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Press Information

  The Chief Information Commissioner, 
Central Information Commission (CIC),New Delhi

Sub:    Is DDA above the law of this country?  Mockery of RTI Act.

Respected Sir,
I would like to invite your kind attention towards the unsavory and thus challengeable manner, through which RTI Act is being distorted by DDA officials.

Even if the requisite RTI fee is not paid and a formal request is not made, a complaint/ letter forwarded from other departments (instant example: from Hon’ble LG office) for an action and report back, is treated as RTI application by ‘efficient DDA officials’. Most shocking, this letter has the receiving stamps and remarks of almost all higher DDA officials/ offices including VC & Principal Commissioner – Secretary. 

1.          Letter no. F.11(1517)08/RTI/DDA/406 dated 25.02.2009 from Sr. R.O. (RTI) informing me about my RTI application being forwarded to Dy.Director (LSB)Rohini, DDA. 

2.          Letter no. F.11(1517)09/RTI/DDA/465 dated 03.03.2009 from Sr. R.O. (RTI) informing me about my RTI application being forwarded to Director (RL)-DDA, Dy. Director (GH), DDA, Dy.Director (LSB)-Rohini, DDA and Dy. Director (CL)-DDA.

3.          Letter no. F-100(02)2009/CL/RTI/82/968 dated 17.03.3009 from Dy. Director (CL)-DDA informing me about the transferring his responsibilities on Dy. Director (LSB) Rohini in relation to RTI application ID No. 82 dated 05.03.2009. 

There are numbers of PIOs and subsequently many First Appellate Authorities, but no Central PIO or Central Appellate Authority at DDA. 

1.            If a proper RTI application is made, the same is transferred to many other sub-department(s) without any proper justification and this new sub-department does not provide the required information on time and some times no information is provided at all. 

2.            Even if, the First Appeal is made to the concerned First Appellate Authority, the same is also transferred to other Appellate Authority and all are ready to make the mockery of RTI Act. 

Not only receiving the informations, RTI Act is also effective in making officials accountable for their responsibilities. At the same time and as a fact, this ‘effective tool’ is being manipulated as well distorted by unaccountable DDA officials for not providing the informations also. 

Although CIC office can better answer but I am confident that maximum numbers of RTI applications are being filled at DDA and as the RTI applications are not properly/ satisfactorily answered by DDA, Second Appeal with CIC may also be highest in number against DDA. 

Respected Sir, I am sure that CIC will take a note of above and issue suitable directions in this regard. 

With regards,
(Rahul Gupta)        Date:  20.05.2009
158, Munirka Vihar, New Delhi – 110067 Mobile: 09811071782


Press Information 

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