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Rakhi breaks silence on break-up with Elesh
New Delhi: Breaking silence over her break-up with Elesh Praujanwala, Bollywood item girl and Queen of  TV Rakhi Sawant said that he came to know his financial position during the show Pati, Patni aur Who and he didn’t came India to marry her.

‘Elesh is under debts of nearly Rs 50 lakhs. He had not come to marry me. He had come to Swayamvar to collect Rs 25 lakh to pay off his debts. I selected him because if I had not selected anybody in Swayamvar, the media would have said that Rakhi has fled’, says the item girl.

‘Moreover, Elesh did not like India or Indian culture at all. Can you imagine an Indian husband telling his wife to wear bikinis and smooch others? Elesh wanted a live-in relationship and wanted to stay at my home. Is my home a Dharamshala? He says he has 8-9 girl friends back there in Canada’, says Rakhi.

‘Marry I will’, says Rakhi, ‘but with the right person, and if need be, holding another Swayamvar. Why not? If you fail an exam, don’t you make a second try?’

Further in the show Rakhi Sawant blasted Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and Aamir Khan saying, they too indulged in publicity stunts.

‘Akshay can ask his wife to open his trouser zip at a fashion show, Ghazni waale Bhai Aamir can  make people shave off their heads with crazy lines, and Amitabhji, whom we respect as  a Bollwyood legend, can use false teeth to spout Auro’s dialogues. Are these not publicity stunts? Then why isRakhi Sawant blamed only?’

Striking out at Bollywood biggies, Rakhi Sawant gave an impromptu jig about her latest video album Jhagdey on the floor of Aap Ki Adalat, and challenged Kareena, Deepika and Priyanka Chopra for a dance contest.

‘Kareena may have a zero figure, I do not have, but I challenge Kareena, Deepika and Priyanka Chopra to a dance contest. Aisa naach ke dikhaoongi ki yeh gir jayenge.

Rakhi was unhappy with the type of contestants who had come for the Swayamvar. ‘Yeh log shadi karne nahin aaye the. Behti Ganga Me Haath Dhone Aaye The. Unhe laga Ki Rakhi publicity stunt ke liye swayamvar kar rahi hai. Isiliye kisi ko bhi sachmuch shaadi nahin karni thi’.

Rakhi Ka Swayamvar ends with Rakhi Sawant choosing Elesh to be her husband
Bollywood "item girl" Rakhi Sawant wound up her Rakhi Ka Sawant reality TV show in India by choosing Elesh Paranjuwala of Canada to be her "life partner." Sunday night.
Sawant did not immediately marry Paranjuwala as was the custom when a swayamvar concluded in ancient India.
"Today is our engagement," Rakhi told the large TV audience watching. "I am ready to get married now, but we need to understand each other better off camera. We will soon get married in front of all of you in keeping with all our traditions."
Rakhi confirmed what everyone watching already suspected, Elesh was her favorite from the beginning of the show, which ran for 26 episodes. The contest began with 16 bachelors vying for Rakhi's hand in marriage and ended with Rakhi placing a garland over the head of Elesh to signify her choice.
The other two finalists were Manas Katyal and Chhitiz Jain, both from New Delhi.
I'm bound for Colombia and I urge everyone to watch this space for reports from there all week.
Rakhi's Emotional Dance - Rakhi Ka Swayamvar
Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant has revived the ancient Indian practice of swayamvar to select a suitable husband. She has whittled a field of 16 contestants down to three, and she will announce her decision on tonight’s broadcast, which airs at 9 p.m. in India.
Most fans of the show are convinced that Rakhi will choose Canadian businessman Elesh Parujanwala. But even if they are correct, some drama remains. No one, not even Rakhi herself, seems absolutely certain if she is going to go through with a marriage ceremony on the spot.
In ancient India, when the swayamvar competition was over, the bride married the selected groom immediately. Rakhi has gone back and forth in interviews on the subject, one day insisting she would marry and the next day insisting she wouldn’t.
“I’m not getting married, now,” she told the Times of India in her most recent pronouncement on the subject. “I’m selecting someone from the show to be my life partner. It’s more of an engagement.”
A local court in Jaipur has asked the cops to register an FIR against six people, including you, for alleged breach of copyright for lifting the concept of Rakhi Ka Swayamwar from the portal of a Pink City-based struggling writer, Gaurav Tiwari... 
These are all false allegations. The show, Rakhi Ka Swayamwar on NDTV Imagine, is immensely popular and that’s why people want to use its popularity to their own advantage. Tell me one thing: Was this Gaurav guy sleeping all this while? Rakhi Sawant is a brand name and it is my Swayamwar, my concept. If it was Shah Rukh Khan’s swayamwar or Kareena Kapoor’s swayamwar, then too the shows would have had nothing to do with Gaurav Tiwari’s concept. 
Is your lawyer looking into the issues? 
I wouldn’t like to comment on it. Such petty things do not bother me. 
Could it be just another publicity gimmick? 
It is definitely not the case. 
Coming back to the show, you have taken marriage to the levels of reality TV. How does it feel? 
It was a very hard decision. I’ve tried to create history. But the concept of swayamwar traces its roots to Indian mythology. Didn’t Sita have a swayamwar? I don’t think I’ve done any wrong. There should be more such swayamwars. 
So, you are getting hitched on August 2? 
Let me clarify, I’m not getting married, now. I’m selecting someone from the show to be my life partner. It’s more of an engagement. So far, I’ve dated the contestants on camera. Now, I’ll date the man I select off camera. I need to know the person well and I can’t gamble with my life for the sake of entertainment. There will be no saat pheres, maang mein sindoor or wearing a mangalsutra just yet. If after knowing the person well, I feel that he’s my Prince Charming, I’ll tie the knot. 
It’s news that you are going to select Gujarati NRI, Elesh Parujanwala... 
You never know what’s going on in my mind. Elesh is a very nice boy, so are the other two finalists. But my hero is Jesus and it’s He who’ll decide who I’m going to select. 
Many feel that the show is rigged... 
Media’s circulating wrong information. Main ek Hindustani nari hoon aur yeh mere zindagi ka sawaal hai. Can I rig my destiny? 
So, Abhishek Awasthi is a closed chapter now? 
You bet, it is. I wouldn’t like to talk about my past at a time when my future is going to get decided. 
Is your caller tune, Ab hum ho gaye pardesi, meant to suit your current mental frame? 
Absolutely. I got a lot of Bollywood actors to perform to the number for my sangeet. I need all your prayers, now that my Swayamwar’s coming to a close 

Rakhi's Emotional Dance from Rajesh Chopra

Rakhi's Emotional Dance Video




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