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  I have lost my father because of TATA Motors

this news send by "Nitin Kaushik" <>
Dear NEWS Team, My Name is Nitin Kaushik. I am a common citizen of India. I live in Delhi, India. I need your desperate help in a fraud case I am fighting against TATA Motors. Please read this email completely to believe me and see all the proofs I have attached with this email.

All Indians knows that TATA is a huge business group in India and this group has very good reputation also. Due to this reputation me or my family has never hesitated to use any TATA product. In fact I am right now having many TATA products like TATA Car, TATASky DTH, TATA Phone, Voltas A/C and many more.

But due to my last experience with TATA Motors. I am unable to continue the TRUST I have on TATA group. Let me explain you why.

I have TATA Indica Car which my father bought in September 2007. This car was financed through TATA Motors Finance. Unfortunately due to recession period last year my father was unable to pay some EMIs from Nov 2008 to Feb 2009. 

Just after 2 EMI bounced in January 2009 itself some TMF recovery agents started visiting my house. My father was already in depression due to his financial position. Due to which he was already suffering from High Blood Pressure problem. These recovery agents use to talk to my mother very rudely. Many times they have abused my mother in front of my father. My father was unable to do anything. Due to all pressure and bad financial condition he got hospitalized on Feb 17, 2009. Unfortunately till this time I was in Bangalore. When I got this news of my father getting hospitalized I came back to Delhi. After this first thing I did was I met TMF recovery team and I paid them all pending EMIs. But unfortunately due to all embarrassment my father faced he was in coma condition and unfortunately in April 2009 my father died. I still remember that day. I shall never forgive TMF recovery agents for what they did with my family. But I could not do anything.
After this I went to TATA Motors Finance office in Wazirpur, Delhi in May 2009 to transfer the car loan to my name. I was told that I have to meet Mr. Sachin Mishra for this and he is not available in office right now. I went there 3 times after this but unfortunately I was not able to meet this person ever. In June 2009 some collection officers came to my house again because of nonpayment of EMIs. Their names were Trilochan Singh and Sachin Gupta . I told them the full story and asked them a solution. They told me that its not easy to transfer the loan like this. In fact this is almost impossible to transfer this loan. In place of transferring the loan if I make full and final payment I may get some discount also.

Because remaining loan amount was around INR 2, 18,000 and my financial position was not good. I declined to make this payment and I asked collection officers to take the car instead. But nobody came back to take the car. In July 2009 Trilochan Singh again came to me and offered a deal. He said he can do the settlement of this loan in 1,50,000 only.  Now because I was not getting any solution and I wanted to get rid of TMF. I took a personal loan from HDFC bank and on July 18, 2009 I did the payment of INR 1,50,000 to TATA Motors Finance. In return Sachin Gupta gave me a Full n Final settlement letter and a payment slip. He told me that I shall get the NOC in 15 days. I have attached the FnF letter with this email

After 15 days when I called Sachin Gupta he did not pick my phone. I tried many times but he was not picking up my phone. Then I wrote an email to TATA Motors Finance customer care. I received a phone call this time from Sachin Mishra. He told me that the payment of 1,50,000 which I did on July 18, 2009 has been accepted by TATA Motors finance  but there was not any commitment from TMF to close this loan on said amount. He said I have to pay remaining amount to close this loan. When I explained him the complete story he asked me to send the scan copy of FnF letter. After this I did sent the scan copy of FnF letter to Sachin Mishra then he called me back after 2 days and said this letter is not issued from TMF. 

Then I went in Civil Court against TATA Motors Finance to know the authenticity of this FnF letter. Now TMF lawyer was also accepting outside court that this letter was issued by TMF employee only but what he did inside court was shocking he filed an application in court that this case cannot run in Civil court in fact it should be sorted out in some Arbiter court. 

After all this when I was not getting any solution of my problem and none of TMF employee was helping me. I wrote an email to Mr. Ravi Kant (Managing Director, TATA Motors) (please see below the email). Fortunately I received a phone call on very next day from Mr. Rajneesh Sharma (Associate Vice President -RCU North & East). He asked me to visit TMF head office in Delhi ASAP to resolve this issue once for all. When I met him in his office I found Sachin Gupta (one of the culprit) also there after discussing the matter with me and Sachin Gupta. Mr. Rajneesh Sharma found that it is complete fault of TMF only and he assured me that this matter will be resolved in 7 days and I would receive my NOC against the loan agreement in 15 days. Unfortunately I did not receive any communication from TMF in these 15 days. After 15 days when I spoke to Mr. Rajneesh again on this matter he said he has done his job and I should contact Mr. Ravi Kashyap now to settle this issue. 
I tried calling, contacting Mr. Ravi kashyap many time after this but unfortunately he never picked my call. When I went to TMF office again to meet Mr. Ravi Kashyap I found that he has left TMF now. I tried to communicate many different people in collection department of TMF. I even tried to settle this case by paying 5k to 10k more but no solution. Everybody in the collection department knows about the case and knows that this is complete fault of TMF but nobody takes ownership of closing this issue. According to them this case has become big issue inside and nobody can close it now. 

I am the only earner in my family. I am already harassed to the extreme level by TMF recovery team. I have already lost my father because of them. If anything happens to me now I hold TATA Motors responsible for it. I know TATA is big organization and small incidents like this will not bother anybody in the organization. But I shall definitely do my bit to spread awareness about this face of TATA Motors. I have already started writings blogs on this. I work in an organization with around 15000 people in India and 3,50,000 worldwide. Already 300 people have agreed to write at least 1 blog on this. Certainly TMF people can ditch me and can take my car because due to my financial condition I cannot fight legal case against TMF and I don't understand what aribitory is. 

As a common man, I believe I have already gone to extreme level to fight this issue. I have wrote email to the Managing Director of TATA Mators (Mr. Ravi Kant) 2 times before this email but no solution. I wrote my last email to Chairman (RATAN TATA), Managing Director (Mr. Ravi kant), Managing Director -India Operation (Mr. P M telang), President -Passenger Cars (Mr. Rajiv Dube), Managing Director -Tata Motor Finance (Mr. Shyam Mani) and Corporate Communication (Mr. Debasis Ray) but still no solution.

I am attaching the FnF letter and a phone call I recorded when I spoke to Sachin Gupta in between this fight. In this call he has accepted everything. 

Below are my loan details and the contact details of Sachin Gupta and Sachin Mishra.

Loan Details:
Hirer Name: Ram Bhool Sharma
Contract No: 5000181572
Vehicle No: DL08CM5075
Vehicle Model: TATA Indica

Culprits Details:
Name: Sachin Mishra
Phone: +919971944511

Name: Sachin Gupta
Phone: +919953529230

Best regards
Nitin Kaushik
Phone: +919873482345

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