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Dolly, Sameer Fight Dolly Bindra Weeping

Sameer is a real hero and Dolly is a dirty spot. atleast he stands for good, bigg boss is really craving for just trp, dolly is continously attacking shweta,and breaking rules but bb is doing nothing, trp is good but not to such extend,.dolly is a dirty spot 

Samir Soni and Dolly Bindra engaged in a verbal pow-wow that threatened to turn violent. It started with an argument during a PT task led by Khali and Shweta Tiwari.  It wasn't long into the task before Dolly took off against Shweta and began abusing her.

Samir jumped in to defend Shweta, which made Dolly more aggressive and abusive. Not one to back down, Soni gave it back to Bindra, even letting it interfere with his task.

The fight went on for a good part of the day, continuing into the next day before Pamela entered the house. While others tried to pacify them, it didn't work. When Bigg Boss realised things could get worse, they were both evicted from the house.

What happened then
The fight continued even after getting out of the house. The duo continued to threaten each other. The Colors team took them to separate locations where they could cool off. Both the contestants refused to speak to the media until Friday the elimination day.

What happens now
There will be no further evictions this week as two contestants have already been thrown out. 

What they want 
Dolly and Samir have expressed their desire to meet Salman before going in front of the media. They want to state their respective sides to him and ask him to decide who was wrong and whether they deserved to be evicted. Dolly feels that Salman will understand her position better if she spoke to him in private. 
Sameer Soni had been bottling up. The signs of cracking and negative thinking was revealed when he was in the confession box. Sameer had talked about Dolly Bindra. He had already made up his mind that he would be in conflict with Dolly one day. He also said that Dolly cannot get physical and can just verbally fight. So, he had already made up this scenario in his mind. Looks like he had made a winning scenario in his head “stand up against dolly and she will retreat.” He had no plans for the Dolly crossing the border scenario.

As they say, if you think negatively, the result is negative. After he verbally spelt out his thoughts, his brain acted on it. Its pure psychology. He led himself to the destructive fight.

First of all, if Dolly had gone physical with Shweta Tiwari, Big Boss would have anyway taken her out. Its in the contract. All captain had to do was complain against the clause. Sameer did not see that. When ladies fought, The Great Khali did not intervene. But, when Sameer was provocative, The Great Khali pushed him out as this was a man vs women fight. 

Secondly, Sameer Soni could have diffused the situation. he could have taken Shweta out of the fight. Big Boss would have dealt with Dolly. 

She doesn't want to be painted as a villain and feels that if Samir hadn't provoked her, the fight wouldn't have happened. Meanwhile, Soni has the sympathy of the audience and he is hoping that he gets a second chance to go back into the house. Dolly Bindra Weeping
Dolly, Sameer Fight
Shweta Dolly Clash video
Dolly Bindra enters Bigg Boss 
Dolly Bindra to return to ‘Bigg Boss’


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