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Reliance energy Hike issue

Shiv Sena outburst at Reliance office is a surprise as the issue is not new and we had been crying foul since last MERC hearing of 26th MARCH (Some of us have been shouting from roof since last few years but all falling on deaf ears). the question is why shiv Sena or for that matter even other parties tolerated this mischive till date for last 5 years since Reliance took over. will they again go silent. Also remember this may not be just coincidence that Reliance took over BSES some where in 2002 2003 and Electricity act 2003 also gets passed by parliament imediately in the same year.   

We had strongly opposed this proposed hike, a CD recording of which could be received from MERC under RTI. The result of this hearing is expected after 6 months, but as the precedent exhibited by MERC till date, little relief could be expected.  

Solution to the above issue could be only in 2 ways, one political intervention and second court intervention. 

Shiv Sena outburst was a long due political intervention by some sensible party and should be expected as positive sign in the direction. Now because of media attention this is a national issue so hope the matter is also raised in Loksabha. 

Since no NGO has taken this issue to court till date via PIL, after media attention, hope courts suo motto takes this issue and ultimately in some way people get some relief from this barbaric system that is prevailing in the society of exploitation of public by hands of corporate in even essential service such as electricity, MERC is playing in the hands of Reliance as past records say that no order is passed till date in favor of public is passed which could give direct relief to common man.    

Since the issue is hot at present I once again like to bring forward important point to public attention. 

Reliance existing and proposed hike is void in law as the Electricity act of 2003 itself is void if it allows something that is against the fundamental right of any citizen under article 14 where equality before law is promised to every Indian citizen.  Same city but different tariff against article 14 of constitution. 

MERC the body which controls all electricity charges has failed in its duty to frame rules which could create awareness in 27 lakh consumers of Reliance with respect to liability that they would be put into to pay for all existing rates and hikes that get proposed. The very fact just 15 20 people use to attend hike hearing earlier (Last hearing we tried to create some awareness and this number could reach 160 plus) my submission in last hearing was that like Loksabha, all future hearing should be telecast live so that all 27 lakh consumers could know about their proposed liabilities. 

Reliabilty charge is part of contract and this is not an added service which could be charged as a favour.
Reliance failed in signing a long term purchase agreement and thus putting poor consumer to pay extra becaues of its own criminal nigligence and incapebility.
this is absurd that public is made to pay for lossess that r occured becaue of theft. how MERC could allow this, as this against the basic principle of justice and nowhere in the world must have been followed. how can innocent people be made to pay the penalty in the form of incresed price for the theft which is not committed by them.



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