as the one & same but worshipped in various names & ways. Also I believe in the "Law of Karma” & I take takes life as it comes. I don’t get influenced by “Ups & Downs” of life whether the fault is on them or not. Everyone goes through some kind of suffering & struggle in an integral part of their life- only to become a better & refined person. No human is perfect in this world. We all tend to do mistakes & we can only learn out of our experiences."

03. When questioned about her LIKES & DISLIKES, she thoughtfully said:  

"What makes me happy are Acting & Watching Movies, Gifts, Foreign Travel, Cruising, Rain & shopping;  while what makes me annoying and unhappy are Arrogance, Betrayal, Backbite, Bad breath, Unhygienic places & Suicide." 

04. When questioned about her FRIENDS, she happily said:  

"I enjoy when my friends are frank. I give them the liberty to share honestly whatever they feel. I take the good ones as compliment and the bad ones as a challenge. Just in case if I feel few friends are talking non sense, I never argue because I consider it a waste of time & hence I just ignore them."  

05. When questioned about her INTERESTS, she instantly said:

“Watching Movies, Listening to Music, Traveling abroad, Hosting Game shows, Modeling, Astrology, Vedic Science, Cooking, Makeup, & Photography.”

06. When questioned about her FAVORITE TV CHANNELS, she smilingly said:  

"Travel & Living, National Geographic, Discovery, Star World, Music Channels, AXN, HBO, Zee, Colors & Star Cricket"

Lasya A Iyengar Lasya A Iyengar
07. When questioned on 6 THINGS SHE WILL FEEL LOST WITHOUT, she composedly said: 

My Parents,
My Daily Prayers, 
My Home Theatre System,
My Pet Dogs & Cats,
My Cars
My Blackberry, I pod & Sony vaio.

Apart from films, Lasya is busy gracing inaugural functions, prize distributions & reality shows. On behalf of us, we wish Lasya good luck & pray to God that time shall unfold her more horizons to realize her dreams, discover more strength & faith that’s within her, rejoice in pleasures & to gear up for many more projects thus begetting her success, glory & rewards in all her endeavors. 

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Lasya Iyengar Profile Biography