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Footpaths Encroachment at Kanpur

Encroachment on our footpaths given by Administration from more than 2 years

Vote Bank Politics has made a Posh Area into Maleen Basti
We need Justice, harassed by the partial behaviour of the Administration from last 2 years
Only Media is the only way to help us 
Please help us
News of our Suffering from last 2 years 6 months
 (Compliant against UP Govern. Administration, Kanpur Nagar Nigam)
Respected Sir,
          We desperately need your help as our private appeals to Kanpur Nagar  Nigam and Administration has given us no help but a little publicilty will may wake them.  We want to make to your notice towards the encroachment on our footpaths fully supported by Administration in Naveen Nagar , Kakadev, Kanpur(UP). From last 2 year we are facing the worst of our life. We are so much disturbed, that it can not be expressed in words.
Why in a democratic country we are treated like this ?
Encroachment on our footpaths given by Administration from more than 2 years

There was a maleen basti address 117/L-219, which was demolished in early 2008 for the colony project for the people below poverty line. The people of this basti had forcefully encroached all the footpaths around. They had cut down the green trees 15 to 20 feet tall which were planted by Forest Department 5 years ago and consumed all the bricks of the covering shelter of trees and made their houses. They had made their houses in front of our houses by putting bamboos, ballies and cement tin sheets on our boundary walls. The complete footpath has been covered only our gate is left. They have completely blocked the drainage and most of them had even made latrines and bathrooms on the footpaths. They had made the floor pucca by cement and brick and now they are making rest of the house pucca. They have completely covered the footpaths and even few feet of road and rest they put their bed, chair and table. Even a two wheeler cannot pass easily.  All of them had entangled the Katiya on the electric cable passing over them. All of them are consuming  the electricity without any fear and using all there equipment  like fridge, T.V., Cd player , heaters etc. All the time they disturb us by their high volume of music. All the time they are on roads in front of our houses and had made a basti type of environment all around.
If any one objects them for any misdeed they immediately gather to form group and harassing us and our families.

We are regularly request the officials with written applications for the removal of this encroachment since April 2008 as follows:-
Nagar Ayukt of Nagar Nigam :- 16 April 2008 15,25 November, 8,10,18 December 2008, 2, 26 February, 23 March , 26 May, 10 June 2009
District Magistrate :- 25 Nov, 23 Dec2008,  22 Jan 2009
Commissionor:- 15 Nov2008, 17 Mar, 15 May, 29 may, 03 June 2009
Pramukh Sachiv Lok Shikayat Vibhag Lucknow.:- 22 June 2009
Chief Minister Of UP:- 04 December,   2008        22 May 2009 

We even wrote to “Prime Minister” on 25-4-2009 and received a letter (No.23/3/2009 PMP1/46634) on 21-5-2009 that for our petition a letter is forwarded to the Chief Secretary gov. of Uttar Pradesh Lucknow for the approp. Action. 
But no action has been done.  

We also wrote to “President” on 29-10-2009 for our problem and received a letter (No:- PRSEC/E/2009/09693) that for our petition a letter is forwarded to the Chief Secretary gov. of Uttar Pradesh Lucknow for the approp. action. But no action has been done till now.
Applications are still being given. 

Officers say that when the colony project will be completed then these people will be shifted in it. Nagar Nigam and KDA is blaming each other but no one is taking action. As per the construction is going on the real position is that it will still take 2 to 3 years to complete. As in two blocks from more than one year no work is being done. 4 blocks are complete but still no allotment and shifting is being done. 

After giving number of application to Nagar Ayukt we didn’t get any reply so we asked them under RTI on 6-6-2009 that when this encroachment will be removed. They reply on 9-11-2009 when we complained it to RTI head office at Lucknow and New Delhi and when the notice against them was issued. The reply was it is suitable to remove this encroachment after Dec 2009 when the colony work will be finished.

But till now no action has been taken against this encroachment.

On our footpaths most of the people living are have their own colony at other places and their other family members are living there or they have put it on rent and encroached our footpaths. Most of them are Nagar Nigam, KDA  employee salary Rs. 10000 -15000 per month but still encroached our footpaths.

People of the area are so sacred that they don’t even dare speak against the encroachment on there footpaths. We all are giving our taxes and still no support is provided to us. I request you to please help me and express our problem to wake up the administration so that we fight for our rights. 

Complaint send to President on October 2009 , we received a copy on 9th July 2010 from Chief Secretary Office Lucknow  that Nagar  Aayukt of Kanpur is directed to take action as soon as possible and he also have to give answer to Ashish Misra.

But Nagar Nigam refuses to remove this encroachment. On 29 th of July a letter was received with an answer that when the construction will complete then only it will be SUITABLE to remove them. 

From 2 years 6 months we are suffering and no one care to help us.
We request you to expose our suffering as News and show it to all the country to wake up the Administration. 

We request you to please help us. We will be grateful to you.
Ashish Misra         117/L-71  Naveen Nagar, Kakadev, Kanpur     Ph- 09839176195



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