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Model-actor Samir Soni and his ladylove and actress-turned-jewelry designer Neelam Kothari are set to tie the knot Jan 23.

The shy actor, lately out of Bigg Boss said, "We will have a very quiet wedding ceremony with just our parents and siblings. We will have a wedding reception for our friends Jan 26."

"We're going crazy trying to draw up a list of invitees for the reception. We've so many people to call."

And yes, Samir will invite all his Bigg Boss inmates, even the ones he didn't get along with.

Samir reasoned, "That's what decorum demands. Throughout my stint at Bigg Boss, I maintained my dignity. That's what I had promised to do to my parents. They were against me going into Bigg Boss. I had assured them that I wouldn't shame them."

"I think I kept my word. I lasted quite long in there. The whole experience taught me to be patient."

Samir and Neelam have no immediate honeymoon plans. Samir explained, "I've stayed away from Mumbai long enough because of Bigg Boss. So, no honeymoon for now."

"But yes, kids are definitely on the anvil. Both of us are so quiet, we need some activity in the house," laughs Samir.

Neelam said, "Yes, I am very happy. We plan to start a family immediately. We want lots of kids."
Neelam Kothari Weds Sameer Soni
Sameer Soni, form turned player, has foremost designs after his stint on Big Boss 4, truth show.Sameer Soni is going to be marrry with Neelam Kothari, previous player and jewellery designer.Sameer said that persons have been speculating that he will be marrying Neelam in the month of December, but it is not true.

He said that if he was adept to stand in the Big Boss 4 till the end, there is no design of marriage this year. Sameer Soni, boasted as a gay latest tendency designer in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion.

Sameer Soni was commended for his portrayal of a controller in K Johar’s movie, I Hate Love Story. Sameer said that he is prepared to take his function of I Hate Luv Storys gravely in his life.

Sameer Soni said, “This is my first truth show. I had been suggested diverse promenade displays, etc in the past and was even inquired to manage “Bigg Boss”; in all past seasons. But frankly, I wasn’t prepared to be judged so in an open way by the public.”

He supplemented, “The worry of being judged was retaining me back, but now here I am to battle the worry of being judged. Over the years, I have arrive out of it. Now I desire the assembly to glimpse my individual side. I desire to share what I am. Dolly, Sameer Fight


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